Should you travel to Cau Dat tea hill Dalat or not? – Tour, photos and history of tea hills

Today once again will introduce to the visitors. One of the top 20 hottest tourist attractions in Dalat city. A place where visitors can not ignore when coming here for travel. That is Cau Dat Tea Hill in Dalat. Cau Dat Farm – A green color of nature look like all gathered here. Cau Dat tea hill is a tourist attraction. Attract a lot of young people to come here to visit. Anyone coming to Dalat should not miss this place.

Cau Dat tea hill

Cau Dat tea hill

Cau Dat tea hill is the most popular tourist attraction in Dalat. Every year, this place attracts many tourists come here to visit and take pictures. It is also known as a virtual living paradise for young people. A square meter here can produce thousands of different photos.

Introduction about Cau Dat tea hill in Dalat

Cau Dat tea hill is a place that attracts large number of tourists in the flower city. This tourist destination in recent years is storming the young couple. By the beauty attracts and fascinates people. This place has captured the hearts of travelers.

Cau Dat tea hill-Gift of the Creator

Cau Dat tea hill – Gift of the Creator – Source: dalattravel

This is indeed a promising tourist attraction for visitors. Up to this point Cau Dat tea hill has welcomed tens of thousands of tourists. A virtual living mecca for so many visitors. It is also an ideal place for you to take wedding photos. What are you waiting for without backpacking and go.

Explanation on Cau Dat tea hill

Cau Dat Tea Hill is a tourist attraction located on the outskirts of Dalat City. The road to the tea hill is a beautiful natural scenery. Which any visitor could not help but admire and praise. The tea hill in Dalat has an acreage of ​​about 220 hectares. This place is not only an ideal tourist attraction in Dalat, but also a witness of history. Witnessing so many ups and downs in life of Dalat city.

Cau Dat Farm cafe

Cau Dat Farm cafe – Source: facebook

There is a work that has a long-standing imprint. That is the 100 years of establishment and development of the Cau Dat tea factory. It is also a large teapot with a height of 2.6 meters. It is 7.1 meters wide and weighs about 3 tons. If you visit the tea hill, don’t forget this place.

Cau Dat farm Dalat is a place specializing in tea production. Every year, this place produces an average of more than 1,000 tons of fresh tea consumed throughout the country. Along with that, about 260 tons of dried tea are processed to make products to serve customers.

Giant teapot

Giant teapot – Source: metrip

Where is the Cau Dat tea hill ? (Why you have to visit Cau Dat tea hill)

Dalat Cau Dat Tea Hill is a tourist attraction in the outskirts of the city. This site is located in Cau Dat hamlet, Xuan Truong commune. About 20 km from Dalat city center. Cau Dat tea hill is another name of Cau Dat tea Farm enterprise.

When visitors come to Cau Dat Farm, a peaceful and majestic scene show up right before your eyes. With an acreage of ​​about 220 hectares, a fairly large space. The hill is assessed as the gorgeous and top quality location to check-in in Dalat city. This place is visited by many domestic and foreign tourists. Along with that is the constant compliments about this tourist site.

Beautiful view at the tea hill

Beautiful view at the tea hill – Source: dalattour

In the past when traveling here it was completely free. But in August 2018, the entrance fee has been started. When you come here, you are lost in the green world of nature. Fresh green tea leaves dance under the golden sun. The scenery was so poetic.

The road to Cau Dat tea hill Dalat

Although this tourist attraction of Dalat is very hot online. But many tourists still don’t know the way to the tea hill. That’s why we have to write this article today. To share all the experiences and the road to the tea hill. To help visitors find the way to the tea hill as quickly as possible.

Cau Dat tea hill map

Cau Dat tea hill map

We have designed a map of the road to the top of the hill above. You can refer to the way on the map. Also on this map. We also design for visitors a number of other tourist attractions. These tourist sites are located close to tea hills.

Visitors can choose to go with the following points. So that it does not take too long to move. But visitors can still visit many famous tourist sites in Dalat. Hopefully the map above can help you.

