Lang Biang Mountain | The true about Lang Biang Peak!!

Coming to Dalat, besides admiring flowers, cycling along the banks of Xuan Huong Lake, walking around Tuyen Lam Lake, etc. there is a place you should not ignore. That is Langbiang, the highest mountain in Dalat, Lang Biang mountain located in Lac Duong town, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province. The name Langbiang originates from the legend of Biang and Lang. They loved each other dearly but were forbidden by families of both sides (belonging to two different tribes). So the death was their choice to be together in this mountain forever.

Lang Biang Mountain

Lang Biang Mountain

Introducing Lang Biang Mountain

Mount Lang Biang Dalat is associated with a legend of K’ho people. The legend about a faithful love of H’biang and K’Lang. Unfortunately, the two were born in two different tribes, so their love is prohibited. But overcome the adversity, they got together to the end of their life. Later, their graves was buried on mount Ong and Mount Ba.

In addition, Lang Biang is also considered to be the highest mountain of Dalat city. With the altitude of 2,169 meters above sea level, this is the ideal destination for those who love conquer mountains!

Mount Lang Biang Dalat is associated with a legend of K'ho people

Mount Lang Biang Dalat is associated with a legend of K’ho people – Source: facebook

The favorite spot of the visitors when coming here is the Rada peak. From here visitors can admire the outstanding panorama of Dalat natural landscape – vast pine forests covered by mist. If you are a nature-lover, you will surely love this place.

At the foot of this majestic mountain, there are also several ethnic tribes living such as Lach, K’ho people. The people here are still maintaining the beauty of traditional ethnic culture. Very suitable for visitors who come here to learn about the life, the culture of the ethnic folks.

Legend of Lang Biang love story

Legend has it that in the past, the K’ho people were divided into 2 branches, one side was the Lat people and the other was Chil people. Due to many conflicts, there are many hatred between the two tribes. Here is the whole story according to the elders:

Lang Biang and sad love story

There were a boy named K’lang (Lat) and a girl named H’biang (Chil). They happen met each other in the forest when picking fruits. At that time, H’biang had an accident when she was attacked by an aggressive wolf pack, and K’lang bravely saved herlife from that dangerous situation. Although they had only met once, they felt in love with each other.

Taking picture at Lang Biang

Taking picture at Lang Biang – Source: ksdalat

But due to the conflict of the two tribes at the time, H’biang could not marry K’lang. K’lang then decided to ignore the customs and rituals, the two of them left together to go to a place on the top of the mountain to live and become husband and wife.

But happiness did not last long, H’biang became critically ill. K’lang tried all the remedies but could not help H’biang recover. He had to return to the village to find the remedy that can save his wife life. As a result, K’lang was attacked by the villagers, but H’biang jumped out to cover her husband and she was hit by a poison arrow.

Grief-stricken when his wife died, K’lang cried and formed a big stream that today called Da Nhim (crying stream). And he also went away, follow the call of his wife, after they died. H’biang’s father was very regretful, so he unified the two tribes to form the current K’ho tribe. And from there, men and women of both branches can freely love each other and get married.

Lang Biang Mountain tourist attraction

Lang Biang is a famous tourist attraction with various types of tourism. Such as exploring nature, picnicking as well as learn about the typical culture of the Central Highlands residents. Especially, there are interesting experiences with different types of adventure activities like climbing mountain, or participating in paragliding games, etc.

The mountain in the early morning

The mountain in the early morning – Source: facebook

At the foot of Lang Biang mountain, there is a full range of services to meet the needs of visitors e.g restaurants, hole in the walls, souvenir shops. In particular, there is Jeep rental service where visitors can rent a jeep to get to the top of the mountain if you do not want to walk on your own.

Where is Lang Biang Mountain?

Lang Biang mountain is known as the roof of Dalat city. Located outside Dalat city, in Lac Duong district. About 12km northeast from Dalat city center.

The roof of Dalat city

The roof of Dalat city – Source: facebook

Travel to Lang Biang by motorbike

Motorcycle is the favorite vehicle of tourists, especially the young. There are two main routes, both departs from Dalat market:

  1. From Dalat Market, you go to Phan Dinh Phung street. After that, turn to Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street and keep driving until you get to the foot of Lang Biang mountain.
  2. The starting point is also from Dalat Market. You move to Phu Dong Thien Vuong Street, then turn to Xo Viet Nghe Tinh and go straight until you reach Mount Lang Biang.

