Dalat pink grass hill 2020: address, direction and experience!

The last months of the year are always the busiest time of Dalat tourism. Not only possessing pleasant weather, Dalat in the last days of autumn and early winter has many beautiful natural sceneries. In particular, it is impossible not to mention the pink grass hill (or snowy grass hill).
Dalat pink grass hill

Dalat pink grass hill

Dalat pink grass hill 2020

At the end of October to the end of November, it is the season of wild sunflower. When the wild sunflower blooming on the hill, the locals are once again talking about a beautiful and special grass with a wild beauty, an extraordinarily strong vitality.

a fairy tale-like destination

A fairy tale-like destination – Source: agotourist

The grass not only grows in shrub, but also grows in the form of covering all over hill. This grass is called snowy grass, or according to the common call of the indigenous people – pink grass hill. To see these beautiful grass hills, we need to set foot in Suoi Vang (the Golden Stream) in Dalat city.

Another overwhelming scenery

Another overwhelming scenery – Source: du-lich-da-lat

Why is it called pink grass hill and snowy grass hill?

First, you will be wondering: why is the same grass, growing in the same place has so many names like that?

pink grass or snowy grass

Pink grass or snowy grass? – Source: vncgarden

Snowy grass hill

Not all places in Dalat have a beautiful snowy hill. If you want to admire this outstanding scenery, you have to get here in the early morning. At this time, the grass is being covered by the shimmering white dewdrops, so the name snowy grass came from here.

Before the dew disappeared

Before the dew disappeared – Source: wetrek

Pink grass hill

If you are a big fan of beauty and tenderness, you should arrive when the sun is at its peak. The reason is at this time, those morning dewdrops would vanish into the blue sky and create such a lovely pink grass hill.

Although pink grass blooms at certain seasons, depends on the weather, the grass can also bloom at Christmas. So it has another name: “noel grass”.

noel grass

“Noel grass” – Source: ivivu

Pink grass hill and snow grass hill are one

In essence, Dalat pink grass hill and snowy grass hill are one. In the early mornings when the grass is still wet, people call it the snowy grass hill. When the sun rises and all the dew disappear, this place is called the pink grass hill.

When would the grass bloom?

Surely this is a question that many young people are wondering. As normal, the season starts in the early days of November and ends in December. This grass has the same blooming time as wild sunflowers.

When would the grass bloom?

When would the grass bloom? – Source: emdep

Where is Pink grass hill?

Not all places have this kind of grass. There are only 2 places that have this kind of grass: Golden Stream and Golden Valley area.

Pink grass hill at golden stream

Pink grass hill at golden stream – Source: halotravel

Grass hill of the golden valley

This is one of the best tourist attractions of Dalat city. Located about 15 km from the city center, Golden valley surrounded by vast pine forest so if you are looking for a tranquil destination, you definitely visit this valley.

the pink grass hill at the golden valley

The pink grass hill at the golden valley – Source: 24h

Pink grass and lonely pine

The road to this tourist attraction is quite difficult. If you go for the first time you might getting lost, but in return the beauty of the hill is totally worth trying. A primitive beauty that nature has bestowed on this place.

grass hill and a lonely pine tree

Grass hill and a lonely pine tree – Source: facebook

Address of pink grass hill in Dalat

Here are the roads and address of Dalat pink grass hills. You can refer to the map below.

The way to the pink grass

According to the majority of young people while traveling to Dalat. The road to this grass hill is quite easy and not too difficult as other places.

The way to the pink grass hill near the golden valley

The road to this pink grass hill location is also quite simple. If you go on a rainy day, the road is quite slippery and muddy so be careful. You can go by motorbike or car, even 45-seat coaches can enter this road. But remember that you must park your car at the ticket office, not run up. From there you will follow a path up the slope. After that, you will see the beautiful pink grass hill.

The sun is always the best

The sun is always the best! – Source: ins.tapchihoaky

Map from Dalat market to the pink grass hill of the Golden valley

Below is a map from Dalat market to the grass hill:

Direction to Pink grass hill

From the location of the golden valley, you go straight along the road called Ankroet. After following that path, you will see a hydroelectric dam. Then you keep going and ask for directions to the tourist area called Tien Sa. Your journey to the pink hill has not ended here.

a romantic place for couples

A romantic place for couples – Source: du-lich-da-lat

After get to Tien Sa tourist area, you will have to go a fairly long way. Then look to your right and you will see an empty field, on the right side of the road, you will see a small path. Follow this path and you will see a tiny stream. Cross the stream and mission accomplished! You have reached the snowy grass hill.

You should visit this place at least one!

You should visit this place at least one! – Source: grandtour

Thai Phien grass hill

This pink grass hill is a new destination. If tourists are visiting Trai Mat, tourists can also visit this pink hill spot. The path to this pink grass hill is very easy.

Best place to archive best moments

Best place to archive best moments – Source: ksdalat

Pink grass hill in Tuyen Lam lake, Dalat

To reach this beautiful grass hill, visitors should follow the path to the Clay tunnel. Then keep driving for another 500 meters, you will see a large meadow with the ​​wild sunflowers area. You’re almost there! Keep going for few minutes until you see a lavender field sign, here it is.

outstanding view of pink grass hill

Outstanding view of a pink grass hill – Source: du-lich-da-lat

Dalat pink grass hill travel experience

There are 2 best options for you to get to the hill. First option, you can rent a motorbike or a car and travel here by youself. The cost to rent a motorcycle is around 100.000 / day and 1000.000 for a car.

paradise for virtual living

Paradise for virtual living – Source: facebook

The second option is to take a tour because some hills are not easy to reach. In addition, visitors will be able to visit many other places. So you need to consider carefully before choosing the 2 options.

The note when visiting Dalat pink hill

The moment when the pink grass blooming is also the time when Dalat getting colder. Therefore, you should equip warm clothes such as: jackets, socks, and gloves.

You should consider wearing warm clothes!

You should consider wearing warm clothes! – Source: agotourist

Before visiting the grass hill, visitors need to find out information about the weather, you should avoid traveling on the rainy days. The road will be very slippery and dirty too.

Review Dalat pink grass hill

Here are some reviews of travelers about Dalat pink grass hill.

Pink Grass Hill Review

Pink Grass Hill Review

Pink grass festival 2020

At the end of the year, Dalat City usually organizes a festival named “pink grass festival”. This festival will take place within 10 days, starting from November 23rd to December 2nd. With thousands of attendees, this festival really attracts the attention of visitors from all over the country.

pink grass festival

Pink grass festival – Source: news.zing

Photos of pink grass hill

Here are some pictures of the snowy grass hill:

romantic and poetic

Romantic and poetic – Source: du-lich-da-lat

Pink Grass hill tour

The price of this tour is 400,000 VND. Departure time: 5:00 am and the tour will end at 4:00 pm. In this tour you will visit the following tourist attractions:

  • Pink Grass Hill
  • Cu Lan Village
  • Biological Sub-Institute
  • Wild Sunflower Road
  • Hoa Son Dien Trang
  • Me Linh cafe
  • Buckwheat flower field
  • Van Thanh village
As beautiful as a masterpiece

As beautiful as a masterpiece – Source: facebook


Thank you for your interest in our article about Dalat Pink Grass Hill and wish you have a joyful and memorable trip to Dalat the flower city.


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