Pongour Waterfall Dalat -The might and the majesty

Hello guys, have a good day! Welcome back, Hoa Dalat Travel here. Today, I’ll take you to the most beautiful, the most wonderful falls in Dalat the flower city – Pongour waterfall! As you know, Dalat is the city of thousands of flowers and fresh vegetables. But not just flowers, do you know this place also owns some of most impressive and majestic waterfalls such as: Prenn, Datanla and Pongour falls.

Pongour Waterfall Dalat

Pongour Waterfall Dalat

Pongour is the Pride of Dalat city. Every year, this place attracts millions of domestic and foreign tourists come here to admire the wild beauty. Now, if these information above is not enough to impress you, let’s follow me to the following parts to find out more about the Pride of Dalat city.

Introducing Pongour waterfall Dalat

Pongour Waterfall is one of the top ideal tourist attractions of Dalat city. This place was voted as one of the top 20 must-visit destinations when traveling in the foggy city. This waterfall has many names given by visitors. Like seven-storey waterfall, Nam Thien De Nhat Thac (The greatest falls in the Southern).

Pongour Falls

Pongour Falls – Source: tripadvisor

If you have a plan to travel to Dalat, you must definitely visit this place.  Just add it to your priority list, invite your companion and depart! Trust me, you will regret if you miss such a gorgeous and appealing tourism area like this one.

Visiting Pongour waterfall

Pongour waterfall is a quintessential tourist area, the destination suits travelers of any ages. For young travelers, you can admire the beauty of nature as well as camping with your team or just do photo shooting to capture the incredible moments. For older tourists, you can immerse yourself with nature, stay  away from the hustle and bustle world to get rid of all the stress as well as enjoy your life in such a beautiful and peaceful land.

Visiting Pongour waterfall

Visiting Pongour waterfall – Source: Flickr

Where is Pongour Waterfall Dalat?

Pongour Waterfall, also known as Seven-storey waterfall Dalat is a worth-travel location even though this falls is located quite far from the city center. The falls not only has a unique structure but also the capacity to carter to large amounts of visitors at the same time. There are two routes to the waterfall: a gentle dirt path and some steps, or a steep, long staircase.

Seven-storey waterfall

Seven-storey waterfall – Source: facebook

This majestic and mighty falls located in Tan Hoi commune, Duc Trong district – about 50km from the city center. So to get here, you can drive a car or a motorcycle. The other option is book a tour so you don’t have to worry about getting lost on the way.

Contact information of Pongour Waterfall Dalat

There are many visitors who are still confusing about this information. So the hotline of this tourist area is 02633 675 202. If you have any questions, all you have to do is just make a phone call. One more thing, the officially email and website of the place are currently unavailable. But no worry, we’re updating all the information daily, so if they provide more information – it will be updated immediately!

Contact information of Pongour Waterfall Dalat

Contact information of Pongour Waterfall Dalat – Source: facebook

Pongour Waterfall opening hours

Pongour waterfall tourist area will welcome the very first tourist at 7:30 am and close at 17:00 daily. But according to our travel experience. Visitors should visit the falls early in the morning. Because at this time the weather is cool, the scenery here is more beautiful than other hours.

Pongour Waterfall opening hours

Pongour Waterfall opening hours – Source: facebook

Ticket price of Pongour waterfall Dalat

This is the latest ticket price we updated this year. The ticket price to enter Pongour waterfall is currently 20,000 VND / ticket. This ticket price includes parking fee and entrance fee to Pongour falls . This is such a reasonable price for travelers. With just one ticket price you can freely visit the most beautiful waterfall in Dalat the flower city.

Ticket price of Pongour waterfall Dalat

Ticket price of Pongour waterfall Dalat – Source: facebook

Pongour Waterfall Dalat 2020

Through many years of establishment and development in the tourism industry. Pongour Waterfall gradually takes its name further to the people from all over the world.

Pongour Waterfall is increasingly being restored and building more interesting places for visitors. There will be more choices, more fun activities for you when coming here. In the future, the place will has so many rides, games and also there will be some restaurants as well as hotels to meet the demands of the tourists.

Pongour Waterfall Dalat 2020

Pongour Waterfall Dalat 2020 – Source: facebook

Which season does the waterfall have water?

What is the most beautiful season of Pongour waterfall tourist area? and when does the Pongour waterfall have water? These are two of the most common questions of visitors. So for me, after years of organizing tour and traveling to this place. Pongour waterfall has water all year round. It’s just about the amount of water. But in our opinion you should not travel here in the rainy season. Because this season the water flow is really big and cloudy, the cliffs are very slippery. So in this season, the scenery is usually not as beautiful as other seasons. And you don’t have to worry about the falls will run out of water guys!