Contact information for Cau Dat tea hill Dalat

Cau Dat Farm

Cau Dat Farm – Source: caudatfarm

If you have any questions, please contact Cau Dat tea hill. Visitors can contact immediately Cau Dat Tea Joint Stock Company. Located in Cau Dat Village – Xuan Truong Commune, Dalat city, Lam Dong. Or you can contact us directly via the following website: To be answered questions quickly.

Phone number for the tea hill Dalat

Also if any visitor wants to contact Cau Dat tea hill. To contact for information exchange urgently. Visitors can contact the following Hotline: 0263 3838 133. To be consulted by Cau Dat Tea Joint Stock Company at the earliest opportunity.

Cau Dat tea hill opening hours

Cau Dat tea hill begins to welcome the first guests of the day at 7:30. Along with that is not accepting guests at 17:00 daily. So visitors should pay attention to the time to visit at the tea hill. And if any visitor wants to check in tea hill at the early morning. Visitors can arrive early and contact the ticket office to get in earlier than usual.

Tea hill opening hours

Tea hill opening hours – Source: vietfuntravel

What to play in Cau Dat tea hill?

Referred to as a photography paradise that includes wedding photography. Selfies and group photos that you can’t miss. There are countless angles to take photos. Vast space, no need to avoid “garbage” when pressing the button. The great thing is that this place is completely free.

Not only it is beautiful here at Tea Hill but the road to here is also very beautiful. Includes wooden houses, the winding roads and the vast pine tree hill. When you come here, you will witness the tea-picking scene of the village girls. The fresh green tea leaves are skillfully picked by hands.

Cau Dat farm dalat

Cau Dat farm dalat – Source: facebook

Here you can relieve the pressure of worries, stress of life. Stay away from all the stuffs at work. Stay away from the hustling and bustling city. To stay at a place with beautiful natural scenery. Come here to feel the fresh air and enjoy the peace. Please go on the end of the year to the best season of the tea hill.

Which time of the year should you travel to Cau Dat tea hill?

Dalat in the winter is very beautiful. So do the tea hills. The weather is even more chilly this season. The mist shimmered on the top of the mountains. Makes the scene even more magical. Making the landscape surrounding the tea hill express all its beauty.

Check in Cau Dat tea hill

Check in Cau Dat tea hill – Source: du-lich-da-lat

If tourists come to visit the land of tea hills. You should go in the early morning or late afternoon. Because this time the sun and the moon will swap positions. The sun shines through each leaf, making the scene more romantic. The scenery at this time is beyond description of beautiful, guys.

Time and way to visit tea hillside

People can visit Tea Hill anytime and anywhere. If you go early or late, you can speak to the counter. You don’t need to book in advance, just go ahead and buy a ticket and come in. So try to enjoy the beauty of this ideal tourist attraction.

Sunset at the hillside

Sunset at the hillside – Source: facebook

The road in the tea hill area is very beautiful so a 45-seat bus can enter. But to avoid traffic jams, please park your car outside. If visitors want to visit the most beautiful tea hill. Visitors should enter in the hours from 9 am Or you can go between 4 pm and 5 pm. During this time the sun is calm, so the tea hill is quite beautiful.

Ticket price for Cau Dat tea hills in Dalat

In the past, to visit Cau Dat tea hill, this land did not cost anything. But in August 2018 this tourist attraction was charged. Ticket price to enter the hill of Cau Dat tea is 30,000 VND. Do you think this ticket price is expensive? We think this fare is quite worth it. By what visitors have when visiting this land tea hill. Extremely wonderful, my friends. Currently 2020, the hill of Cau Dat tea has dropped the admission fee. This place is completely free.

What does the tea hill have

What does the tea hill have? – Source: du-lich-da-lat

Visiting the tea hills

Cau Dat tea hill is not too strange for visitors. However, how to have the best trip to the tea hill? The experience when traveling to Dalat. I’m sure only a few tourists know. Therefore, to visit the tea plantation safely and cost effectively. Guests need to equip themselves with some experience as follows.

Best tourist destination in Dalat

Best tourist destination in Dalat – Source: vietfuntravel

History of Cau Dat tea hill

In 1915, when doctor Yersin discovered this land of Dalat. He reclaimed the land on the top of this island and called it Cau Dat. He used the land to cultivate and plant the tea and seedlings to treat Canhkian malaria.

