Forest Ghost Inn 2023 – Recovering from the Flood

Dalat is a poetic and equally bustling city. When we talk about this city we not just think of the flowers and fruits, but the tourism activities as well. In the peak seasons, this lovely city’s always overloaded by the flow of people and you will barely find a quite and tranquil spot to really enjoy the city itself or capture the best photographs. So, is there any destinations can really tackle this problem? The answer is yes – the place I’m talking about is Forest Ghost Inn.

Forest Ghost Inn Dalat

Forest Ghost Inn Dalat

Forest Ghost Inn is a tourist attraction located quite far from the city center. When you get here you will feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere because… you actually are. So if you  want to find a less noisy, less bustling spot – this inn is your ideal tourist destination!

Update the situation of Forest Ghost Inn

After the night of horrific flash floods on August 8, 2019, this place was totally wiped out. Everything was destroyed, but luckily no one was injured that night. The remediation work has been done very well and the place will be put into operation in the middle of 2020. So no worry, the inn will comeback better than ever, you’ll see a best version of Forest ghost inn ever – stay tuned guys!

After the flash floods

After the flash floods – Source: news.zing

Introducing Dalat Forest Ghost inn

I think this tourist destination is no longer strange to tourists anymore. Obtains a super unique charming beauty, this place attracts large numbers of tourists travel to Dalat every year. The inn also voted as one of the top 20 favorite tourist attractions by tourists in 2019. So next time travel to Dalat, don’t forget to stop by the place and take some photos as well as avoid the noisy of the crowded city center.

Obtains a super unique charming beauty

Obtains a super unique charming beauty – Source: facebook

Contact information 

Forest ghost inn is located in Da Nghich hamlet, Lat commune, Lac Duong district. This is a private invested and constructed project of Mr.Liem. If you have any questions, please contact to the owner via:

  • Email:
  • Fanpage on facebook:

If visitors have any questions, please contact the phone numbers 0968583368 – 02633997292.

Explanation about the forest ghost inn Dalat

Located on the plateau of Lam Vien – a majestic mountainous highland region. Most of the landscape here is surrounded by primeval pine forests along with the charming scenery. This destination is located about 22km from the city center in the direction of Lac Duong.

Most of the landscape here is surrounded by primeval pine forests

Most of the landscape here is surrounded by primeval pine forests – Source: facebook

To be honest, the road to the inn is not easy. First, you have to travel long-distance from the city center, and in the last few kilometers the road is super bumpy and narrow. Next, if you go in a rainy season, the road is so slippery as well as all the pot holes make it even harder to reach the place. But on the other hand, it’s worth a try, I can guarantee that you’ll be stunned and overwhelmed by the scenery here.

Forest ghost inn ticket price

The entrance fee of the inn costs 10.000 VND / person. It’s such a reasonable price, isn’t it? You’ll never find another tourist destination with such a good entry price like this.

Ticket price

Ticket price – Source: facebook

If you are a student, you are cost-free. And if you go in a big group, they will cost you 200,000 VND. In case you wanna borrow a boat or some equipments, you can ask the owner directly.

Things you should know before travel to Forest ghost inn

There are many things you should pay attention to before you depart. For that reason, Hoa Dalat Travel has summarized the gists and let’s have a look.

Forest ghost inn opening hours

Like many other tourist attractions, this tourist attraction opens at 07:00 am and closes at 05:00 pm. One more thing, if you’re too lazy to return to the city center. You can book a room in Forest ghost inn hotel and homestay with reasonable price.

You can book a room in Forest ghost inn hotel and homestay with reasonable price.

You can book a room in Forest ghost inn hotel and homestay with reasonable price – Source: facebook

What to do in Forest ghost inn?

There are many places you can visit and explore. Have you ever heard about the purple house here? I’m talking about the house that really caught the attention of young Vietnamese travelers. It’s located among the vast pine forest – right next to a small stream. When you stay here, you’ll have  a chance to release your soul and immerse yourself with the nature as well as get rid of all the stress, all the sorrow inside.

The lake of the inn

The lake of the inn – Source: facebook

Next thing you’ll notice when you get here is the lake in the center of the inn. This lake is a truly paradise for “virtual living” devotees. Next to the lake are some small houses with such a rustic design, and in front of the houses – there is a wall of bougainvillea tree. All together creates an outstanding view that stuns tourists when they first step into the place.

Finally, if you make a decision to stay here, a night BBQ party is all you need! What’s better than drink some beers and dancing with your soulmate?

