Dalat new tourist attractions in 2020 – Review, Travel experience

Tourists are looking for some new places to visit in Dalat city . Not having to go back to old tourist places that were boring with visitors. Or did you go to those Dalat tourist attractions? Now you’re at the top of your head thinking about where to go. That’s why today we, hoadalattravel.com write this article, summarizing all the latest Dalat new tourist attractions in 2020 . Along with that is the ticket price of those tourist destinations.

Dalat tourist attractions

Dalat tourist attractions

How many new tourist attractions in Dalat city in 2020?. To know this question, please follow us. To find out about the latest Dalat tourist attractions in 2020.


Review of Dalat Tourist Attractions 2020

Visiting the city of flowers, the city of fog. The first thing visitors need to find is accommodation for themselves to stay. Next is to find for yourself the most beautiful Dalat tourist attractions. To accompany friends and family to visit and relax. Help you experience the most impressive trip to Dalat.

Detailed price list of the latest Dalat tourist sites 2020

The following hoadalattravel.com will provide travelers with Dalat tourist attractions. We have classified these tourist attractions in different directions. For travelers to easily transfer, also visit many famous places in Dalat.

Dalat tourist attractions

Dalat tourist attractions

If tourists interested in any location. Want to know the details of that tourist destination. You can click the mouse directly to the given location.

Dalat tourist attractions. Adult ticket price when entering the gate. Child fare when admission (<1.2 meters). Located in Dalat Market (km). Services in that tourist attraction. Visitor scoring.

Dalat tourist attractions in the city center

Dalat Market (Am Phu Market) Free tickets Free tickets Join some fun activities, shopping and eating. 7
Ho Xuan Huong Dalat Free tickets Free tickets 0.01 Go for a walk, ride a horse, ducking around, double bike around the lake, drink coffee. 8
Hang Nga Guest house in Dalat VND 40,000 VND 20,000 1.3 The most bizarre architecture. 7
Palace III Bao Dai VND 25,000 Free tickets 2.5 Ancient French architecture in Dalat. 6
Palace I Bao Dai VND 40,000 VND 20,000 4.5 Dalat architecture and flower garden. 8
Two graves on pine hill in Dalat Free tickets Free tickets 5.8 Monuments in Dalat. 5
Than Tho Lake in Dalat VND 20,000 VND 10,000 6 Visiting pine hill, Dalat flower forest. 5
Dalat flower garden VND 40,000 VND 20,000 2.5  Dalat flower park, taking photos. 8
Review new tourist attractions

Review new tourist attractions – Source: facebook

Directions in the City

Domain Dalat Church Free tickets Free tickets 1.4 Dalat religious architecture. 6
Children’s home in Dalat Free tickets Free tickets 1.4 Photo taking location. 7
Chicken church in Dalat Free tickets Free tickets 0.9 Ancient historical architecture in Dalat. 6
Old train station in Dalat VND 5,000 Free tickets 2.3 One way train ticket to Trai Mat 72,000 VN, Visiting ancient steam locomotive KH: 108 -150,000. 7
Dalat Valley of Love VND 100,000 VND 50,000 6 Included: Bufalo, train ticket. 6
Minh Tam Flower Garden in Dalat VND 20,000 VND 10,000 4 Resort, visit the flower garden. 5
XQ Dalat historical village VND 100,000 Free tickets 6 Visit the old scenery, embroidery center. 6
Showroom of Dalat flower forest Free tickets Free tickets 6.3 Showrom dry and fresh flowers, shopping. 7
Dalat Mong Mo Hill VND 50,000 VND 30,000 5.9 Think, play, visit the flower garden. 7
Dalat University Free tickets Free tickets 2.1 Historic architecture 5
Dalat Pedagogical College Free tickets Free tickets 2.9 Visiting historical architecture. 6
Lam Vien Square Free tickets Free tickets 1.1 Entertainment, photography. 8
Lam Vien square Dalat