It was not until 1650 when the French realized it. The climate here is fresh and up high. This place is very suitable for planting the tea. The land-based tea hill was officially born and put into operation. Then all the tea produced here is taken to France. For use and resale to other European countries.

Taking wedding pictures

Taking wedding pictures – Source: facebook

Until 1960 when the French war was at its peak. The French were forced to stop all economic activities in Lam Dong. Later, this tea hill was bought by Chinese merchants, making the place worse and worse.

It was not until 1975 when the country was peaceful and united. This new tea hill has official ownership of Lam Dong province. In 2015, Seedcom acquired this place and changed its name to Cau Dat Farm . Start growing and forming like today.

How to travel and the vehicles to reach Cau Dat tea hill in Dalat

Here are some options to get to the land of tea hill. Tourists can come to the Cau Dat tea hill in the best way. Hopefully the options we mentioned later. Can help you have the best trip ever.

Tea hillside

Tea hillside – Source: ksdalat

Rent Motorcycles

If you want to take control of your time, want to go or do whatever you want. Rent a motorbike for convenient access. Price is only about 80,000 VND / car only. Note remember to fill the fuel tank before depart. Because there are only 1 or 2 gas stations here.

Rent a motorbike

Rent a motorbike – Source: honda

Rent a car

If you do not want to ride a motorbike, then rent a car. The drivers here are just like tour guides. Can take you to the shortest and most convenient way. Price is only about VND 700,000 for a 7-seat car. I have an advice for you to pay a little more money. To be able to move to some other nearby tourist attractions.

Rent a car

Rent a car – Source: vinfast

Taxi rental

Thuê xe Taxi

The more you go the more you have to pay. If you take a taxi, it will be so beneficial. But only apply to you if you travel the short distance. The more you travel, the more you pay for travel.

  • Dalat taxi: 02633556655
  • Taxi Thang Loi: 0263 3835583
  • Mai Linh Taxi: 0263 38383838
  • DaLat Redstar Taxi: 0263 3959 595
  • Lado taxi: 0633 666 777
  • International taxi: 0633 866 866
Taxi rental

Taxi rental – Source:

Take the bus to the tea hill

We have a trip to Tea Hill but I advise you not to. The bus ride will cause us to lose interest because we will be late sometimes. You have to wait a lot of hours. Buses to Cau Dat tea hill are also available for free. Guests can choose this type of transport to go.

Go to the hill by bus

Go to the hill by bus – Source: hyundai

Address of Cau Dat teahill

Dalat Cau Dat tea hill is an ideal tourist attraction. Which tourists cannot ignore when coming to Dalat. This famous tourist destination is located on the outskirts of Dalat city. Cau Dat tea hill is located on the highway 20 of Xuan Truong, Chi Phat Dalat.

Capture the best moments at the tea hill

Capture the best moments at the tea hill – Source: vietactivity

Cau Dat tea hill Google maps

Below is a google maps map from Dalat market to the tea hill. You can refer to the map image below. Or you can check other maps on google. Hopefully our map below can help you.

Detailed instructions how to go to Cau Dat tea hill in Dalat

From the center of Da Dat city in the direction of Ong Dao bridge. Go through the bridge then turn right about 300 meters. You will see the roundabout in front of Dalat Place Hotel. Go to the 2nd exit onto Ho Tung Mau when meeting around the corner.

Then when you meet a roundabout in front of Lam Dong TV station, go all the way to Tran Hung Dao street. There is a barbershop named Dao, then you turn into Hung Vuong street. At the Ford auto store, go to Tu Phuoc. There, visitors have reached highway 20, just go up to the hill and you will reach Cau Dat tea hill.

