Lam Vien Square Dalat, Be “Astray” In Virtual Living Paradise

Lam Vien Square Dalat is also known by tourists with another name that is Dalat Square . This is one of the most interesting and fascinating places to visit in Dalat that you cannot ignore. This place is a gathering place for all Dalat people and tourists on the weekends. In this Square, there are many fun activities. As well as having a lot of street vendors, selling a variety of delicious snacks. This can be said to be unique site in this foggy city.

Lam Vien square Dalat

Lam Vien square Dalat

Lam Vien Square Dalat is one of the massive constructions in Lam Dong. One of the top key constructions of this thousand-flower city. Square was built for 6 consecutive years to be officially put into operation. Almost anyone who has ever been to Dalat has come to this square once. This place was voted as one of the top 10 tourist attractions not to be missed. If you want to learn more about this square, please follow .

Introducing Lam Vien square Dalat

Lam Vien Square is built next to Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat . This place is one of the most attractive tourist attractions that visitors cannot miss when coming to Dalat. Dalat Square was built in 2009 with a total investment of 681 billion VND. It was not until 2016 that this massive work was completed. The total area of ​​Lam Vien square is 72 thousand square meters.

The panoramic view of Lam Vien square

The panoramic view of Lam Vien square – Source: facebook

The most popular point of the square that visitors love is the two massive buildings above the square. It was a giant wild flower and a giant artichoke bud. These two buildings are designed and built with colorful glass panels that look very special.

Big activities held in the Square

Up to now, this square is the place to organize many large and small activities in Dalat city. Such as Flower Festival , music shows, sports activities. In 2017, Lam Vien Square installed a 40 m² led screen to serve locals to watch football and cheer for the U23 Vietnamese soccer team.

People watch and cheer U23 football team

People watch and cheer U23 football team – dalatcity

On June 16, 2018 at the square, an extremely spectacular and vibrant EMD music night was held. Lam Vien Square can accommodate up to several tens of thousands of people. It can be said that the square is a place you cannot ignore when coming to Dalat. This place also has a lot of extremely beautiful photographic backgrounds.

Where is Lam Vien Square Dalat

This is a question that many visitors concern and ask us the most. Most of the guests who ask this question are often those who have never been to Dalat. Therefore, today we will review the address as well as the unique fun activities at this square. Most of the time you come to Dalat, you will immediately see two huge cotton blocks located beside Xuan Huong Lake. That’s the Lam Vien square Dalat .

Two massive cotton blocks in Lam Vien square

Two massive cotton blocks at Lam Vien square – baovinhphuc

Address of the square

Lam Vien Square Dalat is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Dalat city. Especially when night falls. Square seems to turn into a different side than usual. At night, there are many unique activities at the square.

Incredible view at Lam Vien square

Incredible view at Lam Vien square – Source: du-lich-da-lat

Lam Vien Square is located at Tran Quoc Toan Street. Located in ward 1 of Dalat city, Lam Dong province. A lot of young people still often debate that the square must be located in ward 10, Dalat city. But in this article we would like to affirm that the square belongs to ward 1.

Google maps showing directions to Dalat square

Below are images of google maps showing directions to Dalat square. You can refer to the map image that we provide right below. Hopefully this map image can help you get directions to the square as quickly and easily as possible.

What to do in the Lam Vien square?

Most tourists come to the square to admire the scenery. Enjoy a fresh and pleasant atmosphere after hard working days. In addition, Lam Vien Square is also one of the wonderful virtual living cities that you cannot ignore. Some tourists come to the park’s square to exercise, take their children out or go shopping, etc.

What is attractive in Lam Vien Square Dalat?

Lam Vien Square was created to promote and develop the tourism industry in Dalat. A place for locals and visitors to mingle together. Join and relax together after strenuous working days. Inside Lam Vien square, there is also a Big C supermarket so that locals and tourists can enjoy shopping.

Dalat BigC supermarket

Dalat BigC supermarket – Source: agotourist

Lam Vien Square is a place that attracts a lot of domestic and foreign tourists coming here to visit and travel. What attracts tourists and young people the most in this square is the virtual living shooting angle. In the square almost anywhere you stand can hunt for yourself the best pictures. Bearing the imprint of Dalat. Just by looking at the photos, they will know you took photos in Dalat city.

Overall architecture in Square

This square is designed and built into 4 different large and small building blocks. That is the theater building, the square and the park, the commercial and service areas. Dalat square can accommodate up to 60,000 people at a time. An extremely impressive number, isn’t it? The surrounding square is decorated with many unique flowers with different colors.

The square was built next to the lake

The square was built next to Xuan Huong lake – Source: lamarquedalat

Giant wild sunflower

This can be said to be the highlight of this square project. The giant wild sunflower block is made of glass with a height of about 18 meters. The area of ​​this cotton block is 1200 m². Based on the design, this project is designed in the form of curved roofs. The shape of the structure will be inclined to one side and the pistil will be round in the middle.

Best place for virtual living

Best place for virtual living – Source: bazantravel

The outer edge of the flower is designed with many different yellow glass panels forming the wild sunflower petals. Visitors looking from afar will immediately realize that it is a wild sunflower. A Dalat icon that everyone loves.

Wild sunflowers are beautiful, vigorous flowers. This flower is a typical flower of this city. The inner charge of the wild sunflower block is the place for performing arts. It can accommodate up to 1,500 people at the same time. In addition here is also built and arranged a lot of very nice cafes.

