Cu Lan village Dalat 2020 – Review, travel experience

Today hoadalattravel will introduce to you. Another attractive tourist attraction in Dalat city. That is  Cu Lan Village . Just hearing the name is already known, isn’t it? The familiar name when it comes to Dalat. A funny and lovely name, right? This is a beautiful village in the middle of a vast pine forest. Rocky slopes, lakes and streams creat an amazing scenery.

Cu Lan village

Cu Lan village

But Is there any stunning views or anything to do? Just few people are able to describe the beauty of this place. That’s why we wrote this article today to guide our visitors. On the way to Cu Lan village Dalat and the wonderful beauty of this place. Let’s follow us to find out right now.

Introducing the Cu Lan village

It can be said that Cu Lan village is the hottest tourist attraction of Dalat city. This is a tourist destination that attracts the most tourists of the year. The village was also voted as one of the top 20 tourist destinations in Dalat city by tourists. A place that visitors should not ignore when traveling to Dalat.

Cu Lan village

Cu Lan village – Source: dalatfriends

So now you all know the important of the place right? This is an eco-tourism area, a great tourist place for those who want to learn about national cultural identity. Want to learn about the ancient architecture of the ethnic minorities.

Explanation about Cu Lan village Dalat

The village is a place that attracts a lot of tourists. A small village, lovely and cute. This village has an acreage of ​​about 30 hectares located in the beautiful primeval forest. These forests are located at the foot of majestic langbiang mountain.

Cu Lan village located on the outskirts of Dalat city

Cu Lan village located on the outskirts of Dalat city – Source: grabtourist

This place is a tourist attraction located on the outskirts of Dalat city. It is located about 21 km from Xuan Huong lake. If visitors go from the golden valley,it just about 9 km. If you’ve been to Dalat but haven’t visited this place yet, It feels like you haven’t come to Dalat yet.

Where is the Cu Lan village?

As well as some other suburban tourist areas. Located in Suoi Can Hamlet, Lat Commune, Lac Duong District, Lam Dong Province. This place is one of the most wonderful tourist destinations in Dalat city. This is an ideal tourist destination. Which visitors can not ignore when coming to Dalat

One of the most wonderful tourist destinations in Dalat city

One of the most wonderful tourist destinations in Dalat city – Source: ivivu

With a charming natural landscape. An enchanting aqua painting captivates the heart. The two sides of the village are pine hills and murmuring streams. Make visitors feel relaxed and most comfortable when visiting the place.

The way to the Cu Lan village in Dalat

There are many other travelers still afraid about the way to this village . Some tourists do not know the way to the village. That’s why we will guide you today. The road to the village is very easy. There are some small sections that are a little hard to go. But visitors do not worry. If you read carefully the experiences we are about to share below.

Contact information for the Cu Lan village

If any visitor wants to contact the place immediately. Visitors can contact via website for advice. This site regularly provides images of visitors visiting the village.

  • Guests can also contact via mail:

Phone number of the village

If any tourists have questions about Cu Lan village. As well as want to contact directly here. Guests can immediately contact Hotline 094 858 68 78 for advice.

Or visitors can call the following numbers: 0633 520 128 – 0633 522 322 – 0985 199 992 – 0965 199 992 – 063 222 9 222

Cu Lan village opening hours

This tourist area will start welcoming guests at 7am. As well as not accepting guests and closing at 17:00. So  visitors need to watch the time when traveling to the village industrious. In our experience, travelers should choose to go in the morning. Because if you go in the morning visitors will have a chance to admire all the beauty of this place.

Cu Lan village opening hours

Cu Lan village opening hours – Source: du-lich-da-lat

What to play in Cu Lan village?

This question is also a common question of so many travelers. But how to fully explain this answer is not many visitors know. So today, let’s find out.

If you want to travel to Cu Lan village we recommend you go with a team. Organizing great teambuilding activities together with a group of friends. We have games like rowing on the lake. Catch fish in the stream, organize a group game on the lake,etc.

Team building activities

Team building activities – Source: bazantravel

All are extremely attractive games. Attract a lot of visitors to this area. With such a poetic setting, there’s nothing like it. What are you waiting for without backpacking and go.

The village Jeep tour

This is one of the most popular tours in Dalat. It is also a game that you can not ignore when coming here.

There is nothing like visiting the village by jeep. Reasonable price and not too high. So do not hesitate and pay for that service. Only with 100,000 VND / person only. You will enjoy the feeling of riding a jeep through the jungle.

Cu Lan village jeep tour

Cu Lan village jeep tour – Source: facebook

At the resort there are also some other services such as:

Going to the Central Highlands, you should try out the gong exchanges of the people here. What could be better than being immersed and staying in a forest of flowers? Camping overnight is not a bad idea. With many different activities and dancing there. There are also other makeup and catering services

Camping overnight

Camping overnight – Source: foody

You can travel by motorbike or car. remember that this place does not have any buses to the village . If you want to save money, you should join the tour. You will save a huge cost for yourself and your family.

Ticket price Cu Lan village

Here are some types of tickets when visiting Cu Lan village. Tourists should consult before traveling to the village for more information about this tourist area.