How to get to forest ghost inn Dalat

Here are the most common means to travel to this place:


If you don’t have a motorbike, don’t worry. You can a motorcycle at your hotel with just 100.000 VND / day. Remember to fill your gas tank before you depart because you’ll not find any gas stations on your way.

A charming beauty

A charming beauty – Source: facebook


Like motorbike, you can rent a car with the cost about 1 – 5 million VND/ day depend on the types of car. You’ll be able to travel a lot more without spending big-buck on booking a taxi.

Take the tour

This is an extremely ideal solution, guys. In my opinion, it would be more fun to take a tour or follow a group. You don’t have to worry about getting lost, you’ll have a chance to expand your social networking and join the picnic as well.

Such a gentle destination

Such a gentle destination – Source: facebook

Forest ghost inn travel experience

The road to the inn is not easy so you need to find a suitable vehicle. The road in the last few kilometers is very bumpy and slippery so you should becareful.

Large buses from 35 seats will not be able to access the place. As for the 30-seater car , you can easily enter the inn. If your auto has a low-undercarriage, you should consider to rent other one because the pot holes will definitely destroy you car!

The best time to travel

Although it is open year round, you should go during the rainy season or winter and stay here overnight. So why? The answer is very simple: flickering light, dim space, light drizzle, etc. all together create a true-blue, creepy-as-can-be forest ghost inn.

Forest ghost inn at night

Forest ghost inn at night – Source: facebook

Eating at forest ghost inn

After burning all the energy, what visitors need to do next is to find something to “charge” your body. A good news is you don’t have worry about find a restaurant or bring the food with you because there is a decent restaurant located opposite to the inn. Extensive menu with many delicious dishes and reasonable price. If you are not hungry but wanna find somewhere to relax, this restaurant can meet your needs too.


If any tourists have eaten before coming here, still you can have some snacks.

  • For only 30,000 VND you can have 1 sunny-side-up with bread + 1 sausage. Or an instant sausage noodles or fried chicken wings.
  • Or if you can afford a larger amount of money, about 400,000 VND. You will have a whole chicken porridge. This is a specialty of this tourist attraction, if you can afford it, you must give it a try guys.
Eating at forest ghost inn

Eating at forest ghost inn – Source: Happy Day Travel

Drinks and Cafe

Here are some drinks and its price. In my opinion, this price is very reasonable for visitors.

  • Just 10,000 VND for a bottle of water
  • 20,000 VND for a can of tiger or heniken beer
  • 25,000 VND for all types of coffee: milk coffee, black coffee, iced milk coffee, iced black coffee, etc.
  • 30,000 VND for strawberry, mulberry or passion fruit juice or an ice yogurt

Staying overnight, booking rooms

This place not only welcomes tourists during the day but also at night. Depending on the needs of visitors, the price varies when you book a room here. If travelers want to book rooms, please contact the owner in advance.

There’s nothing like being able to stay and join the bonfire, singing and dancing. In addition, BBQ party is equally attractive, it costs 150,000 VND / person only.

The purple house

The purple house – Source: Divui

In the morning, if you need to have breakfast and coffee. You can pay 50,000 VND (1 person) to have one of the best breakfast and coffee in Dalat city.

Booking houses, dorm rooms

If you want more privacy, you can book for your self and your family a house. It just costs you around 1.000.000 VND and you’ll have a 2 floors wooden house with maximum 6 people.

If you like the noise, book a dorm room. Stay in a group so the amount of money you have to pay is very cheap. Unlike a house, it just costs you 100,000 VND / person. Although it cheap, the room has full facilities so it’s not a bad idea.

This place surrounded by vast pine forest

This place surrounded by vast pine forest – Source: Hotdeal

Book a camping location 

Many groups of tourists camped here overnight so you don’t have to worry about the security. You can contact Mr Liem in advance so he can arrange time and location for you. One more thing, Mr Liem will prepare all the equipments needed and you don’t need to bring anything for your camping. It’s so convenient, isn’t it?

Places to eat and travel near forest ghost inn

Here are some places to eat and travel close to the inn.

  • Golden Valley
  • Cu Lan village
  • Ankroet Dam
  • Lonely pine
  • Golden stream and silver stream lake
  • Uncle Hung’s strawberry garden
  • Huong Rung Quan restaurant
  • Hac Quan Restaurant
  • Tam Nguyen chicken rice restaurant
Cu Lan village

Cu Lan village – Source: AGO Tourist

Suggest some travel plans

Within a day you can visit the Forest Ghost Inn and all other tourist attractions nearby. Please refer to some of the options we have given below. Choose for yourself the most appropriate plan to go. Hopefully the options we mentioned below can help you plan your schedule.