Pongour waterfall has water all year round

Pongour waterfall has water all year round – Source: facebook

Information of Pongour waterfall

Pongour Waterfall is a famous tourist attraction in Dalat city. This place is known by many domestic and foreign tourists. With a majestic, immense and abundant natural landscape. Also the pongour waterfall is covered by the beautiful primeval pine forest.

This place is also conserving a lot of rare fauna and flora. Most of them are being listed in the red book of conservation status in Vietnam. That’s why this waterfall has been dubbed as Nam Thien De Nhat Thac.

Nam Thien De Nhat Thac

Nam Thien De Nhat Thac – Source: facebook

Pongour Waterfall has a long flowing stream that continuously flows from above. This waterflow gushes through all 7 separate levels of beautiful terraced rock to the big placid pool at the bottom. Create a beautiful 3D picture for travelers who love the romantic natural scenery. This place is a truly masterpiece of mother nature.

Legend of Pongour waterfall

Pongour Waterfall is associated with the majestic legend that everyone must admire. Legend of K’ho ethnic people. Story told, in the old days this geodetic land was owned by a beautiful female village head. This girl is named Kanai.

This girl has many different talents. Especially hunting and conquering wild animals in the forest. Create the conditions for the people in the village to develop. Especially, she has 4 large and unusual rhinos. They always listened to her, often blocking the stream. Protecting villagers and clearing fields for farmers.

Legend of Pongour waterfall

Legend of Pongour waterfall – Source: facebook

On the full moon day of the first lunar month, when she was really weak. In that very last moment, the four rhinoceros that she raised were worried for her. They did not eat or drink and went away with her. She rested in a beautiful waterfall. Her hair turned into a stream of white water that we see today. The pieces of moss-rock found in the waterfall today are the horns of rhinos turned into. This is a symbol of the solidarity and attachment of man and nature.

Specialties of Pongour falls

If you come to the falls on the full moon of January every year. You will have a chance to enjoy the festival of the ethnic people. This ceremony is considered to commemorate the female chief Kanai. This is an extremely good opportunity for you to enjoy the customs and traditions. In the French, Pongour means the landlord or king of Kaolin.

Specialties of Pongour falls

Specialties of Pongour falls – Source: BaoMoi

Pongour waterfall eco-tourism area

Pongour Waterfall is an outstanding eco-tourism area. Especially in October, the golden shady road due to the rice flower blooming as well as the wild sunflower roads create a flawless picture.

Pongour Waterfall is an outstanding eco-tourism area

Pongour Waterfall is an outstanding eco-tourism area – Source: facebook

Besides, the routes to the falls as well as the waterfall itself all retain the amazing wild beauty. Pongour Waterfall Dalat is surrounded by beautiful primeval forests. This forest is about 2.5 hectares wide with wide range of flora and fauna.

Nam Thien De Nhat Thac (the greatest waterfall in the southern)

Pongour waterfall Dalat was rated and voted by the French as  “the most majestic waterfall in Indochina”. This place was praised by king Bao Dai about the incredible scenery and called it “Nam Thien De Nhat Thac”. This phrase means the greatest waterfall in the Southern. Until 2000, this place was recognized as a national historical site by the Ministry of Culture – Sports and Tourism.

The most majestic waterfall in Indochina

The most majestic waterfall in Indochina – Source: facebook

What is attractive in Pongour Waterfall Dalat?

Just think about it. What makes the waterfall so special? Yes, it is the structure of the falls. Pongour Waterfall is romantic and poetic, characterized by mountains and forests of the Central Highlands. Pongour is somehow a benevolent waterfall, as opposed to Elephant falls, for example, which is brutal, raw and powerful.

From afar, the waterfall looks like a beautiful woman's hair

From afar, the waterfall looks like a beautiful woman’s hair – Source: facebook

Pongour Waterfall is about 50 meters high, 40 meters deep, 100 meters wide and divided into seven separate levels of terraced rock. From afar, the waterfall looks like a beautiful woman’s hair. The big rocks on the cascades making the water foam turn white.

The beauty of Pongour waterfall

The beauty of the falls also lies in the layers of stone folded together. Stones folded together not in any orders. But it “tore” the water down from above into small streams, splashing. That contributes to creating white, majestic streams water flows like a hair on moss-covered rocks.

The beauty of Pongour waterfall

The beauty of Pongour waterfall – Source: facebook

All the water flows down to the lake below – a big beautiful blue lake. There are even cliffs undulating beneath the water.  Around the waterfall is covered with the green picture of trees and ancient forest. All created in a wild place full of life.

The waterfall is not only beautiful in landscape but also beautiful in its story. Interesting stories associated with Pongour waterfall.

