Discover the hidden beauty of Mong Mo hill Dalat

Mong Mo hill Dalat is an unforgettable place for all tourists in all parts of the country. If anyone has heard and known Dalat City of Flowers. Then it would be impossible not to know Mong Mo Hill . Just hearing the name alone gives us a sense of the poetic beauty. The love of heaven and earth is here already. So today follow to explore and enjoy the beauty of this place.

Mong Mo hill Dalat

Mong Mo hill Dalat

Mong Mo hill tourist area is one of the favourite tourist attractions. Which visitors can not ignore when coming to Dalat. Mong Mo Hill Dalat was voted one of the top destinations by travelers. The ideal tourist destination that visitors can not bypass.

Introduction about Mong Mo Hill

Mong Mo Hill with a total acreage of ​​nearly 12 hectares. Located next to the Valley of Love. This tourist site was opened in 2003. On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of Dalat’s formation and development. Mong Mo hill is like a miniature Dalat.

Mong Mo hill Dalat

Mong Mo hill Dalat – Source: du-lich-da-lat

Visiting Mong Mo hill

Mong Mo Hill Dalat is a hot destination in Dalat city. Speaking of Dalat, everyone must know about Mong Mo hill of Dalat city and the Valley of love. Therefore, if tourists come to Dalat but have not gone to this place. It is not yet called Dalat travel.

Visiting Mong Mo hill Dalat

Visiting Mong Mo hill Dalat – Source: du-lich-da-lat

What are you waiting for without backpacking and go? Mong Mo hill tourist area is an ecological tourist area. There are many entertainment activities. In addition, this place is also known as a virtual living paradise. Coming here, you will discover nature, learn about the legend of Mong Mo hill.

Where is Mong Mo hill?

Located not far from the city center is only about 5 km to the North we have reached  the place . Those who know Dalat will surely know that Dalat has many beautiful landscapes. And the most famous is Mong Mo Hill.

Where is Mong Mo hill

Where is Mong Mo hill – Source: Thông tin Đà Lạt

Exactly like the name of a romantic and charming natural landscape. With thousands of blooming flowers that make visitors desire to visit. You will definitely feel like getting lost in a paradise on earth.

Road to Mong Mo hill Dalat

Many tourists are still confused about the way to the dreamy hill. But it’s okay, when you read this article today. We will guide in detail the way to Dalat’s Mong Mo hill. Help visitors find this tourist area as quickly as possible. The road to the resort is very easy to go, so you should be assured.

How far from Dalat market to Mong Mo hill?

This is a question a lot of travelers mention. That is why today we will handle it for you. Dalat Mong Mo Hill tourist area is about 5.6 km from Dalat market. Truly a tourist destination near the city center, isn’t it?

Mong Mo hill

Mong Mo hill – Source: facebook

Mong Mo hill ticket price 

The ticket price to visit Mong Mo Hill tourist area is extremely reasonable and very affordable price. One ticket for adult entrance is just 30,000 VND. As for children, just a half of it.

Inside the resort there are many attractions for taking pictures. Attracting a lot of tourists come here to visit and relax.

Information about Mong Mo hill Dalat

If you have any questions about Mong Mo hill. Please contact the place immediately. Here is some useful information that travelers need to know before traveling.

Information about Mong Mo hill Dalat

Information about Mong Mo hill Dalat – Source: Luxstay

Mong Mo hill tourist resort phone number

Here is the phone number of the tourist area. Visitors who need to contact the resort can call immediately:

  • 0263 3 552 081
  • 0263 3 553 218

Resort email:

What does Mong Mo hill have?

There is a restaurant, entertainment area, hotel. Souvenir selling points,etc. Not only that, Mong Mo Hill also has unique ethnic cultural villages. Attractive for visitors to know how they making wine, brocade weaving, how to pound rice.

Mong Mo Hill also has unique ethnic cultural villages

Mong Mo Hill also has unique ethnic cultural villages – Source: Kenh14

The love wishing tree

Everyone who came here said that. When a pair of lovers are in love if they throw on the tree a red ribbon. If the ribbon is still on the tree, the couple will be happy forever.

The wishing tree in Mong Mo hill

The wishing tree in Mong Mo hill – Source: facebook

Until this time on the wishing tree in Mong Mo hill. There are many red ribbons of lovers. Sent their sacred love here. Because of that, it has made the resort more and more attractive.

