Golden Valley Dalat | Ticket price information 2020

Golden Valley Dalat is an interesting tourist attraction which is quite familiar to tourists from near and far in the country or abroad. It is not only a romantic and charming landscape. But there are also extremely sophisticated architectural works created by the hands of human beings.

Golden Valley Dalat

Golden Valley Dalat

Today in this article will Review Golden Valley Dalat. Give you more information, as well as the history of formation and also the experiences of travel Golden Valley Dalat. In order to help you have a trip to  Golden Valley Dalat in the safest and most complete way.

Introduction of the Golden Valley

Golden Valley Tourist Area , Located about 15km northwest of Dalat city center. This place was built close to the Golden Stream next to Dankia Lake. The Golden Valley has such a romantic scenery. Surrounded by green pine forest. Combined with the creations of man-made. So this place has gradually captured the sympathy of many visitors.

The romantic beauty of the valley

The romantic beauty of the valley – Source: facebook

Golden Valley eco-tourism area has a mountainous terrain. On the surface of the land, it is shaped like a wave in the open sea, the slope is 15 to 30 percent high. The valley has an average altitude above sea level from 1400 to 1500 meters.

In addition, this place is located in an area with a temperate monsoon climate. There are usually two distinct seasons such as the rainy season and the dry season. Usually the rainy season is from July to the end of September. The dry season lasts from November to the end of March.

History of Dalat Golden Valley

In the past, this place was a wild land but favored by nature with such a poetic beauty. Along with the hills covered with thousands of green pine.

At the beginning of 2000, with an acreage of ​​about 25 hectares. Known for so many beautiful natural landscapes, it is an ideal place for workers in Lam Dong Water Supply Company to come here and relax after working hours.

Therefore, the top authorities in the company have proposed using a small plot of this land. To build a small campus to meet the needs of most of the staff here, to relax and do sightseeing.

A land with such a poetic beauty

A land with such a poetic beauty – Source: dulichbalo

After a period of construction, It was gathered a lot of talented architects. Along with the contribution of all employees in the company. This place has gradually become a beautiful tourist attraction named the Golden Valley.

Located among the immense pine hills with the sound of forest birds chirping. The blue lake is also arranged with flowers of all colors to create a poetic scenery to attract tourists.

The Golden Valley was put into operation not too long ago. But the scenery here has made many tourists near and far in the country and abroad being captivated by the unforgettable charm beauty express the natural appealing here.

The Golden valley

The Golden valley – Source: dulichannam

What does the Golden Valley have?

When you come to the Golden Valley, you can discover the beauty of pristine nature that has been there since the beginning. And especially admire the unique architecture designed by the ingenious hands of Vietnamese people .

Because there are many beautiful scenes of primeval pine forests along with flower gardens are arranged in a meticulous way. The climate is cool all year round so this place has attracted a lot of couples to come here to take wedding photos to capture many memorable moments in their trip.

Unique architecture designed by the ingenious hands of human

Unique architecture designed by the ingenious hands of human – Source: bazantravel

In addition to the romantic scenery, the resort also offers many fun activities and services. In order to meet the needs of the tourists from near and far to visit. Typically: Pedal ducks around the blue lake to see the herds of carps in a flock of swimming and being nurtured here. Or you can go up the majestic high hills to enjoy the panoramic views of the Golden Valley tourist area.

The form of camping here is also put into operation and gradually favored by many visitors. Because the natural landscape here is not just beautiful at the day. The tourists also admire the night dew droplets surrounding the hills creating a sense of peaceful and tranquility.

Ideal place to go picnic with your family and friends

Ideal place to go picnic with your family and friends – Source: innotour

What is attractive in the Golden valley?

The Golden Valley in Dalat is a tourist destination that combines harmony between natural scenery and a natural terrain with skillful arrangement of human hands.