Lam Vien square Dalat

Direction for Prenn Dalat Pass

Datanla Waterfall in Dalat VND 30,000 VND 15,000 6.1 Alpine coaster ticket price: 50,000 – 30,000 VND. One way ticket: VND 25,000. 8
Dalat Cable Car VND 70,000 VND 40,000 3.2 One way ticket price: adults 50,000- kids 30,000; two-way ticket: 80k – 50k. 6
Dalat sculpture tunnel VND 60,000 VND 30,000 12.6 No.1 clay building in Vietnam. 6
Truc Lam Dalat Zen Monastery Free tickets Free tickets 7 Visiting architectural works 7
 Secret Garden filming set VND 50,000 VND 30,000 12.7 Photographic studio 5
Tuyen Lam Lake in Dalat Free tickets Free tickets 7.2 Kayaking: 100,000 / person 7
Top Dalat tourist attractions

Top Dalat tourist attractions – Source: agotourist

Directions to LangBiang Dalat

Forest ghost inn Dalat VND 10,000 Free tickets 20.8 An eco-tourism area 7
LangBiang mountain tourist area VND 30,000 VND 15,000 11 Go by jeep: 60,000 VND (2 ways) 7
Cu Lan Village VND 60,000 VND 30,000 22.6 Jeep ride: 100,000 / person 7
Dalat gold valley VND 50,000 VND 25,000 14.5 Visiting pine hill, flower forest 7

The direction to Dalat Elephant Waterfall

Dalat Elephant Waterfall VND 20,000 VND 5,000 27.6 Dalat waterfall 7
Crickets farming VND 20,000 VND 10,000 20 Crickets farming 5
Dalat Green Symphony VND 50,000 VND 30,000 4.1 Resort, photography 5
Cam Ly Waterfall in Dalat VND 20,000 VND 10,000 2.6   Beautiful waterfall 4
Café Me Linh Free tickets Free tickets 18.2 Weasel coffee, Dalat specialty 6
Clean vegetable farm area in Van Thanh VND 40,000 VND 20,000 4.2 Flower farm, clean vegetables 7
Van Thanh Dalat Flower Village Free tickets Free tickets 4 The most beautiful flower village in Dalat 5
Cam Ly waterfall

Cam Ly waterfall – Source: facebook

Direction to Cau Dat tea hill in Dalat

Cau Dat tea hill VND 30,000 Free tickets 25.5   Farm 7
Hydrangeas Hill VND 15,000 Free tickets 10.8 Flower field 8
Linh Phuoc Pagoda Free tickets Free tickets 9.2 Architecture of crockery mosaic pagoda 7
Chinese temple Free tickets Free tickets 4.4 Chinese temple architecture 6
Beautiful view at the tea hill

Beautiful view at the tea hill – Source: dalattour

Directions to Pongour waterfall in Dalat

Pongour Waterfall in Dalat VND 20,000 VND 10,000 47.1 Waterfall 7
Vinamilk Organic Free tickets Free tickets 38.9 Reservation. 8
Prenn Waterfall VND 30,000 VND 15,000 11.6 Waterfall 6
Truc Lam Vien Dalat VND 30,000 VND 15,000 18.3 Ecotourism. 7
Dalat Milk Farm Free tickets Free tickets 36.6 Dairy cow farm. 7
Pongour waterfall

Pongour waterfall – du lịch Đà Lạt

Directions to Nha Trang

Bidoup National Park VND 20,000 Free tickets 34.6 Palace of primeval forests 6
Zoodoo Zoo VND 100,000 VND 50,000 34.7 Remember to book in advance 7

Dalat tourist attractions in the city center

Dalat is one of the cities that is extremely favored by nature. With the climate of a subtropical region, the plateau is cool and cool all year round. Different from every other region in Vietnam.

Also for that reason Dalat city is an ideal place. For fun and relaxation with a variety of tourist attractions. Most of the tourist spots are in the center of Dalat city. They are all about 3km from Dalat market.

Inner city attractions

Inner city attractions Source: facebook

Dalat is growing stronger in tourism. Therefore, Dalat tourism is increasingly attracting tourists by new destinations. New destinations that has just appeared have been “chased” by many “hunters”. But they had a hard time finding the way to come. Or there are many tourists who come to Dalat too many times so they want to explore new destinations. Because of this understanding, the following article will help you to refer and experience.

Lac Tien Gioi Dalat

Address: Located at 1/3 of Lam Sinh street- Ward 5, Dalat city.

Lac Tien Gioi is a brand new tourist attraction in Dalat. It is currently storming on social networking sites today. As a million-like virtual living place, attracting thousands of domestic and foreign tourists come here to visit and take photos. If any visitor has the opportunity to come to Dalat do not miss this ideal tourist destination. You will be extremely regret not having come here to check in.

