Dalat Fairytale Land | Little Dwarf Village In The Flower Land

Inspired by the Hobbit village in Matamata, Waikato (North of New Zealand) – the place where the legendary movie “Lord of the Rings” had been recorded. The owner of Dalat Fairytale Land decided to build his own Dwarf village in the flower land. This village was voted as one of the top 20 favorite tourist attractions in 2019.

Dalat FairyTale Land

Dalat FairyTale Land

Introducing Dalat Fairytale land – Dwarf kingdom

The owner of the land has dedicated himself to this project. He spent months to learn all the stories, all the anecdotes of the hobbitons to create one of the most special destinations in Dalat city. What is more amazing than discover the biggest wine cellar in Dalat city after visit the fairytale land. This wine cellar stores more than 15 thousand bottles of Vinh Tien wines.

Cute little house

Cute little house – Source: facebook


Fairytale Land located at 81D Van Thanh, ward 5, Dalat city – near Van Thanh flower village.

Fairytale land

Fairytale land – Source: facebook

Contact information

Below are some useful information of the Dwarf kingdom. Tourists should take note these information before travel to this place.

Fairytale-like destination

Fairytale-like destination – Source: facebook

Phone number

If you have any questions or you want to talk to the management of the village. Please contact the hotline: 0941 204 222.

The dwarf village

The dwarf village – Source: facebook

Ticket price

The amount of money you have to pay to enter the place is 50.000 VND. Such a reasonable price to visit the dwarf kingdom. After buy the entrance ticket, you will received a bottle of Artichoke tea. Besides, you will discover the whole place under the guidance of a professional tour guide. So if you want to visit this village, you can book a entrance ticket in advance on Facebook.

The panorama

The panorama – Source: facebook

Opening hours

Opening hours: from 07:30 am to 05:00 pm daily.

The road to the village

The road to the village – Source: facebook

Visiting Dalat Fairytale Land

When coming here, tourists will have a chance to enjoy the Acoustic Music Live show as well as the gourmet meals. Watching the dwarfs knitting and dropping pennies into wishing lake are also very interesting things to do here. There are many many other activities that’re waiting for you such as night camping and team building.

Google maps Dalat Fairytale Land

Below is a map showing driving directions from Dalat market to the dwarf village:

Driving directions to Fairytale land – Vinh Tien wine cellar

From Dalat market, you cross Ong Dao bridge to Le Dai Hanh slope. Turn right at Chicken church, keep driving on Tran Phu street. Follow Hoang Van Thu street to Cam Ly waterfall. When you see Cam Ly falls, keep going for another 1,5 km, the wine cellar is on your left.

Paridise for virtual living

Paridise for virtual living – Source: facebook

Review the Dwarf village

Below are some reviews of tourists about fairytale land on google:

Dalat FairyTale Land Review

Tourist attractions nearby

After visit the dwarf kingdom, tourists can take time to visit the following tourist attractions:

Outstanding tourist attraction

Outstanding tourist attraction – Source: facebook

Photos of fairytale land – Vinh Tien wine cellar

Here  are some pictures that’s been captured by visitors after visit the dwarf village:

Beatiful tourist attraction

Beatiful tourist attraction – Source: mytour

Fairytale land

Fairytale land – Source: du-lich-da-lat

Halloween at Dwarf kingdom

Halloween at Dwarf kingdom – Source: facebook

Amazing view

Amazing view – Source: facebook

Taking picture

Taking picture – Source: facebook

The wine cellar

The wine cellar – Source: facebook

Tour Dalat Fairytale Land

If tourists want to visit the dwarf kingdom, please contact Hoa Dalat Travel via hotline 079.215.8486 for most detailed information.

Finally, thank you for your interest in our article about Dalat Fairytale Land. Hoa Dalat Travel would like to wish tourists have the most joyful and memorable trip to Dalat city!


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