Entrance fee to visit

If you come here to visit and take pictures. The ticket price for adults and children over 1m2, the fare is 60,000 VND / person. Children under 1m2 are free to visit.

Entrance fee to visit

Entrance fee to visit – Source: vietfuntravel

Tickets to organize games, teambuilding

If you come here without playing, there’s nothing else interesting, right? Here I will you the price of some famous games to prefer:

  • Mandatory teambuilding team must be from 30 people or more. For teambuilding organization, please contact in advance for travel arrangements and equipment preparation. You will be able to use the grass, raft, stream, forest of skill games.
  • The teambuiding ticket price is VND 120,000/ person.
  • Time from 8 am to before 17 pm.

Program to light a campfire in a village

This is an activity that many visitors enjoy when coming here. You want to light a campfire from 17:00 to 21:00 here to interact with friends. Price only 120,000 VND / person. The wood is also sold here, but you do not have to worry about searching in the forest. Wood price is about 700,000 VND / block.

Campfire at night

Campfire at night – Source: vietfuntravel


You will definitely need the sound to play the game. When tourists come here to visit and entertain. Without music, it would be very boring, isn’t it? So I think you need to rent a sound system to have fun:

  • 3,000,000 VND/ 4 hours for a large orchestra.
  • 1,500,000 VND / 4 hours for a small orchestra.

Hotels, resorts and accommodation price list

Here are some hotels in the village tourist area . Along with the price list of the accommodation here. Guests can consult and decide to book a room here.


You are a poetic soul. With the price of about 2,500,000 VND / night you have a monumental resort. Including 2 separate villas, each with 3 rooms. Living room, bedroom and toilet. Villa for 4 tourists with 2 double bedrooms 1.8m wide.

Resort near the village

Resort near the village – Source: Agoda

Each unit can only have a maximum of 8 people. Very suitable and convenient for families or a young group to travel. Guests can consult and choose this ideal resort. If you want to add an extra bed, it will cost you about 200,000 VND / person.

Premium 4-star Bungalow hotel

You want to relax in a luxurious place, full of modern amenities. The hotel will fully meet your needs. You only need 1,500,000 to rent one. Inside is full of all amenities to serve guests. Rooms are clean and spacious for travelers.

Premium 4-star Bungalow hotel

Premium 4-star Bungalow hotel – Source: booking

Stay at Son Cuoc house

  • There are about 6 houses here and can accommodate up to 11 people.
  • Styled on stilts, you will be equipped with pillows, mattresses, blanket.
  • Price is about 2,000,000 VND / unit / night.
  • Note that the toilet is outside.

Camping in the village

You can camp in the middle of the Cu Lan village. With less than 10 people each camp. The camp is about 1m2 wide and quite comfortable for you. This is the most interesting activity you can not ignore. When intending to come here to visit and picnic here.

  • Have insulation board. The floor is about 20 cm from the ground.
  • Here you will be equipped with sleeping bags, soft pillows.
  • The toilet is also outside.
Camping at the village

Camping at the village – Source: du-lich-da-lat

Visiting the village in Dalat

It can be said that Cu Lan village is the most wonderful place to visit. A suitable place for you and your family to reduce stress. A place for us to get away from the chaos in this life. Stay away from the noisy things of crowded streets. Help us return to a place where cool fresh air, enjoy the most relaxing feeling. Learn more about the culture and lifestyle of ethnic people in the Central Highlands.

The dream of Cu Lan village owner

Cu Lan village is located amidst the vast green pine forest canopy. Most of the land is inhabited. Because the people here live miserably. So they want to find another place to live and make their living. Precisely because he did not want to see such unfortunate scenes, a native of Quang came to this land.

Visiting Cu Lan village

Visiting Cu Lan village – Source: 24h

Create his ideas and build a most peaceful village. Help the villagers come here to live more prosperous and happier. The meaning of Cu Lan village resort is to want to feel the most peaceful. Most familiar to the residents and visitors when coming here.

Should you go to this place?

Some visitors have interesting and funny questions. Often asked us whether or not go to the village. Or go to other tourist places nearby. But we also recommend sincere. If visitors do not go to Cu Lan village, it is a big loss for you. Do not regret after going home without going to this place.

You are sure that you are a healthy person with good health and strength. Want to explore all the wild and magnificent village, you must have good physical strength. If your stamina is not good, think carefully before come here to explore. Price when visiting village is not like other places. Please consider carefully before you go. The road is beautiful but there are dangerous bends so be careful.

What to eat in Cu Lan village?

This is a question many visitors are interested in when visiting a tourist attraction. After having fun playing, eating is indispensable. To help yourself regain the energy after playing. Guests can choose to eat at the restaurant in the village industrious. Here the food is quite delicious. But in return, the cost is a bit high. Otherwise, you can also choose to buy food outside. And bring in here for lunch.

Eating at a restaurant near the village

Eating at a restaurant near the village – Source: vietyouth

The tale of Cu Lan village

This place is a mysterious tourist resort in Dalat. The most interesting thing is the origin of the name of the village in Dalat. No one knows the true meaning of the story behind this name. Many people tell the joke that there is creature named Cu Lan here in Dalat, so it is called that. But according to the people here this is still a mysterious hypothesis.