Traveling half day

If your family have elderly or children. Or a person with weak health who cannot travel the whole day. Don’t worry you can come back to Dalat city after half-day travel. Take a rest and continue the journey.

Traveling half-day

Traveling half-day – Source: facebook

Option 1: Visit The Forest ghost inn – The Golden valley and Cu lan Village

Start with Forest Ghost Inn in the early morning. Then move to other tourist destinations like the golden valley or Cu Lan village. This is a quite popular plan with tourists these days.

Option 2: Visiting Forest ghost inn – Dalat Langbiang mountain

Spend the afternoon to visit Forest Ghost Inn and Langbiang mountain. Then go down to the foot of the mountain where you can have dinner. This is the option that many young people choose. Because if you follow this plan, you can participate in fun activities at night.

Gong exchange of the Central Highlands

Gong exchange of the Central Highlands – Source: du-lich-da-lat

If you feel tire, you can go back to the city. If not, then join the Gong exchange of the Central Highlands at the village of the ethnic folks at the foot of the mountain. This is a very much loved and much visited festival of the ethnic people.

Traveling full day

You are young and you have a good health, then you can travel full day.  There’s no restriction of time or the number of tourist attractions you can go.

Option 1: Golden valley – Forest Ghost Inn (Lunch) – Cu Lan Village – Strawberry Garden

With this option, your first destination is the Golden valley, after that, you will stop by the Forest ghost inn and then have lunch.

A tranquil and peaceful place

A tranquil and peaceful place – Source: facebook

In the afternoon, you will spend an hour to get to Cu Lan village. After almost a day, you’ll feel a little soreness and hungry so your last destination should be a strawberry garden. When you get here, you can try some of the best strawberry of Dalat city as well as buy few kilos to give your friends or family.

Option 2: Van Thanh Flower Village – Forest Ghost inn (Lunch) – Cu Lan Village – Strawberry Garden

You will get to Van Thanh Flower Village first, then you’ll travel to Forest ghost inn. After visiting both places, it’s time for lunch and relaxation. But if you don’t want to have lunch in the Forest Ghost Inn. You can come to Hoang Hac restaurant, located on the road to Cu Lan village – the food here is super delicious. Last but not least, Mr. Hung’s strawberry garden.

Outstanding scenery

Outstanding scenery – Source: facebook

Option 3: Take a daily tour

If you like the crowds, then you can take a tour. With just 350,000 VND, you can travel to Forest ghost inn, Cu Lan village and the clay tunnel. There are also some other tours organized by Hoa Dalat Travel Company. Visitors can refer to the tours at the bottom of this article. There will be many different tours for visitors to choose.

Forest ghost inn review

Here is a review of Dalat ghost inn in Dalat. Guests can refer to the rating image we provide below. Or you can refer to the other review images on google.

Forest Ghost Inn review

Forest Ghost Inn review

Google maps of forest ghost inn

Below is a picture of the directions to the forest ghost inn. You can refer to the map image below. This is the direction from Dalat market to the place.

Pictures of forest ghost inn

Here are some pictures of forest ghost inn that tourists have captured. Visitors can refer to the following images.

A grandma performing Taichi

A grandma performing Taichi – Source: facebook

Best place to avoid the noisy and bustling

Best place to avoid the noisy and bustling – Source: facebook

The wooden bridge

The wooden bridge – Source: facebook

Forest ghost inn 1 day tour

If tourists love this tourist attraction. You can refer to some tours we have provided below:

Suburban new tourist destinations Tour

The price of the suburban tour is 350,000 VND / person:

  1. Forest Ghost Inn Dalat
  2. Cu Lan village
  3. Clay tunnel
  4. Truc Lam Zen Monastery
  5. Tuyen Lam Lake
  6. Linh Phuoc Pagoda (Ve Chai Pagoda)
  7. Golden Stream Silver Stream lake
Tuyen Lam lake

Tuyen Lam lake – Source: unsplash

Most beautiful tourist attractions tour

The price of this tour is 350,000 VND/ person:

  1. Forest ghost inn
  2. Cu Lan village
  3. Lavender Flower Garden
  4. Linh Phuoc Pagoda
  5. Hydrangeas Flower Field
  6. Strawberry garden
Linh Phuoc Pagoda

Linh Phuoc Pagoda – Source: wiki

To book a tour, please contact Hotline 02633 981 968.

Thank you for your interest in our article about Dalat forest ghost inn. Finally, Hoa Dalat Travel would like to wish you have a joyful trip to Dalat city.

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