Chicken Church Dalat | Address, Mass Time and More

Chicken Church  Dalat , also known as Dalat Cathedral, is located on Tran Phu street. This place was voted as one of the 20 most popular tourist destinations in the city. So what is Chicken church Dalat? Let’s follow Hoa Dalat Travel to find out!

Chicken Church Dalat

Chicken Church Dalat

Introducing Chicken Church Dalat

Chicken Church is one of the largest churches in the city. Every year, this place holds many great ceremonies, serving the religious life of the local people. Here, visitors will have unforgettable impressions of architecture and splendor rarely seen elsewhere.

Church address

As one of the most famous church in the Chinese city. But many tourists still do not know the location of the chicken church. This church located on one of the busiest roads in Dalat. Located in ward 3 near Dalat police headquarter. It is very easy to find if visitors follow Tran Phu street.

The church at night

The church at night – Source: TUY HÒA TOURISTS

Address: 15 Tran Phu, Ward 3, Dalat City, Lam Dong

Phone numbers

The church’s Hotline: 0263 3821 421

Mass time

  •  Weekdays : 05:15; 17:15
  • Sunday:  05:30; 07:00; 08:30; 16:00; 18:00
Mass time

Mass time – khachsandalat

Directions to the chicken church

From the center of Dalat, right at the roundabout near Dalat market, take the 2nd exit through the bridge to Le Dai Hanh street.

Here you will see a roundabout, then you turn right and driving about 100m. You will meet a junction, turn left up the slope. Keep going about 200m and you will get to the Chicken Church.

Chicken Church history

In 1893 when Dr. Alexandre Yersin discovered Dalat city . Following him was a priest Robert of the Paris Foreign Missions Society (MEP), then when he came back. He described the characteristics of Dalat to the MEP.

Chicken church panorama

Chicken church panorama – Source: sieugiaitri

In the 1917s, the MEP’s managing priest in the Far East was Nicolas Couveur. Arrived in Dalat with the purpose of finding a place to rest for his clergy and he decided to build a church.

In 1920, there was a decision to establish the Diocese of Da Lat, promulgated by Bishop Quinton.

The current Cathedral was started on July 19, 1931 by the Bishop of Colomban Dreyer. The church was built during 11 years divided into 3 phases, and inaugurated on January 25, 1942.

Dalat Cathedral

Dalat Cathedral – Source: facebook

Overview of architecture

Chicken Church is one of the Roman architectural works of European style, with an overall cross-shaped 65m long, 14m wide, and the highest point is a 47m high bell tower.

To decorate the church, the architects installed on the wall 70 stained-glass panels bearing the mark of medieval European church architecture. Those glass panels both have lighting effects for the cathedral’s interior and at the same time have unique and fancy aesthetic decoration.

Overview of architecture

Overview of architecture – Source: dalatcity

With the classical design of the West, the church is divided into 3 arches halls. Besides, the pillars arranged symmetrically to form an ancient and luxurious space.

Other famous churches in the city

After visit Chicken church, visitors can decide to visit others famous churches of Dalat city such as:

  • Domaine De Marie church (Mai Anh church)
  • Du sinh church
  • Tung Lam church
  • Cam Ly church
Mai Anh church

Mai Anh church – Source: facebook

Tourist attractions near the chicken church:

Because the church located right in the heart of Dalat city, so there are many other destinations you can travel after visit the chicken church.

Chicken church Dalat Review

Below are some review of tourists about the Chicken Church Dalat on google:

Chicken Church Dalat Review

Chicken Church Dalat Review

Images of the chichken church Dalat

Here are some pictures captures by tourists at the Cathedral church:

Chicken church

Chicken church – Source: facebook

Ideal tourist attraction

Ideal tourist attraction – Source: facebook

Tourist at the church

Tourist at the church – Source: facebook

Google maps Dalat Cathedral Church:

Here is the map showing the driving direction from Dalat market to the Chicken church:

Chicken church Dalat tour

With just 130.000 VND / person, you can visit not just the Chiken church but many other tourist attractions as well.

Tuyen Lam lake

Tuyen Lam lake – Source: Du lịch Đà Lạt

Destinations you will visit in this tour:

  • Bao Dai Palace
  • Chicken Church
  • Dalat Cable Car
  • Truc Lam zen monastery
  • Tuyen Lam lake
  • Showroom of flower forest
  • Van Hanh Zen Monastery

Tour price includes: tour guide, shuttle bus and entrance ticket. Wish you have a fun and meaningful journey.

Truc Lam zen monastery

Truc Lam zen monastery – Source: AGO Tourist


Finally, thank your for your interest in our article about Chicken Church Dalat. Hoa Dalat Travel wish you will have a beautiful and memorable trip to Dalat city.

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