The legend of Cu Lan village Dalat

According to villagers recalled that in the early years of the twentieth century. Once upon a time there was a boy who decided to leave the city. To find a new romantic dreamland. To live and build for his lover  a place called romantic love paradise. A charming scenery in the countryside.

After many days of wading through streams, wading day and night. Finally heaven did not betray this guy. He has found himself a favorite piece of land that he has dreamed for so long. When he found this place, he embarked on the formation of this dreamy city. He was the person who picked each stone to build a fairy tale landscape amid mountains and forests today.

A romantic destination

A romantic destination – Source: Bến Nghé travel

With such a naive and foolish way. That people have given him the name: Cu Lan. Shortly after this story also reached his lover’s ear. Touched by his heart, she decided to leave the city to look for him. Here she is overwhelmed by the beauty of this place. She decided to live with Cu Lan and build a paradise here. Since then they lived happily forever. The name of Cu Lan village starts from here.

Cu Lan village travel experience

Wherever you go, you need to equip yourself with the most necessary experience isn’t it? Traveling to Cu Lan village is the same. Here we will share some Cu Lan travel experiences for you. Hopefully the following experiences can help you. During your Cu Lan village tour.

  • Talk about the way to the village: Remember to fill up your gas tank. There is no gas station here.
  • Please drive carefully. Although the road is beautiful and quite, you shouldn’t drive fast.
  • For people with weak heart or high blood pressure, jeeps should not be taken.
  • Keep your children very careful in front of deep lakes, hills.
Cu Lan village travel experience

Cu Lan village travel experience – Source: du-lich-da-lat

The address of Cu Lan village

Cu Lan village in Dalat is an ideal tourist destination for tourists. This place is located on the outskirts of Dalat city. This place was voted as one of the top 20 tourist destinations by tourists.  This village is located on the DT722 section of Lat commune. Lac Duong district, Dalat city, Lam Dong province.

How far from Dalat city center to Cu Lan village?

The village is located about 21 km from the city center. If go in the direction of the Golden Valley . Some tourists are afraid of go to the village will be far and take a long time. But think about what is difficult, the results are extremely worth-it.

Cu Lan village maps

Below is a google maps of Cu Lan village. You can refer to the map below as a different starting point. The map below shows the directions from Dalat market to this village.


Let’s start from Dalat market. Go in the direction of Langbiang or the Golden Valley. When you meet the So Viet Nghe Tinh street. Then run straight until you meet the junction of Tung Lam Parish. Turn  into Langbiang and turn left of Ankroet street. Continue to go straight, after a while you will get there.

The tourist attractions near Cu Lan village

Here are some tourist destinations near the village. Visitors can refer and choose to go. In order not to spend too much time to move. But visitors can still visit many famous tourist attraction in the flower city .

  • Visit LangBiang Mountain Dalat
  • Golden Valley Dalat
  • Gold and silver lake Dalat
  • Forest ghost inn Dalat
Langbiang mountain

Langbiang mountain – Source: blog.traveloka

Review Cu Lan village

Here are the reviews of tourists about the village. You can refer to the review image below. Or you can view other review images on google.

Review on Google

Review on Google

Pictures of Cu Lan village in Dalat

Here are some pictures of visitors when they travel to the village. Visitors can refer to the following images. Choose for yourself the best angle to capture when coming here. You can record for yourself the best moments. To save as a souvenir with friends and relatives.

Cu Lan village tour

Cu Lan village tour – Source: facebook

Cu Lan Village

Cu Lan Village – Source: facebook

Cu Lan village near Golden valley

Cu Lan village near Golden valley – Source: facebook

Cu Lan village tour

If travelers love and want to book a day tour of Dalat to visit the village . Visitors can contact Hoa Dalat Travel immediately. Via hotline 02633 981 968 to get our most detailed advice. We specialize in organizing 1-day and long-day tours. Along with that is the hotel room with reasonable price. Here are some Cu Lan village 1 day tours. Visitors can refer below.

Forest ghost inn  – Cu Lan village – Clay tunnel tour (VND 350,000)

  • Biological Sub-institute
  • Cu Lan village
  • Tunnel of Clay
  • Visiting Truc Lam Zen Monastery
  • Tuyen Lam Lake in Dalat
  • Ve Chai Pagoda
Tuyen Lam lake

Tuyen Lam lake – Source: dalatcitytour

Near Cu Lan village tour

  • Forest Ghost inn Dalat
  • Visiting Cu Lan Village
  • Linh Phuoc Pagoda (Ve chai pagoda)
  • Strawberry garden, Giant pumpkin garden, clean vegetable garden
  • Dalat Lavender flower garden
  • Field of hydrangea Flowers in Dalat
Hydrangea Flower Field

Hydrangea Flower Field – Source: bazantravel

This tour price is 350k / person and departs at 8 am daily

In addition we also have some other tours. Please contact 02633 981 968 for the most detailed advice.

Thank you for your interest in our Cu Lan village Dalat article . Wish you have a fun and exciting trip to Dalat city.



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