Datanla Waterfall Dalat 2020 – Travel Experience, Entrance Fee And More

When we talk about Dalat, the foggy city. We are talking about a charming, romantic and unique place with thousands of flowers and fresh vegetables. In addition, this city also owns so many “outstanding” tourist attractions. Today Hoa Dalat Travel would like to take you to one of the best waterfalls in Dalat city. It is Datanla waterfall Dalat.

Datanla Waterfall Dalat

Datanla Waterfall Dalat

Datanla waterfall is one of the top 10 must-visit tourist attractions in Dalat city by travelers. This place is an ideal destination for you, your family, your friends and everybody to visit, take a break after long and strenuous days of working. When you get to the place, I promise you will be overwhelmed by the panorama. So, let’s follow us to find out more about this paradise.

Introduction about Datanla waterfall

Datanla Waterfall Dalat is one of the top most beautiful waterfalls in Dalat. This waterfall has abundant water flow throughout the year. The water source here is relatively stable, besides it’s not as noisy as other waterfalls.

Datanla waterfall

Datanla waterfall – Source: facebook

The waterfall has a height up to 20 meters. The lower part of the waterfall has very clear water all year round. The locals here call it fairy stream. Especially inside the tourist area, there is also a very deep hole. Often known as the death zone of Datanla Waterfall Dalat.

Visiting Datanla waterfall Dalat

Datanla Waterfall is one of the ideal tourist destinations for tourists. When visitors come here to visit can get rid of all the sorrow and worries and stress in life.

When you get here, you can participate in playing adventure games. Take pictures with the family around the natural scenery. Take yourself the best photos to never forget the memories of Dalat city.

Where is Datanla Waterfall?

Datanla Waterfall is located in the middle of the prenn pass, about 10 km from the center of Dalat city. The most beautiful pass road of the flower city. On the two sides of the road, there are two vast pine forests.

It's located about 10 km from the center of Dalat city

It’s located about 10 km from the center of Dalat city – Source: Dalat Tours

This waterfall is higher than 20 meters and higher than most other waterfalls. It’s also located upstream of the flow. So the water flow is always at the most stable and quietest level. Not too noisy as other waterfalls.

Contact information of Datanla waterfall tourist area

If visitors have any questions and comments about Datanla waterfall Dalat. You can immediately call Hotline 0263 3533 899 to connect with the resort.

The road to Datanla waterfall Dalat

There are many tourists who always afraid of the road to get to Dalat tourist attracttions. But actually, the way to Datanla waterfall in Dalat is very easy. Datanla Waterfall Dalat is located right in the middle of Prenn pass – the most beautiful pass of Dalat city.

Datanla waterfall Dalat

Datanla waterfall Dalat – Source: facebook

Datanla Waterfall opening hours

Datanla Waterfall tourist site begins to welcome the first tourist of the day at 7:30 am and closes at 17:00. But if you want to organize shows or have something private. You can contact Datanla waterfall tourist area in advance.

Datanla waterfall ticket price

Below is the latest ticket price of Datanla waterfall 2020 which we have updated recently:

  • The ticket for adult costs 30,000 VND / Person.
  • The ticket price for children is 15,000 VND / child.
  • For visitors who want to take part in the Alpine coaster. You can purchase a round ticket for 150,000 VND. This is the fare applied for the longest Alpine coaster system in Vietnam.
Datanla waterfall ticket price

Datanla waterfall ticket price – Source: Vietnam Travel

Datanla Waterfall 2020

After many years of travel activities. Datanla Waterfall is becoming more and more popular among domestic and foreign tourists. This place is an ecotourism destination with outstanding paronama. In addition, Datanla waterfall tourist site also hosts some adventure rides.

What makes visitors like the most when coming here is the Alpine coaster(Roller coaster). This is one of the longest forest alpine coaster systems in Vietnam. It has just been put into operation in 2018.

What to play at Datanla Waterfall Dalat?

Coming to Datanla waterfall tourist area you can join and experience all types of rides. From casual rides to adventure rides that really captured the attention of the travelers these days.

