Linh An Pagoda – The Second “Truc Lam Zen Monastery”

Linh An Pagoda , also known as Linh An Tu Pagoda, is one of the oldest and sacred buddhist temples in Dalat city. This place is not only owns the unique architectural beauty of giant Buddha statues, but the spiritual beauty as well. The temple itself has become a meditation center for Buddhists from near and far. Linh An – the place preserves spiritual cultural values.

Linh Anh Pagoda

Linh Anh Pagoda

Introducing Linh An pagoda

This pagoda is located on the outskirt of Dalat city – Nam Ban town, Lam Ha district (about 28 km from Dalat center). This is one of the favorite buddhist temples in Dalat city. Coming here, tourists should spend some time to pray the best things for yourselves and your family as well.

Linh An Tu

Linh An Tu – Source: facebook


In 1993, this pagoda was founded by thero Thich Tam Vi. Initially, this was just a small Buddha Recitation Hall with an area of 4 hectares. By 1999, the number of local buddhists coming to study are getting more and more. So the pagoda was expanded and renovated with the area of 1457 meters.

Linh An pagoda at night

Linh An pagoda at night – Source: facebook

The front

In the front of the pagoda, the first thing you’ll notice is a giant Bodhisattva statue located next to the great hall.

Giant Bodhisattva statue

This huge statue of Bodhisattva was finished construction in June 2019. The statue is standing on a lotus and looking to the main gate. This statue is the image, the symbol of the place.

Giant Bodhisattva statue

Giant Bodhisattva statue – Source: AGO Tourist

The great hall

Overall, the great hall  has an area of over 1400 m2, the roof of the hall covered by red tiles. Besides, there are two 20-meter long concrete dragons lying on the stairway lead to the main hall. Enter the hall, you will see 5 big buddha statues: Gautama buddha, Amitabha buddha, Medicine Buddha, on the right is Cundi Buddha, on the left is the statue of Avalokiteshvara.

The great hall

The great hall – Source: tourdalat

The rear

At the rear, there is a giant Maitreya Buddhahood Bodhisattva with 12,5m in height and 6,5m width. This is the biggest Maitreya Buddhahood Bodhisattva statue of Lam Dong province.

Huge Maitreya Buddhahood Bodhisattva statue

Huge Maitreya Buddhahood Bodhisattva statue – Source: facebook

Inside this huge statue, there are 3 different floors. The first one is the place where monks and nuns gathering along with a masterpieces displayed area. Behind the statue is a 45 meters long and 10 meters width house. This is a living place for Buddhists who are studying the Buddhist recitation and Eight Precepts observance.

Driving directions to Linh An Tu pagoda

From the city center, you can get to Linh An by the direction of Cam Ly falls or Prenn pass. I highly recommend you follow the direction of Cam Ly cause the distance is shorter as well as more convenience.

Gautama buddha, Amitabha buddha and Medicine Buddha

Gautama buddha, Amitabha buddha and Medicine Buddha – Source: du-lich-da-lat

Notes when traveling to Linh An pagoda

First and foremost, pay attention to your clothes. Please choose an appropriate outfit to show up at a sacred place. Your dress-up must be elegant, neat and tidy. Do not wear shorts or some sort of clothes like that.

Do not make too much noise, it’s not a good thing to bothering others. And please remember not to drop litters as well!

Please choose an appropriate outfit to show up at a sacred place

Please choose an appropriate outfit to show up at a sacred place – Source: facebook

Important information

Opening hours

The pagoda is opened at 5:00 am daily, so tourists can visit Linh An at any moments.

Phone number

Phone number of Linh An Tu: 0263 3852 713

Linh An meditation center

Linh An meditation center – Source: facebook

Other most beautiful pagodas

Here are some of the most beautiful pagodas in Dalat city:

Linh An panorama

Linh An panorama – Source: ksdalat

Tourist attractions nearby

After visit Linh An buddhist temple, you can take time to visit the following tourist attractions:

Statue of Avalokiteshvara

Statue of Avalokiteshvara – Source: Du Lịch Đà Lạt

Google maps Linh An pagoda

Below is the map showing driving directions from Dalat market to Linh An meditation center:

Linh An pagoda review

Below are some reviews of tourists on Google. You can prefer to other reviews on other travel forums.

Linh An Pagoda Review

Linh An Pagoda Review

Photos of Linh An pagoda

Here are some pictures that’s been taken by visitors:

Tourist taking picture

Tourist taking picture – Source: Lữ Hành Việt Nam

Visiting Linh An pagoda

Visiting Linh An Tu pagoda – Source: Ngôi Sao Doanh Nhân

Beautiful place

Beautiful place – Source: facebook

Linh An pagoda 1-day tour

We are organizing a daily tour to visit the following tourist attractions. With just 190.000 VND, we will pick you up at the hotel. And the best thing is you can pay after the tour, so convenience, isn’t it? So if you want to book this tour, please contact us via hot line 079.215.8486.

On the tour you will visit the following tourist attractions:

  • Van Thanh flower village
  • Weasel coffee village
  • Liquor making village
  • Silk weaving village
  • Cricket farm
  • Elephant waterfall
  • Linh An pagoda
  • Dalat railway station
Linh An Tu Dalat

Linh An Tu Dalat – Source: du-lich-da-lat

Finally, thank you for your interest in our article about Linh An pagoda Dalat. Hoa Dalat Travel would like to wish you a joyful and beautiful trip to Dalat the flower city!



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