Lac Tien Gioi Dalat

Lac Tien Gioi Dalat – Source: du lịch Đà Lạt

Hill side Town – Village House slope

Previously, the House Slope House was a very old slope near the center of Dalat city. But in recent times this slope has been sought by young painters. They drew lots of pictures on the walls at this slope. This has made the slope more vivid thanks to the beautiful images created by the hands of the artists.

Hill side Town

Hill side Town – Source: baomoi

The works selected are very suitable for the space to create interaction between residents and visitors. Because of their beautiful deeds, it has attracted a lot of tourists to visit. Currently, the space of the slope has created beautiful accents for the typical urban landscape of Dalat. If you come to Dalat, you should stop by to see the works of talented artists!

Lumiere light garden in Dalat

  • Address: 222B Mai Anh Dao street, ward 8, Dalat city

Located not too far from the city center, Lumiere light garden has become a brand new destination in Dalat. This place is known as an art gallery. Even just going into operation, but this place made those who visit the shop feel satisfied. In the romantic land but there is a light garden that makes visitors curious to find.

Lumiere light garden

Lumiere light garden – Source: Lumiere

When come to this garden, visitors will be surprised because this place always wallowed in light with many different colors. Moreover, each room here uses 3D projection technology to create a special visual impression for visitors when entering. The lighting garden consists of 9 different rooms and each of them has its own theme.

Lumiere light garden Dalat

Lumiere light garden Dalat – Source: IUHers

All created by a combination of natural light and light projection techniques. When you come here, no matter how you dress, the picture will always amazing. This place has many beautiful spaces, so it’s easy for you to choose the space that suits your style. Please invite your “gang” to come here to have a beautiful set of check-in photos right away!

Thuong Uyen Bay Garden              

  • Address: Số 28 Khe Sanh street, ward 10, Dalat city

Dalat has another new check-in point that attracts visitors, which is Thuong Uyen Bay Garden resort. When you arrive you think you are lost in the middle of Europe. Because the setting here is very delicate thanks to the flower streets. Along with that, there are miniatures with bold colors and accents of the aristocratic garden of Europe. The landscape here is very beautiful with the space merging with the sky. Coming here, you will experience the rose road that stretches for 80 meters.

Check in Thuong Uyen Bay Garden

Check in Thuong Uyen Bay Garden – Source: du lịch Đà Lạt

In addition, the magical 7-color steps here will make you feel like visiting the place where only the King of Gods previously walked on. Moreover, the palace area is always well cared for with royal-style equipment. Next, stop by the sky gate. The place is very suitable for virtual devotees to freely check-in. Along with the space there is a garden planted with hydrangeas.

What can you find in Thuong Uyen Bay Garden Dalat ?

Tourists comfortably walk on it and breathe the fresh air. These will be great moments for you to relax with relatives and friends. Besides this resort also combines a restaurant with a lot of delicious food. After the sightseeing, visitors can stop to “recharge more energy” in this restaurant.

Thuong Uyen Bay Garden

Thuong Uyen Bay Garden – Source: du lịch Đà Lạt

Not only that there is also a traditional swing with 40 sets of speakers for visitors to listen to the melodious music. It will be a new feeling to bring you right to the name of Royal Garden. Right in this space, visitors can listen to music and admire the flowers that only this place has. That is magnolia.

To get to Thuong Uyen Bay tourist area, you go straight on Tran Hung Dao street to the big roundabout and pick the Khe Sanh road. After going straight about 3km, the tourist area is on the right.

Happy Hill film studio

  • Address: Tuyen Lam lake tourist area, Dalat city

If you have come to Dalat, this is a destination that you should not miss. This place is known as a “virtual living” place with million views. Even at this studio, anywhere, beautiful images can be produced. The great advantage of this studio is that it is located next to Tuyen Lam lake. Because of this, Happy Hill film studio has many beautiful angles that are impossible to describe.

Happy hill Dalat

Happy hill Dalat – Source: facebook

The beauty of this destination has attracted a lot of visitors thanks to the beautiful view of the valley and pine hills. Moreover, you can come here to sail and take pictures. It can be said that every angle taken at Happy Hill film studio will leave visitors with different feelings about Dalat city.