Pongour waterfall Travel experience

Here are some experiences that we have learned while on tour. Visitors can refer to the experience we share below. Hopefully these experiences can be useful for travelers. These experiences may be known or unknown to you. But anyway we want to share it for those who have zero experience in traveling to Dalat.

Pongour waterfall Travel experience

Pongour waterfall Travel experience – Source: facebook

Personal experience when traveling Pongour waterfall

When you get there, you will see a parking lot. But do not worry the fee is just 10,000 VND / motorbike. Then you need to buy an admission ticket. To reach the waterfall you have to walk about 15 minutes more. Don’t worry, the road is very cool and appealing.

Personal experience when traveling Pongour waterfall

Personal experience when traveling Pongour waterfall – Source: facebook

When you arrive, I promise you will be surprised and amazed by the wonders of the falls. Take your time to do some photo shoot and look for a place to rest for yourself. Remember, inside this tourist site you can only find grilled food. So before you get here, buy some thing to eat and bring it with you.

When should you travel to Pongour falls?

Base on my experience, you should get here in the rainy season because the waterflow will be much stronger. Between June – November is the ideal time to visit the falls.

You should arrive in the early morning

You should arrive in the early morning – Source: facebook

One more thing, you should arrive in the early morning. The air is much fresher compared to the afternoon, besides all the sunlight, waterflow, and mist creat a mysterious panorama.

The most beautiful waterfalls in Dalat

Here is a summary of some other beautiful waterfalls in Dalat city:

  • Hang Cop Waterfall
  • Lien Khuong Waterfall
  • Datanla Waterfall
  • Prenn Waterfall
  • Cam ly waterfall
Prenn Waterfall

Prenn Waterfall – Source: dalatcity

Address of Pongour waterfall Dalat

Pongour Waterfall is a tourist destination located on the outskirts of Dalat city. Located about 50 km from the center of Dalat city towards the Prenn pass. If any tourists go from Ho Chi Minh City to Dalat. Visitors go to km 260 in Duc Trong territory. Then turn to the left and go straight to the Pongour waterfall.

Pongour Waterfall is located in Ninh Gia commune, Duc Trong district, Lam Dong.

Pongour Waterfall is a tourist destination located on the outskirts of Dalat city

Pongour Waterfall is a tourist destination located on the outskirts of Dalat city – Source: facebook

Google maps Pongour  Waterfall Dalat

Here is a google maps of Pongour waterfall Dalat. You can refer to the map we provide below. Or view other maps on google. This map shows the directions from Dalat market to Pongour waterfall.

Directions to Pongour waterfall

There are many routes to get to this waterfall. You can go by any route as you like. I will show you the way to this falls from Dalat city. If you are in the city center. Then go along Highway 20 down the road to Ho Chi Minh City.

Directions to Pongour waterfall

Directions to Pongour waterfall – Source: facebook

Just go to the Xom Trung area, also known as Chai mountain. Then keep going straight about 8 km then turn right. The road here is quite big and straight. It is super easy to get to the Waterfall.

Pongour Waterfall Dalat Review

Here are some reviews about Pongour falls. You can refer to the image we provide below. Or you can refer to other reviews on google.

Pongour Waterfall Dalat Review

Pongour Waterfall Dalat Review

Tourist attractions near Pongour waterfall Dalat

Here are some tourist destinations located near the Pongour waterfall in Dalat. Visitors can refer to the following tourist destinations. Choose for yourself some other places to travel more

  • Dalat Milk Farm
  • Vinamilk Organic dairy farm Dalat
  • Story Love Film Studio
  • Field of sunflowers
  • Wild Sun Flower Street
  • Prenn Waterfall
Field of Sunflower

Field of Sunflower – Source: InnoTour

Pictures of Pongour waterfall in Dalat

Here are some pictures of Dalat pongour waterfall. Visitors can refer to some of the images we provide below.

Pongour falls

Pongour falls – Source: facebook

Pongour waterfall dalat

Pongour waterfall Dalat – Source: facebook

Pongour waterfall

Pongour waterfall – Source: facebook

Pongour Waterfall Tour

If visitors love Pongour waterfall Dalat and want to book a tour to this majestic waterfall as well as other tourist attractions. Visitors can contact Hoa Dalat Travel immediately. We will provide you the most detailed advice about the tour you want to book. In addition, we also book hotel rooms in Dalat with reasonable price.

Elephant Falls

Elephant Falls – Source: Wiki

Tour visit Dalat waterfalls costs 400,000 VND / person. In addition to visiting Pongour waterfall, visitors can also visit the following tourist attractions:

  1. Pongour Waterfall
  2. Prenn waterfall
  3. Elephant Falls
  4. Me Linh Coffee
  5. Bee farm

Finally, the company would like to wish visitors have a joyful and interesting trip to Dalat. Thank you for your interest in our article about Pongour waterfall Dalat.


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