What to play at Datanla Waterfall Dalat

What to play at Datanla Waterfall Dalat ? – Source: facebook

This is an ideal tourist attraction for those who love the beauty of the nature. Enjoy watching the scenery that Mother Nature has given to the place. Also this is an ideal tourist destination for ones who enjoy participating and playing adventure rides.

Review Datanla waterfall Dalat

Here are some reviews, along with the comments on google. You can see the review image below. Or visitors can see more reviews on google.

Datanla waterfall review

Datanla waterfall review

Some famous tourist attractions near Datanla waterfall Dalat

Below we have summarized some tourist destinations near Datanla Waterfall tourist site that you can refer. Hopefully you’ll find these information usefull.

  • Old Railway Station: about 6.4 km from Datanla waterfall
  • Dalat Cable Car: located on a tourist site, about 4 km from Datanla waterfall
  • Tuyen Lam Lake Dalat: 4.2 km from the waterfall
  • Truc Lam Zen Monastery: about 2.6 km from Datanla waterfall tourist area
  • Clay Village Dalat: about 11.4 km away from the waterfall
  • Prenn Waterfall: Located under Prenn Pass, about 4.1 km from Datanla waterfall
Prenn waterfall

Prenn waterfall – Source: facebook

The tale of Datanla waterfall

There are many legends talking about the name of Datanla waterfall. According to the ancients recounting Datanla waterfall is also known as fairy stream.

The water here is so clear you can look down to the bottom. Also it is sheltered between the pine forest canopy. The whole day this waterfall seemed to be surrounded by a great white mist.

The tale of Datanla waterfall

The tale of Datanla waterfall – Source: tripadvisor

Because the they didn’t know that there is water under the leaf layers. So when ethnic minorities discovered this place. They named the waterfall “Da Tam Nnha”. Meaning there is water under these foliage.

The origin of the name Datanla waterfall

Later when the French found Dalat and the Kinh move to Lam Vien plateau. They read “Da Tam Nnha” like “Datila”. Then, no one knows exactly when it called Datanla as now.

Legend of Datanla waterfall

The ancients told us about the legend of Datanla waterfall. In the past, this Datanla waterfall was not found by the French. There was a young man named K’lang and a girl named H’biang who met at Datanla waterfall. This is also the place where a fierce fighting of 11 wild animals happened. In those 11 species, there were 7 wolves, 2 cobras and 2 foxes.

The beauty of Datanla

The beauty of Datanla – Source: nashaplaneta

The tale also described the battle in a very specific way. ”There were fallen trees, the wind raged wildly. The fighting was fierce. Taking advantage of when the two snakes were sticking out their tongues. Lang pulled out the knife, cut off the tounges of the 2 snakes. Then he took out 9 arrows, shot at the wolves and foxes to make them run away ”. Around that fallen forest trees formed a deep hole. The place now we call it the death zone.

That time when K’lang saved H’biang’s life is the fateful meeting between two people. Make them fall in love with each other. Therefore, from that day, Datanla waterfall was a dating place for the two. This is also part of the legend about Mount Langbiang Dalat – a mountain is known as the heart of Dalat city

Rides at Datanla waterfall

In Datanla waterfall tourist area there is a lot rides for visitors. Especially this resort is also known as the paradise of adventure games. Most of the rides designed to help visitors overcome themselves, overcome their limit.

Alpine Coaster (Roller Coaster – Toboggan)

The Alpine coaster system in Datanla is unique. In the past this slide system was very short, but then in 2018. The resort has put in operation the whole new system. Currently this Alpine coasterin is the biggest and longest Alpine coaster in Vietnam.

Alpine Coaster

Alpine Coaster – Source: facebook

This coaster system is designed winding through the mountainside and forests. It brings visitors the excited feeling to participate in the ride. In addition, this system also has sensor brakes to reduce speed. Prevents it from running too fast to maintain the safe speed as well as distance with the others.

This coaster system is a double car with 2 seats. With a handbrake design that helps visitors to control their speed, this slide has an average speed of 10 to 20 km/h. The maximum speed is 40 km/h.

