Me Linh Coffee Garden | #1 Coffee Shop in Dalat

If the city center is getting boring and you want to find a tranquil and peaceful destination. Then Me Linh Coffee Garden is your must-go destination. A tourist attraction for those who want to avoid the bustling of Dalat city, or some truly “picture hunters”. Now, let’s follow Hoa Dalat Travel to find out more about this place.

Me Linh Coffee Garden

Me Linh Coffee Garden

Introducing Me Linh Coffee Garden

In spite of the fact that Me Linh doesn’t have the leisure activities as other tourist attractions. Still, there is something that really caught the attentions of so many visitors. Right, I’m talking about the panorama, the scenery of the place. A fresh, gentle and equally majesty moutains of the Central Highland!

Outstanding panorama

Outstanding panorama – Source: facebook


This coffee shop is located at Group 20, Hamlet 4, Ta Nung Commune, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province.

Beautiful picture

Beautiful picture – Source: facebook

Driving directions

The departure point is Dalat city center. First, you follow Ba Thang Hai street until see a roundabout. Then turn right to Hoang Van Thu street, go straight ahead until you reach Van Thanh flower village. Keep driving and you will meet a junction, pick Highway 725 on Ta Nung pass direction. After finish the pass, keep going for another 5km and you will see Me Link coffee garden on you right.

A must-go destination

A must-go destination – Source: facebook

Visiting Me Linh cafe

When you get here, besides enjoy the special weasel coffee. You will have a chance to learn about the process of making weasel coffee.

Me Linh in a rainy day

Me Linh in a rainy day – Source: facebook

One more thing is after visit Me Linh, you can visit the flower field located on the opposite side of the coffee shop. There are many sorts of beautiful flowers such as sunflower and buckwheat flower. The entrance price is just 10.000 VND/ person!

Drink prices

The prices of drinks here range from 30.000 VND – 80.000 VND. The weasel coffee costs 60.000 VND / cup.

Weasel coffee

Weasel coffee – Source: facebook

Souvenir shop

In the souvenir shop, you will see wide range of embroidered products made by ethnic folks. The price is pretty reasonable so you should buy one as a gift for your kins or family.

Embroidered clothes of ethnic folks

Embroidered clothes of ethnic folks – Source: facebook

Souvenir shop

Souvenir shop – Source: facebook


Basement is the place where they raise the weasel and create the outstanding weasel coffee.


Basement – Source: ksdalat

Com Lam (bamboo cooked rice)

As you know, this is a pretty far tourist attraction, around 20km from the city center. So to meet the demands of tourists who want to stay here to have lunch. The owner have put the Com Lam (one of the specialties of Viet Nam) on the menu. The meat (mostly wild boar) bought from the ethnic folks living nearby.

Buckwheat flower

Buckwheat flower – Source: facebook

Tourist attractions nearby

On the way to Me Linh, you can take time to stop by the following tourist attractions:

Linh An Tu pagoda

Linh An Tu pagoda – Source: ksdalat

Other top coffee shops of Dalat city

Below are some of the top cafés in Dalat city:

    • Lang Vu Thi Coffee and Farmstay
    • Bui Van Ngo Coffee
    • Xuan Huong Garden Coffee (the best coffee shop in the city center)
    • Dalat View Cafe
    • F Canh Dong Hoa Cafe


Xuan Huong coffee garden

Xuan Huong coffee garden – Source: Du Lịch Đà Lạt

Me Linh Coffee Tour

  1. Van Thanh flower village
  2. Me Linh coffee garden
  3. Liquor making village
  4. Silk weaving village
  5. Criket farm
  6. Elephant falls
  7. Linh An Tu pagoda
  8. Dalat railway station

The tour price costs 230.000 VND / person (including entrance ticket) – contact 02633. 904.666

Van Thanh flower village

Van Thanh flower village – Source: facebook

Dalat check – in tour

  1. Me Linh coffee garden
  2. Sunflower and Buckwheat flower
  3. Hoa Son Dien Trang
  4. Van Thanh fower village
  5. Dalat View Cafe
  6. Sunny Farm (stairway to heaven)
  7. Hydrangea flower field

The tour price is 350.000 VND / person – contact: 02633.904.666

Hydrangea flower

Hydrangea flower – Source: Bazan Travel

Google maps Me Linh coffee garden

Below is the map showing dring directions from Dalat market to Me Linh coffee and garden:

Me Linh coffee garden Review

Here are some reviews of tourists on Google, you can also refer to other reviews on other websites as well.

Me Linh Coffee Garden Review

Me Linh Coffee Garden Review

Photos of Me Linh coffee garden

Below are some images of the place that’s been taken by tourists:


Sunflower – Source: facebook

Great place to enjoy the tranquility

Great place to enjoy the tranquility – Source: facebook

Chatting and drinking

Chatting and drinking – Source: facebook

Beautiful and Flower

Beautiful and Flower – Source: facebook


Finally, thank you for your interest in our article about Me Linh Coffee Garden. Hoa Dalat Travel would like to wish tourists have a beautiful and joyful trip to Dalat city!



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