To make it easier to understand, when visitors come to the tea hill. You must definitely traverse the roads in the following order:

  1. From Dalat Market
  2. Ong Dao Bridge at Ho Xuan Huong
  3. Tran Quoc Toan Street
  4. Ho Tung Mau street
  5. Tran Hung Dao Street
  6. Hung Vuong Dalat
  7. Tu Phuoc
  8. Finally, Highway 20

Tourist places close to the tea hill

Here are some tourist attractions located near Cau Dat tea hill in Dalat. Or the locations along the route to go to Dalat Cau Dat tea hills. Guests can refer to some of our locations below. So you can choose to go to these destinations. Without having to spend too much time moving. But you can visit many famous tourist attractions in Dalat city.

Hydrangea Garden

Hydrangea Garden – Source: facebook

  • Dalat Pedagogy College
  • Dalat Old Railway Station (where the old steam locomotive is located)
  • University of Architecture, Ho Chi Minh City, Dalat campus
  • Linh Phuoc Pagoda (Ve Chai pagoda)
  • Dalat Hydrangea Garden
  • Dalat Vegetable Growing Village
  • Thai Phien Flower Village is the most famous destination in Dalat city
Thai Phien flower village at night

Thai Phien flower village at night – Source: facebook

Cau Dat tea hill review

Here are the reviews of travelers on Cau Dat tea hill. Visitors can refer to the image that we provide below. Or you can refer to the other images on google. Hopefully the image below can be useful for your upcoming trip to the tea hill.

Cau Dat farm review

Cau Dat farm review

Hotel in Cau Dat tea hill Dalat

When tourists come to visit the tea hill in Dalat. Especially if you go in the early morning, it is so great. You can enjoy the whole scenery of very beautiful tea hill. But if you want to watch the tea hill at sunrise or sunset.

We recommend you to book a hotel room near the tea hill. So you would easily move here to visit. If you choose a room with view overlooking Cau Dat tea hill . That’s a great and ideal thing, isn’t it?

A lot of hotels near the tea hill

A lot of hotels near the tea hill – tourdulichdalat

But you do not have to worry about this issue. Because around Dat Lat tea hill, there are so many hotels. These hotels are all good and affordable hotels. If you need to find a good hotel you can immediately contact 02633 981 968 . A travel company in Dalat specializes in organizing tours and booking hotel rooms.

Cau Dat cafe in Dalat city – Cafe Containner view Cau Dat Farm

When visit Cau Dat tea hill. In addition to visiting and do the photoshoot, you need to find a place to have a drink. Where here you can enjoy the panoramic view of the tea hill. To release your self into the beautiful nature. Keep away from the chaos of life, the noisy places in the city.

In this tea hill, there is a very unique coffee shop. This place is known to tourists as Dalat Cau Dat farm cafe . When you come here you can sip the delicious cup of coffee. See the immense space of immense tea hill. Try to think about how amazing it is. While sipping a cup of coffee, sitting on a vast, windy hill. And release your soul into beautiful nature space.

Cau Dat farm coffee shop

Cau Dat farm coffee shop – Source: ivivu

To be able to see the whole view of the hill here. Then you can climb to the top floor of this cafe. As the name implies, this is a true containner. You can take a selfie here. This is one of the top unique and hottest coffee shops in Dalat city.

Menu of Cau Dat Farm cafe

Below is the menu of Cau Dat tea hill cafe. Which we have updated here, visitors can refer. Hopefully this price can be useful for travelers on your travels.

Menu Price
Americano 20,000 VND
Cappuccino chocolate coffee 30,000 VND
Cau Dat Farm Milk Tea 30,000 VND
Stick bread 20,000 VND
Chocolate coffee 30,000 VND
Bac xiu 30,000 VND
Caramel / hazenut / vanilla coffee 30,000 VND
Cau Dat Farm Milk Tea 30,000 VND
Ancient Cau Dat Farm Tea 25,000 VND
Cau Dat olong tea 25,000 VND
Espresso 20,000 VND

How about eating and resting on tea hill, where?

After visiting and taking pictures, resting at the tea hill. The next thing travelers have to do is find yourself a good restaurant. To energize your tour. To help travelers save the most money on this trip. We would like to share outr experience as follows:

Best place for virtual living

Best place for virtual living – Source: pinterest

What to eat and drink at Cau Dat tea hill

On the way to the tea hill, there are many restaurants. Guests can choose to eat those dishes in these restaurants. But we also want to say the truth, it’s a game of luck to choose a good place to eat. If tourists want to eat well, you have to go to the city center. Or visitors can bring food to eat.