Other tourist areas near Mong Mo hill Dalat

  1. Gold waterfall
  2. The garden of strange creatures
  3. Choe Museum (Tay Nguyen Museum of Ethnic Minorities)
  4. Trinh Cong Son hill
  5. Excerpt from the Great Wall
  6. Mythical maze of Central Highlands – 5D Movie
The miniature Great Wall

The miniature Great Wall – Source: facebook

Explanations about Mong Mo hill

Tourists also enjoy traditional folk instruments. Such as the T’rung, alpine,etc. All these things have brought poetic and lyrical beauty to this place. Mong Mo Hill tourist area has now been turned into a closed tourist area. Recently, but Mong Mo Hill tourist area has become one of the most attractive tourist attractions. Attracting a lot of visitors when coming to the beautiful Dalat flower city.

A poetic and lyrical beauty

A poetic and lyrical beauty – Source: mytour

Only with a relatively modest area, but here is also full of flowers. Green grass all four seasons, many new flower varieties. Vibrant colors are well taken care of, beautifully designed. Create a sense of attachment for travelers who just want to stay with Dalat, with hospitable people here.

History of Mong Mo hill

In the past, this place was a pristine land, all mountains and hills. Surrounded by pine forests. See the development of this vast, fertile open land. A beautiful nature mountain landscape that favored by the creator. Dalat authorities decided to build this place. Turn the tourist area into a closed one.

The history of Mong Mo hill Dalat

The history of Mong Mo hill Dalat – Source: du-lich-da-lat

Over time this resort was handed over to a large company in charge. In order to recreate and develop this resort. Then also changed the name of the resort to Mong Mo Hill tourist area. This is a beautiful eco-tourism area. With an old house dating back to ancient times along with the cultural heritage with a history of hundreds of years.

Dalat Mong Mo hill tourist area

Today, Mong Mo Hill is known to tourists from near and far. With very own beauty, very special. The beauty is nowhere to be found. That was the murmuring sound of pine forest. The sound of a waterfall gurgling beside the rock. The sound of birds is soaring, mingling with lyrics of the music of K’Ho boys and girls is deeply influenced by the Central Highlands people.

A poetic and lyrical beauty

A poetic and lyrical beauty – Source: mytour

All brought a special feature of Mong Mo Hill. An ideal place to visit and rest for those who love this flower city.

Traveling Mong Mo hill Dalat

Here visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the artificial architecture. Combining harmoniously, between creativity and natural landscape. From the miniature great wall across 2 km of hills and mountains.

Ruong house Dalat

Ruong house Dalat – Source: Hội du lịch việt nam

To the old house more than 300 years old. Built from the original with the Ruong house in Binh Dinh. Will take footsteps of visitors to the memories of the past. Be immersed in space and time. To feel the most out of the beauty of this place.

Mong Mo hill English name

Each famous ancient tourist area has an English name. Mong Mo hill resort is the same. It also has an extremely unique English name. Which few people know about.

Just few people know about its name

Just few people know about its name – Source: Mapio

We asked local people here for more information on this name. But even the people here can’t remember this English name because it’s been too long. Just call it Mong Mo hill.

Dalat Mong Mo hill tourist resort is increasingly attracting tourists

Not only that when coming to  Mong Mo Hill tourist . You can also play golf on a mini golf course with all 9 holes. With very cheap price suitable for all ages. And other thing makes the attraction for visitors is the gong stage.

Doi Cu golf course

Doi Cu golf course – Source: facebook

Take advantage of the steep terrain of the site. Thanh Ngoc Joint Stock Company has invested in building a gong performance stage. It having a fan-shaped roof and covered with corrugated iron.

Designed to be built with enough stone for 550 audiences to enjoy. This arrangement has created a connection in terms of cultural space. Everyday the resort arranged for 2 shows: Morning from 9 am to 11:30 pm. Afternoon from 15:00 to 17:00.

Gong performance stage

Gong performance stage – Tổng cục du lịch

Not only to see the performance of the arts. Which visitors come here also enjoy cuisine with barbecue and wine in the evening.

The origin of the name Mong Mo Hill

Before being renamed Mong Mo hill. It is often referred as Dragon Lake Resort. By that time there was only a flower garden and a Golden Dragon spraying the water beside the green pine trees.

Then there were people who invested and rebuilt the site. Into a tourist area like now and this beautiful hill. Then they had changed its name to Mong Mo Hill Resort.