What makes the alpine coaster attractive?

The slide system in  Datanla waterfall tourist area is the first and only coaster system at Dalat city and you only find it at Datanla waterfall. The length of the coaster track is up to 1 km. The winding rail running through the forest.

The length of the coaster track is up to 1 km

The length of the coaster track is up to 1 km – Source: facebook

This is a game to measure your courage. Because the speed of the coaster can be up to 40km/h. But do not worry because on each coaster there is a brake system. Customize according to your discretion to reduce the speed of each coaster. Avoid collisions while traveling on the same track.


Datanla Waterfall is a majestic seven-storey waterfall. The water here is always clear and fresh. The flow of the waterfall pours through granite slits and then silently bounces down the large slate. Hidden in the morning sun is a beautiful rainbow enchants the hearts of visitors.

When participating in this canyoneering activity. Visitors will receive a short training course. The coach will show you the safest way to use things when climbing.

Datanla Waterfall Canyoneering

Datanla Waterfall Canyoneering – Source: facebook

When climbing the waterfall, visitors must grip the rope as well as step on the cliff. Slightly lean your body to the back. And finally, just conquer the waterfall. You will experience an extremely interesting feeling.

This adventure game is very much hunted by many young people these days. When participating in this game you will be equipped with the most necessary skills.As well as all protective equipments needed. Such as: helmets, life jackets, gloves and straps, etc.

The topography of the waterfall is divided into 7 different levels. It will bring you a lot of emotional states. Visitors will be immersed in the waterfall with fast flowing water. Arouse the curiosity and love of exploration of each individual.


The ticket price for the game is a bit high: 800,000 VND / person. But this is a very worthwhile cost to you. When you join this fascinating adventure ride. It helps you explore nature to contemplate romantic dreamlike landscapes e.g watching fallen maple leaves or picking new, fresh strawberries.


Kayaking – Source: Indochina Explore Tour

When participating in the ride, you will be guided by a team of coach. You will be equipped all the necessary skills for the ride.

High Rope course

It can be said that this is the tourist area with the most adventure rides in Dalat. High Rope Course has only recently been launched. But it has exceeded many expectations of investors.

High Rope Course

High Rope Course – Source: Khám Phá Di Sản

This game, though just put into operation. But it has attracted a lot of young people and foreign tourists. The ticket price for a participant is 350,000 VND. This game is divided into 6 different levels.

Each level is a different difficulty for players to choose. There are 80 levels for players to freely pick. In 80 challenges there are walking on the rope, climbing on the rope and flying in the air. There are 60 different challenges for adults.

Criterias for participating in the games

When joining you will learn 2 courses to be able to use the equipments in games and prepare for the urgent situations. That are the Zipline and the Smart lock course.

When you start playing, you can only join the game on short distances. 1 meter to 2 meters from the ground and there will be some people nearby to observe. If you pass this test you will be able to participate in more difficult levels.

Criterias for participating in the games

Criterias for participating in the games – Source: adventureDalat

And started your own High rope course through the forest. With the level of the game is assessed by different colors. Such as: orange, green, blue, red and black.

What’s more interesting when you manage to conquer all the levels of the game. This proves that you are a good physical person and have a spirit to overcome yourself to take the risks.

Datanla waterfall cable car

If you are one who love taking the cable car. You can go to the top of the pass and take the cable car down to Datanla waterfall. See the natural scenery of Dalat mountains. Along with that you will see the datanla waterfall and paronama of Dalat city from above.

Datanla waterfall cable car

Datanla waterfall cable car – Source: Shutterstock

Datanla Waterfall Dalat Travel Experience

The way to the waterfall

The way to Datanla waterfall is very easy. But there is a pass section so visitors should go slowly and carefully. Because this pass is very winding. You should also avoid the mountain pass when it rains because the road is very slippery.


Dalat has a cool climate all year round so visitors can travel anytime. But for waterfall travel, you should go at the end of the rainy season.

But for waterfall travel, you should go at the end of the rainy season.