Golden valley tourist site, though not located near the city center like other famous tourist destinations. Like Valley of Love, Dream Hill, or City Garden,etc. But this place attracts tourists no less than other locations. Because of the landscape with a natural appealing of the beautiful primeval forest. And on both sides of the winding road are stretched of green pine.

Amazing panoramic of Golden valley

Amazing panoramic of Golden valley – Source: facebook

The Golden Valley is also highly rated. And is an indispensable tourist attraction of the tourists whenever they come to Dalat city.

Where is the Golden Valley?

Dalat Golden Valley is located about 15km from the city center. Located in Lat commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province.

Address of the Golden Valley

Located in the area of ​​Dalat water treatment factory in Lat Dong village – Lat commune, Lac Duong district. Dalat City, Lam Dong Province.

Paradise for capturing best moments

Paradise for capturing best moments – Source: agotourist

The way to the Golden Valley

To go to this beautiful valley, you can go through the following routes. I will guide you the way in detail and please take a look:

The starting point is from Dalat market. You turn to Nguyen Van Troi street. Right at the intersection of Linh Son pagoda, then turn left to Phan Dinh Phung street. When you get to Phan Dinh Phung street, keep going straight ahead. After that, when you go to the end of Phan Dinh Phung street, turn left to go to Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street.

And continue to Tung Lam junction (on the left is Tung Lam parish church). Then turn left into Ankroet street. You continue to go more than 4 km to the Golden Valley tourist area.

If you still haven’t figured out the way. Then you can type the address you are standing on below the google maps below. There will be detailed instructions for you to travel from there to the Golden Valley.

Google maps to the Golden Valley :

Information of Dalat Golden Valley

Here is some information about Dalat Golden Valley, please check it out for more information.

Phone number of the Golden Valley :

If you want to contact to Golden Valley Dalat. Then you can contact the resort directly at Hotline: 0263 2210 320.

Opening hours of Dalat Golden Valley

Tourists can come here to explore Golden valley Dalat at any time. Because the time is open 24/24 on all days of the week.

Golden valley opening hours

Golden valley opening hours – Source: facebook

Golden Valley ticket price

Golden Valley Dalat tourist site is open all day of the week. On holidays or New Year and the peak seasons, the entrance ticket price remains unchanged.

The Golden Valley ticket price was updated in September 2017 below for your reference. If the ticeket price of the Golden Valley 2020 has changed, we will update the fastest for your reference.

  • Ticket price for adults: 40,000 VND / person.
  • Ticket price for children: 20,000 VND / person.

Google maps of the Golden Valley

Golden Valley has a relatively large area. Maybe you will take quite a bit of time to discover the interesting things here. That’s why, I would like to share the map from Dalat market to the Golden valley so you can imagine and make sure you will not to miss any interesting places here.

Map to visit the Golden Valley tourist area

This is an overview of everything there is in the golden valley. From here to the ticket gate, you will come across a long the stretch of beautiful and very famous green pines. It is also a good place to take a walk and taking pictures for your virtual living album. We will list in detail the main parts of the Golden Valley area available on the map below for you.

To the right of the parking lot is the pine hill. This is a very interesting location for taking wedding photos and camping.

The suspension bridge

The suspension bridge – Source: news.zing

Or you can come to admire the Rose Garden and the great park.

There is also Ho Bi, the suspension bridge is also a great hunting place for those who want to taking photos.

The Golden Lake is the central area of ​​the Golden valley tourist area. Coming to this area, you can participate in the game of pedaling ducks on the lake watching the swimming fish.

Orchid garden, bonsai garden and restaurant. An ideal resting place after hours of fatigue exploring the landscape here.

An orchid garden in Dalat

An orchid garden in Dalat – Source: vietnamnet

Things to pay attention when visiting the Golden Valley

  1. With a mountainous terrain and especially with deep lakes. So you have to be absolutely careful with children and the elderly
  2. There are many souvenir stalls and beautiful woolen stalls. You can buy on with very cheap prices.
  3. The carp lake in the Golden Valley has a selling spot for feeding fish. You can take the bait yourself and leave the money.
  4. The place where there are ban boards, you are not allowed to enter.
  5. If you need it, you can organize a picnic. Outdoor barbecue and camping at pine hill in the tourist area.