Quiet and peaceful destination

Quiet and peaceful destination – Source: dalatcity

Mong Mo Hill tourist area is really a unique tourism product. Has contributed to creating unique nuances about the landscape and people of Dalat city. To introduce and advertise to near and far tourists when they have the opportunity to travel to Dalat.

Mong Mo hill accommodation: resort – hotel – villa

The resorts in the Mong Mo hill tourist area. Designed and built according to the topography of Dalat city. The Resort of Mong Mo Hill  Dalat was built entirely of wood. Located among the green canopy of primeval green pine. Make visitors have the feeling close to nature.

Mong Mo resort

Mong Mo resort – Source: Youvivu

The price of resorts at Mong Mo hill

Here is the price of resorts at Mong Mo Hill Dalat. You can refer to below:

  • Rose Villa Room: 3,000,000 VND / night.
  • Quad Room: 800,000 VND / night.
  • Double / Twin Room: room rate is 440,000 VND / night.
  • Extra Person Room: the cheapest price is 200,000 VND / night.
  • Triple Room: 640,000 VND/ night.
The resort at Mong Mo hill Dalat

The resort at Mong Mo hill Dalat – Source: agoda

The rooms price at Mong Mo hill resort are included

  • Service charge, VAT.
  • Breakfast at the resort.
  • Drinks are available in the room.
  • 2 tickets to Valley of Love and Mong Mo hill tourist area


  • For children under 6 years of age, free of charge if sharing room with parents.
  • Children from 6 to 11 years old resort is surcharged 100,000 VND / baby.
  • For children over 10 years of age the price is the same as an adult. Surcharge is 200,000 VND / baby.
Mong Mo hill Dalat city

Mong Mo hill Dalat city – Source: agotourist

Address of Mong Mo hill Dalat

The way to Mong Mo hill resort is very easy. If we come from Dalat market only takes a few minutes. Dalat Mong Mo Hill is located at 5 Mai Anh Dao Street. Located in ward 8 of Dalat city, Lam Dong province.

Google maps Mong Mo hill Dalat

Here are google maps from Dalat market to Mong Mo hill. Tourists can refer to the image below. Choose a location that suits you best.

Directions to Mong Mo hill in Dalat

Come with family and friends to Mong Mo Hill to visit. Enjoy the beauty of the Flower City. Tourists go from the market along Nguyen Thai Hoc -> Tran Quoc Toan. Then follow Dinh Tien Hoang Street -> Phu Dong Thien Vuong street. Get to Mai Anh Dao street, after a while. Visitors looking to the left will see the gate of Mong Mo Hill tourist area. Mong Mo hill at 5 Mai Anh Dao, Ward 8, Dalat city, Lam Dong. 

Paradise in Dalat city

Paradise in Dalat city – Source: Vntrip

Touristattractions are close to Dalat’s Mong Mo hill

Here are some tourist destinations close to Mong Mo hill. Visitors can refer and decide to go or not. To not have to spend quite a bit of time moving.

  • Valley of love
  • Dalat XQ history village
  • Showroom of Dalat dry flower forest
  • Van Hanh Zen Monastery
  • Strawberry Garden
  • Yersin university
  • Dalat University
Mong Mo hill and Valley of love

Mong Mo hill and Valley of love – Source: facebook

Review Mong Mo hill

Here are some reviews of the Mong Mo hill tourist resort. You can refer to the evaluation table below. Or see other reviews about Mong Mo hill on google. Hopefully our image below will help you.

Review on Google

Review on Google

Images of Mong Mo hill in Dalat

Here are some images recorded by tourists when coming to Mong Mo hill. You can refer to and take yourself the best pictures. To save as a souvenir for your trip to Dalat. When you return, you can show it to your friends or relatives.

Mong Mo hill

Mong Mo hill – Source: ksdalat

Mong Mo hill tourist area

Mong Mo hill tourist area – Source: facebook

Mong Mo hill Tour

If visitors love and want to go on a Mong Mo hill tour in Dalat city. Visitors can contact Hoa Dalat Travel immediately. For advice on booking the most detailed tour with the cheapest price. Hotline to book a tour of the company 02633 981 968 . For advice on booking tours and booking 1 to 5-star hotels in Dalat. Finally, the company would like to wish you a happy trip to Dalat.

Hopefully our article about Dalat Mong Mo hill will be useful. Wish you have a fun and the most meaningful trip to the Flower city.



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