Google maps Lang Biang mountain

Below is the map showing direction form Dalat market to mount Lang Biang:

Lang Biang mountain ticket price

We have updated the latest ticket prices in 2020 of Lang Biang tourist attraction:

  • Entrance fee to enter Lang Biang mountain is 30,000 VND / person.
  • And if you drive here, the parking cost is 5,000 VND.

What does Lang Biang mountain have?

Coming to Lang Biang mountain, you can experience many exciting and adventurous activities such as mountain climbing, paragliding, conquering the majestic Lang Biang mountain by jeep. And you can also admire the romantic scenery of Dalat city from the peak of mighty mount Lang Biang.

Sunset at Lang Biang

Sunset at Lang Biang – Source: facebook

Especially if you want to stay here, you can spend a night to camping with your companions. Enjoy the night scenery, immerse your self in the night parties. Singing and dancing with the indigenous people. It would be nuts!!

Lang Biang but not Lang Biang

Lang Biang is indeed the highest mountain in Dalat city, but this mount has many peaks. So most visitors travel here take a tour, get to the peak by jeep, experience so many activities and thought that they had conquered the Lang Biang. But the true is… that is Rada peak, not Lang Biang peak.

Lang Biang but not Lang Biang

Lang Biang but not Lang Biang – Source: du-lich-da-lat

The Rada peak is not the highest here, the high of Rada peak is 1929 meters above sea level. On the other hand, the true Lang Biang mountain is Ong mountain, with the high of 2124 meters and Ba mountain with 2167 meters above sea level.

Activities at Lang Biang Mountain Dalat

In this tourist attraction, there are wide range of activities that you can experience. Let’s follow Hoa Dalat Travel to explore all the activities one-by-one!

Climbing mount Lang Biang with rope

This is favorite activity of young people. Initially, the car will take you straight to the top of the mountain – the ​​Rada peak. Then, what you have to do is walk down to the meeting point at Yen Ngua Mountain. It’ll take you about 30 minutes.

Climbing mount Lang Biang with rope

Climbing mount Lang Biang with rope – Source: google

Then you will be trained by coaches who have tons of experience about this. Practice a few times until you master this activity. Finally, you will have a chance to start conquering the 30m high rock cliff. The trail available to reach the top of the Lang Biang mountain is a favorite choice of young people, but first of all you need to have good health and learn some basic skills.


This activity was put into operation in 2014. Up to now, this activity very much loved and much participated by visitors. This is a perfect alternative to walking or driving down the mountain.

This adventure game is suitable for those who want to overcome the fear of heights and want to admire from above the beauty of Lang Biang mountain. When participating in the ride, you will be trained by trainers on how to deal with a parachute and how to hover in the air.


Paragliding – Source: du-lich-da-lat

And if you’re not confident enough, they’re willing to fly with you. From the top of the hill, you will fly down to Dankia Lake. The cost to join this ride is 600,000 VND / person / time, and each flight takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

Admire the scenery of Dalat, horse riding, taking pictures

When you reach the top of Rada, you can see the monument of H’biang and K’lang and a flower garden, surrounded by restaurants, coffee shops and souvenir shops. In addition, you can train to be a super cowboy with lovely horses and take some photos with them. What an amazing place right?

Admire the panorama of Dalat

Admire the panorama of Dalat – Source: mylife

Guide to conquer mount Lang Biang Dalat

Conquer a mountain is the dream of so many people. I know that all of the tourists come here to defeat this mountain but not everybody know exactly how to get it done. So, with over 10 years of experience working with this mountain and countless times successfully conquered it. Today, I’ll show you what to do what not to do to master mighty Lang Biang.

Time to conquer

If you want to do anything, you need to choose the right moment. And for me, the best time to visit Dalat and Lang Biang mountain is spring. The season of cherry blossoms in full bloom and the climate is much fresher!

Dalat sunny days

Dalat sunny days – Source: facebook

Or you can go in the sunny season from November to the end of the year. Because the weather is not really rainy at this time, so it is very suitable for hiking. Other tip for you is to conquer Lang Biang mountain, you should depart in the early morning. So after reach the summit, you will have more time to explore things. And it is important to be able to hurriedly move down the mountain before sunset.

Have a well-prepared

First and foremost, you have to double-check your health condition. If you have any health issues related to heart or lung, you should think again.