But for waterfall travel, you should go at the end of the rainy season – Source: Local Vietnam

The time you should avoid is from November to March. Because it’s rainy season, the road to the waterfall is very slippery and dangerous for travelers.

Alpine Coaster (Roller Coaster)

Here are useful tips for visitors who want to join this ride

  • When visitors participate in this ride, you should comply with the rules that staff have instructed. Do not remove the seat belt at any moments.
  • When participating in the ride, please adjust the speed control accordingly. Always keep a safe distance with the vehicle ahead.
  • Do not spread your arms outside. Do not arbitrarily remove your hands from the coaster because those acts are very dangerous.
Alpine Coaster (Roller Coaster)

Alpine Coaster (Roller Coaster) – Source: facebook

Adventure games

When participating in adventure games, please note the following:

  • Do not go to dangerous areas instructed by staff. Like the whirlpool, the Death zone, etc.
  • Comply with all safety rules when participating in the game.
  • Wear clothes that are easy to exercise and most comfortable with. Avoid wearing skirts or dresses because when participating in the game, it will be difficult and dangerous.
  • Do not arbitrarily participate in the game without the control of the supervisors. Because the games here when you play you need to learn skills first.
  • People with heart disease or not good health status. Do not join the adventure games here.
Adventure games

Adventure games – Source: facebook

Address of Datanla waterfall Dalat

Datanla Waterfall is located in the middle of the Prenn pass, about 5km from the center of Dalat city. Located in ward 3 of the misty land and located on Highway 20 to the south. Datanla Waterfall Dalat is one of the top 10 tourist destinations not to be missed when coming to Dalat.

Google maps Datanla waterfall tourist area

Here are the google maps of Datanla waterfall tourist area. You can refer to the image below. Choose a location that suits you best.

Driving directions to Datanla Waterfall Dalat

The road to Datanla waterfall is very easy. From Dalat market, go down the hill about 5km. You will see Datanla waterfall tourist area’s board which is the outer gate of the resort. Just park your car and get inside to explore.

Pictures of Datanla waterfall

Below are some pictures of Datanla Waterfall in Dalat. You can refer to the images below. These are the images that visitors when traveling to Datanla waterfall have captured.

Rides at the waterfall

Rides at the waterfall – Source: facebook

Enjoy the moment

Enjoy the moment – Source: Terrain Travellers

Datanla waterfall

Datanla waterfall – Source: facebook

Datanla waterfall tour

Currently there are 2 tours to visit Datanla waterfall. Being organized by our company, Hoa Dalat Travel. If you love and want to visit Datanla Waterfall Dalat along with other tourist attractions in Dalat city. You can immediately call the Hotline 02633 981 968 of our company for most detailed advice. The tour includes a shuttle bus to the hotel, so please rest assured.

Datanla waterfall 1 day tour

This is the cheapest tour of Hoa Dalat Travel Company. Only 160.000 VND visitors will visit Datanla waterfall and other locations. The ticket price of 160.000 VND includes the entrance fee of tourist destinations. Along with that is a professional guide. It’s such a cost-saving trip isn’t it? So what are you waiting for?

Oh, by the way when participating in this 1-day tour, you can visit other famous locations such as:

  1. Bao Dai Palace
  2. Tuyen Lam Lake
  3. Truc Lam Zen Monastery
  4. Datanla Waterfall
  5. Van Hanh Monastery
  6. Chicken Church Dalat
  7. Showroom of dry flower forest
Tuyen Lam lake Dalat

Tuyen Lam lake Dalat – Source: facebook

Canyoneering tour

If visitors do not like the tour above. You can refer to the Canyoneering tour. This is a very attractive program of waterfalls climbing. If you want to book a tour. You can call our company immediately on Hotline 02633 981 968 for most detailed information and book tours with resonable prices.

Note: If you book a tour with big group (>10 people), you will be received some attractive incentives.

Finally, Hoa Dalat Travel would like to wish you all the best. Have a fun Dalat travel trip with lots of beautiful memories. Thank you for your interest in our article Datanla Waterfall Dalat.


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