Dalat Golden Valley Review

Many reviewers or reviews about the Golden Valley tourist are. It is one of the extremely attractive locations. It is rated more than 280 times and scored a total of 4.1 / 5. You must know that not all tourist destinations have achieved such high scores. So there must be something special to attract so many tourists.

Review on google

Review on google

If you look at the reviews of Golden valley Dalat on famous tourist websites today, you will see tons of good reviews.


Below is a review of the Golden Valley Resort from popular travel site . Get 4/5 points from more than 43 reviews.

Review on tripadvisor

Review on tripadvisor


Here is an evaluation from google maps about Dalat Golden Valley, please refer.

Golden valley review on GG map

Golden valley review on GG map

Suggestions for a trip to the Golden Valley

Golden Valley Dalat tourist area is very popular with backpackers or those who want to organize big events. Usually, backpackers come here to organize overnight camping and picnics. If you want to travel freely in tourist destinations in Dalat city, then one thing – Golden Valley is definitely not to be missed.

Dalat forest ghost inn

Dalat forest ghost inn – Source: truyenhinhdulich

And you decided to come here to visit. Then we will suggest to you some very attractive travel destinations with the Golden Valley for you to visit once for all.

  • Forest Ghost Inn – Located about 9km from the resort. This destination is also quite interesting for those who love the hills and mountains to explore the primeval forest.
  • Cu Lan village – A location that is also very familiar to tourists. When you come here you will admire an interesting village. Around there are many beautiful miniatures and especially participating in special activities with the indigenous people.
  • On the way to the resort there are also some very nice spots worth stopping for. Like lonely pine, golden springs, Ankoroet dam.
Cu Lan village

Cu Lan village – Source: dalatfriends

What to eat in the Golden Valley

Many visitors are afraid to come here to visit and then nothing to eat after a tiring tour. You are right to worry about that in the tourist area, there are many restaurants for you to enjoy. Or maybe outside the nearby tourist areas are the famous restaurants. Serves delicious wild forest dishes.

A restaurant inside the valley

A restaurant inside the valley – Source: foody

Pink grass hill of the Golden valley

If you come to the golden valley at the end of the fall, namely November to the end of December, you will immediately see the scene filled with pink on the green hills. At this time, the number of tourists visiting the resort is very crowded. Most of the young people come to check in to save the best moments.

  • You can find out more about this tourist attraction here.
Dalat pink grass hill

Dalat pink grass hill – Source: facebook

Pictures of Golden Valley Dalat

Here are the beautiful photos. Was taken by the tourists at the Golden Valley tourist area.

Pedal ducks around the lake

Pedal ducks around the lake – Source: facebook

Golden Valley

Golden Valley – Source: agotourist

Golden Valley

Golden Valley – Source: facebook

Tour Golden Valley Dalat

To meet the travel needs of the remote travelers. So Hoa DaLat Travel we designed Golden Valley Tour program with very reasonable price. Ensure visitors will have extremely interesting experiences. Here is information about the Tour program we would like to introduce:

Langbiang mountain

Langbiang mountain – Source: blog.traveloka

  1. Langbiang mountain
  2. Golden Valley
  3. Flower Village
  4. Strawberry Garden, Artichoke Garden
  5. Dalat Railway Station
  6. Linh Phuoc Pagoda
  7. Chinese temple
  8. French Villa Village
Dalat railway station

Dalat railway station – Source: ksdalat

Ticket price: 250,000 VND / person including entrance fee, car and guide.

Above is an article about Golden Valley Dalat that we reviewed for visitors to refer. Hope to help tourists have a complete trip here as well as explore this beautiful land of Dalat city.


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