Artichoke flower bud

Take a look to the side visitors will see a huge block of artichoke bud. This artichoke block is designed with many layers of thick glass with many different colors. Inside the artichoke bud block is Doha coffee shop with spacious space. These flower buds are the most beautiful object at night. The lights here will be turned on very shimmering to amaze many diners from afar.

Artichoke flower bud

Giant Artichoke flower bud – Source: toptentravel

What’s more amazing when visitors can come here to enjoy the hot cup of coffee. See the beautiful, poetic scenery of this foggy street again. Combined with a chilly atmosphere, it is just like  Korean movies . When you come here you are lost in this square. Have fun, take photos and forget the way home.

Some other buildings in the Square

In addition to the massive structures that we have listed above. Then inside of Lam Vien square there are many other impressive works that visitors cannot miss.

  • Play area is located in the square
  • Big C shopping supermarket
  • 2 Large parking lot in the square
  • Art sprinkler system.
Cinestar movie theather

Cinestar movie theather – Source: cinestar

What to play in Dalat square

This is a question many visitors ask and ask in their minds whenever they think of a square. Therefore, in this article, we would like to let you know all the fun activities in this square.

The square with such a big campus

The square with such a big campus – Source: halovietnam

With such a large campus of squares. Guests can take a stroll, enjoy the view. Organize picnics with family and friends outdoors. The time between late afternoon and night is when the square is most crowded. At this time, the square is very crowded, especially the children who come here to have fun. The most popular activities in the square are:

  • Electric cars
  • Rollerblading
  • Fly a kite in a square
  • Eat grilled rice paper (also known as Dalat Pizza)
  • Drink hot and aromatic soy milk with Banh Tieu and other cakes.
  • Eat strawberry shake, mango shake
  • Eat snack, ex: Ca vien chien, xac xac, etc.
Flying kites at Lam Vien square

Flying kites at Lam Vien square – Source: ohman

In addition, visitors can go to the supermarket to shop or play games in the amusement park. Especially at the bottom of the square is a cinestar movie theater in Dalat . Visitors can come with their friends and family to choose the best movies to watch together.

Dalat Lam Vien Square at night

We think you’ve probably heard the verse Dalat is most beautiful at night, right? That’s right, at night the square looks like it is wearing a new shirt. A sparkling blouse with full of sparkling colors of colored lights. It can be said that this is a unique substance that cannot be found anywhere else.

When visiting the park square at night visitors are likely to experience more new things. A frame of romantic, poetic nature is looming in front of you. Square is the most crowded on weekends. Couples of lovers, students will come here to visit and have fun. Gathering to singing, playing, beatbox, dancing together,etc.

Lam Vien square at night

Lam Vien square at night – Source: vnnews360

In addition, at night in the square also displays a lot of different snacks. Visitors can freely choose for themselves a favorite food. How cool it is in such a chilly atmosphere. Besides, you can enjoy the delicious food , specialties of Dalat city . That said is enough to make you feel addicted, right?

Ideas for beautiful photos

Here we would like to turn on the secret for you to know the tips to hunt for beautiful shimmering pictures in Dalat Square. As we learn, most tourists come to Dalat. They all hunt for a best picture in this square as a souvenir for their trip to Dalat.

Tips for taking "decent" picture

Tips for taking “decent” picture – Source: du-lich-da-lat

If you are a photography enthusiast, like to hunt for beautiful photos. It is true that you cannot miss this place. Usually most tourists they come to the square are taken with unique works of art here. As taken with giant wild sunflowers and artichoke buds.

Review Lam Vien square Dalat

Review Lam Vien square Dalat – Source: du-lich-da-lat

Other tourists choose to take photos with the art fountain. Or choose to check in with beautiful flowers planted in the square. It can be said that this square has a lot of beautiful angle to taking pictures. No matter where you stand, you can hunt for your best shots.

Photos of Dalat Square

Here are photos of Lam Vien Square that we have collected. You can refer to some of the photos we provide below to get ideas for taking yourself the best photos. Hopefully you will hunt for many beautiful pictures in this place.

Lam Vien square Dalat

Lam Vien square Dalat – Source: dulichdalat

Tourist attractions are close to Lam Vien square

After visitors finished visiting Dalat square. You can move to visit the following famous tourist attractions. So that it does not take too long to move and you can still visit many places.

Dalat cable car

Dalat cable car – Source: dalattours

  • Dalat train station
  • Flowers Garden of the city
  • Bao Dai Palace
  • Dalat cable car – Robin hill
  • Horizon cafe
  • Dalat Pedagogy college
Dalat city flower garden

Dalat city flower garden – Source: innotour

Review of Dalat Lam Vien Square

Following are the reviews of tourists about Dalat Lam Vien Square. You can refer to the evaluation image that we provide right below. Hopefully, these reviews will help visitors somehow understand the beauty of the square.

Finally, we would like to wish visitors a happy and attractive Dalat tour. If any visitor to Dalat has not yet book a hotel, motel, homestay, or resort, please contact Hoa Dalat Travel immediately. Via Hotline 02633 981 968 to get our most detailed advice. In addition, we also specialize in organizing cheap and long days Dalat tours . Lastly, we would like to sincerely thank you for your interest in the review article of Lam Vien Square Dalat.


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