Next: personal luggage. Remember, this is a mountain climbing trip, not a jogging one. So you should consider what you should, what you should not because it gonna be very strenuous. In addition, your clothes should be light and airy too.

Statue of K'lang and H'Biang

Statue of K’lang and H’Biang – Source: facebook

Last but not least, water and dried food is primary concern if you don’t want to be dehydrated in the middle of the mountain. You should consider the friction trainers to avoid accidents on the slippery surface.

How to get to Lang Biang peak

There are various ways to get to the top of the mountain. We have listed several ways to reach Lang Biang peak below.


The price of a round-trip ticket get to Lang Biang is 60,000 VND / person. And if you go in groups, you can rent one for a price of 420,000 VND / car – maximum of 7 people.

The road to the top is very winding and bumpy. So when sitting in the car, sometimes it can hurt your back but the experience is worth a try.


Jeep – Source: ksdalat

Walking to the top along the asphalt

Walking up to the top of the mountain is very tiring, but you can experience a lot of interesting things. For example, if you just come across a beautiful scenery, you can take pictures right on the spot, and the sides of the road are lined with green pine trees, so you don’t have to worry about the sun at all. If you walking, you just need to pay the entrance fee, then follow the path to the peak.

Walking to the summit

Walking to the summit – Source: Vamvo

Each time going up and down is estimated to be about 6km and it will take you around 2 hours or so. So this is not a favorite method of visitors.


Trekking is one of the favorite methods of foreign tourists. You will not walking along the asphalt but the trail instead. If you are a big fan of exploring nature, you must definitely try this out.


Trekking – Source: ksdalat

In your trip, you will cross Bidoup National Park and conquer Mount Ba. Time to get to the top will take you about 2 to 3 hours. But make sure your health is good, and before you go you should learn the basics about jungle like determine the direction and know how to treat a wound on your own, etc.

Notes when conquering Lang Biang

For a complete and safe Lang Biang Mountain tour, you should refer to the notes below:

  • You should carefully study the topography of Lang Biang mountain. And then, learn to read the map and determine the direction. This is very useful for those who want to conquer Lang Biang by Trekking.
  • Prepare necessary items for the forest trip and learn how to first aid yourself. Because when climbing, you may sometimes suffer from dislocated or bleeding, etc.
  • You should follow the group if you want to conquer this majestic peak. Because the journey to the summit is arduous and there are many upcoming challenges. Or you can follow experienced people who willing to help you in the worst case scenario.
Notes when conquering Lang Biang

Notes when conquering Lang Biang – Source: muabanraovat

What to eat here?

Trust me, you don’t have to worry about it. There are so many eateries here and you can easily recharge energy to prepare for upcoming challenges. Or if you want a luxurious place to dine. You can drive a bit further to enjoy the food at some famous nearby restaurants.

Photos of Lang Biang Mountain

Here are some pictures that captured by visitors at this tourist attraction:

Beauty of the mountain

Beauty of the mountain – Source: facebook

Lang Biang

Lang Biang – Source: facebook

Photo shoot at Lang Biang

Photo shoot at Lang Biang – Source: facebook

Lang Biang Mountain Review

Below are some reviews of tourists on Google:

Lang Biang mountain Review

Lang Biang mountain Review

Tour Lang Biang Dalat 1 day

Tour price: 250.000 VND/ person. This price including: shuttle bus, entrance tickets as well as professional tour guide take you to the following destinations:

  1. Lang Biang mountain
  2. Golden Valley
  3. Flower Village
  4. Strawberry Garden, Artichoke Garden
  5. Dalat Railway Station
  6. Linh Phuoc Pagoda
  7. Chinese temple
  8. French Villa Village
Linh Phuoc Pagoda

Linh Phuoc Pagoda – Source: facebook

In addition, Hoa DaLat Travel also have a tour discover gong exchange and learn about ethnic culture with the ethnic folks. The price of the tour is 130,000 VND / person, the gong exchange program starts at 18:15 and the program includes the following activities:

  • Cultural exchange with the indigenous people.
  • Camp fire, drink Ruou Can, enjoy barbecue, etc.
Gong exchange program

Gong exchange program – Source: facebook

If you want to book a day tour, you can contact our company at Hotline 02633 904 666


Thank you for your interest in our article about Lang Biang Mountain Dalat. Finally, we would like to wish you have a lot of fun and beautiful trip to Dalat city.


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