When visitors are tired, visitors can take a rest along the way. Most the time along the way there are always shade of the trees. The shade is quite big so we can stop, rest and eat here. Or you can choose to rent motel rooms by the hour for lunch break. Then continue the tea hill tour.

Dawn at Cau Dat farm

Dawn at Cau Dat farm – Source: pinterest

Cau Dat tea hill travel experience

Here are some of our experience in the process of organizing tours. These experiences are the experiences we have learned. Hopefully the experiences we are about to share next. It may help you somehow in your trip.


Because of the tea hills, shade trees are few and extremely rare. So on hot days, you should not visit this place. It’s the same with rain. Rain, the tea beds will be wet, making our clothes wet when touched.

Tea hill travel experience

Tea hill travel experience – Source: dulichtoday

The appropriate time that we should visit the tea hill we mentioned above. Visitors can surf up and take a look.

Road to the tea hill

Because the road has some sharp turns, please slow down and keep a safe speed. This is not an uninhabited area. So please pay attention because children can play and cross the street.

When traveling down the hill, visitors should pay attention to fill the tank with gasoline. In particular, you must obey the traffic laws.

Eat and drink when going to the hill

Because of the roadside restaurant, the quality can not be guaranteed. Therefore, please eat at Dalat market before visiting. If you visit in the morning you can bring food along with you. Or alternatively you can go to the city center to eat.

The hill in the early morning

The hill in the early morning – Source: luhanhvietnam

“Phuot” Cau Dat tea hill

Usually when someone arrives in Dalat. Then never miss this free tourist destination.

You should travel here during the wild sunflower season. The green of tea mixing with the yellow of wild sunflowers, nothing better than “virtual living”.

Wild sunflower

Wild sunflower – Source: ksdalat

Try to go by motorbike. To be able to go up the tea hill without wasting too much energy for walk. And you can also go through the hydrangeas garden too.

Images of tea hills in Dalat

Here are some photos visitors have captured. When visitors come to visit Dalat Cau Dat tea hill. You can refer to the following images and choose for yourself the best angle. So when you come here, you and your family can check in right away.

Photos of the hillside

Photos of the hillside – Source: facebook

Photos of the hillside

Photos of the hillside – Source: facebook

Photos of the hillside

Photos of the hillside – Source: facebook

Cau Dat tea hill tour

If tourists love and want to go on a tour of Dalat Cau Dat tea hill. Visitors can contact Hoa Dalat Travel immediately. A reputable travel company in Dalat. Specialized in organizing tours and booking hotel rooms. Via hotline 02633 981 968 to get our most detailed advice.

Cu Lan village

Cu Lan village – Source: dalatfriends

Tourists can choose the following Cau Dat Tea Hill Tour with the price of 350,000 VND / person. The tour includes admission tickets to tourist attractions. Bus transport visitors, professional tour guides, drinking water. Tourists will be able to visit the tea hills and the following tourist sites:

  • Forest Ghost inn Dalat
  • Visiting Cu Lan Village in Dalat
  • Visiting Van Thanh Village
  • Road Apricot Cherry blossoms
  • Cau Dat tea hill in Dalat
Dalat forest ghost inn

Dalat forest ghost inn – Source: truyenhinhdulich

Cau Dat tea hill tour

In 2020, we will launch a new tour schedule for Dalat city. This tour program costs 350k VND / person. When participating in this tour, visitors will be able to visit the following locations:

  1. Discover Cau Dat Tea Hill
  2. Dalat hydrangea field
  3. Dalat view – the second heaven gate in Dalat
  4. Hoa Son Dien Trang Dalat
  5. Cafe Me Linh Dalat
  6. Buckwheat flower field, field of sunflowers
  7. Vinh Tien wine cellar – dalat fairytale land
Hydrangea Garden

Hydrangea Garden – Source: facebook

Finally, the company would like to wish you a very interesting trip. Along much fun with family and friends. When visiting the city of flowers, Dalat. Thank you for your interest in our article about Dalat Cau Dat Tea Hill.

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