Big C Dalat – Review the Hypermarket of the flower city

Big C Dalat – Dalat’s largest supermarket is the main shopping destination for Dalat people and tourists. Besides the shopping center, it is also a tourist entertainment destination with many services such as: restaurant, movie theater, cafes, fashion shops, etc.

Big C Dalat

Big C Dalat

Big C Hypermarket and Shopping Center is not only a place for shopping and entertainment, it also creates jobs for employees when employing nearly 500 employees, of which 99% are local. When going in operation, Big C Hypermarket and Shopping center have contributed to turning the central square into the most modern and spacious complex commercial area in Dalat city.

Creating a modern and youthful appearance of the retail trade industry in Lam Dong province. At the same time, it also promotes the process of circulation and exchange of goods in the locality. Contribute to the provincial economy in particular and the country in general. This supermarket brings the best quality services to meet the increasing shopping needs of regional consumers as well as tourists coming here.

General introduction about Big C Dalat

On August 20th, 2013, Big C supermarket was officially opened. Including Hypermarket and Trade Center Big C Dalat.

General introduction about Big C Dalat

General introduction about Big C Dalat – Source: facebook

It is the 25th Big C supermarket in Vietnam. Located at Lam Vien Square in the center of the city and opposite to the poetic Xuan Huong lake. Big C hypermarket and shopping center have a total used area of ​​over 13,500 m2 and the supermarket area with 4,358 m2. Located above the supermarket is Lam Vien Square, there are so many beautiful virtual living corners that visitors want to check in when arrive here.

Big C supermarket opening hours

Big C Dalat supermarket starts opening to welcome customers at 6 am and closes at 10pm daily. Therefore, visitors should note the opening time of the supermarket.

Big C supermarket opening hours

Big C supermarket opening hours – Source: viteccons

Address of Big C Supermarket

This place is located on Ho Tung Mau and Tran Quoc Toan Street, Ward 10, Dalat City, Lam Dong Province. The supermarket has a prime location and environmentally friendly design.

Google maps showing directions to Big C Dalat

Below is a map of directions to Dalat Supermarket. You can refer to the map that we have provided below. Hopefully this google maps can help visitors find the way to Big C Dalat .

What is inside Big C Supermarket?

This is the question we received the most about this hypermarket. Therefore, in this article, we would like to review in detail for you to know what is inside Big C supermarket. Let’s follow me find out.

It is the largest trade and shopping center in Dalat city

This supermarket’s selling over 40,000 items of all kinds. With a wide range of products from dried food, fresh food, etc. To textiles, electronics, furnitures, etc. In which more than 95% are goods processed and manufactured in Vietnam. Bring to consumers an absolute quality. Here also deployed new and modern sales models. Serving diverse needs of consumers such as electronic stall B bar, bread stall B bread, Sushi food stall, etc.

It is the largest trade and shopping center in Dalat city

It is the largest trade and shopping center in Dalat city – Source: facebook

There are also big brands like LangFarm Dalat, Ninomax, etc. Commercial corridor for rent with more than 35 booths belonging to many fields such as fashion, accessories, cuisine, entertainment, education and so on. Especially, the supermarket also has a free parking area that can accommodate more than 100 cars and 1,200 motorbikes. Which is enough to serve large number of customers at the same time.

Dining and entertainment center for all ages

Inside the supermarket there are all kinds of entertainment for customers. Such as game counters for kids, bookstores, stationery, fashion shops, etc. In addition, there are also a lot of coffee shops, fast food restaurants to serve you if you are hungry.

Lotteria Big C Dalat

Lotteria Big C Dalat – Source: dalatcity

And you don’t have to worry about the quality of the food here because all the restaurants here are big brands e.g Lotteria, Kichi Kichi, etc.

Supermarket also integrated modern cinema CINESTAR

This cinema was opened on January 11, 2017. It is one of the best cinemas catering for film enthusiasts. Quality is guaranteed to be up to mordern standard with 7.1 sound system, quality projector system, comfortable and clean seating. Besides, the place also serving customers with enthusiastic service staff.

Cinestar Dalat

Cinestar Big C Dalat – Source: Agotourist

Food and drink are available inside the theater. If you have watched the movie without enjoying the fragrant popcorn, it’s your big mistake. Outside the hallway of the theater there are also many 3D paintings. This is a favorite place for young people to check in.

C’BOWLING is the only bowling alley serving in Dalat

Recently, the supermarket has completed and put into operation the bowling alley. This game suits young people the best, when playing the game, you can easily release all the stress and have fun with your best pals. Besides, there is a pool table system for those who like this sport. The playground system is modernly designed to provide the best service quality and especially affordable price.

C'BOWLING is the only bowling alley serving in Dalat

C’BOWLING is the only bowling alley serving in Dalat – Source: Viettravel

Review Dalat Supermarket

Here are some reviews of travelers at  Big C Dalat supermarket. Visitors can refer to the image below:

Review Dalat Supermarket

Review Dalat Supermarket

Photos of Big C Dalat

Here are some pictures at Big C Supermarket Dalat. You can refer to the photos that we have provided below.

Big C Dalat

Big C Dalat – source: facebook

Big C supermarket

Big C supermarket – Source: facebook

Big C the hypermarket

Big C the hypermarket – Source: tama archi

Finally, thank you for your interest in the review article about Big C Dalat supermarket . Wish you had a fun and exciting trip to Dalat city with your relatives and family.


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