This place is even chosen by couples to get their wedding photos set. If you’re still wondering whether to go or not to go, go right away. This destination will surely make you regret not choosing to visit.

Happy Hill film studio

Happy Hill film studio – Source: facebook

 Bali Heaven Gate

  • Address: Dong Da alley, ward 3, Dalat city

As one of the hard-to-resist check-in points in Dalat Cable Car Resort. This destination is attracting a lot of young people by the mighty gate standing in the sky. Located in the resort Greenland II with a prime location. Here visitors can see the entire Dalat city.

Bali Heaven Gate Dalat

Bali Heaven Gate Dalat – Source: du lịch Đà Lạt

This place is essentially a small landscape surrounded by mountains and pine forests. The beauty of the Bali sky gate originated in Indonesia but has now been recreated in the foggy city. But thanks to imaging technology, the gate in Vietnam and Indonesia both look like a reflection on the lake.

Bali Heaven Gate

Bali Heaven Gate – Source: du lịch Đà Lạt

Bali sky gate is designed in an airy and cool space. This attraction will give visitors an impression upon arrival. In addition, there are many landscaped gardens for visitors to enjoy virtual life. Come to Dalat, remember to visit this place to get yourself some nature-rich photographs!

  Dalaland Dalat

  • Address: Group 20, hamlet 4, Ta Nung commune, Dalat city

This place is truly a resort paradise with peaceful space and many unique miniatures. If you are a virtual believer, the road to Dalaland will not be too difficult for you. Located on the Ta Nung mountain pass in Dalat, only 300m from Me Linh coffee shop. Dalaland has a vast and beautiful beauty blessed by nature.

Dalaland Dalat

Dalaland Dalat – Source: facebook

Therefore, the campus here is planned into a homestay coffee with lots of miniatures to take pictures. Every miniatures are very scale and meticulously made. Because of this great thing, visitors are spoiled for beautiful photos when coming to Dalaland. Although this is a new tourist attraction, young people have come to check-in and take pictures to post on social medias.

Little Bali miniature in Dalat

The beautiful scenes you can take photos with different names such as swing on the tree, braided bed with rope, bird’s nest made of vines, iron bed,etc. If you want to feel the whole scenery of Dalaland then you come quickly to experience. Forsure this place will leave a lot of beautiful impressions of the scenery as well as the fresh air of this place.

Dalaland Dalat

Dalaland Dalat – Source: facebook

Stairway to heaven

  • Address: Slope 7, Tu Phuoc street, Ward 11, Dalat city

The way to the stairway to heaven is not too hard to find. If in trouble you can ask people here the way to come. When you arrive you will see a lovely slope. The two sides are beautifully decorated fences as to welcome visitors to the stairs to heaven. This place is also known as Sunny Farm.

Stairway to heaven

Stairway to heaven – Source: facebook

Paradise for virtual living

Here is a type of tourist activity combining homestay and coffee. Sunny Farm will make you feel like you have arrived in a peaceful countryside. But in that peace, the space of this place is extremely romantic with beautiful virtual living corners. Besides, this destination is very famous because of the infinity stairs. The total length of the stairs is 10m, which is designed in a pyramid shape and has a sturdy support frame below.

Stairway to heaven Dalat

Stairway to heaven Dalat – Source: facebook

This staircase is covered with a pure white color and runs straight to the sky. Standing at the highest position of the stairs you can see the whole scene of Dalat city. Moreover, the large space here will give you the feeling of floating among the clouds. You can also launch the eyes away to admire the majestic space of the mountains. If you can catch the dawn here, there’s nothing left. Come and experience it when you have the chance!

Wooden bridge for hunting clouds

  • Address: The road to Cau Dat tea hill belongs to Truong Tho village, Tram Hanh commune

It is an on-site check-in place that sits quietly in the middle of a vast pine forest. Located not too far from two famous landmarks, Cau Dat Tea Hill and modern Cau Dat Farm. This place has just appeared thanks to the photos that have made many tourists scrambling to find.

Wooden bridge for hunting clouds

Wooden bridge for hunting clouds – Source: du lịch Đà Lạt

The wooden bridge for hunting clound occupies only a small area in the vast space. The space here is like a real fairy-tale place. The most beautiful here is the image of a wooden bridge hovering overhead, covered with dense white clouds. Moreover, around this tourist spot, there is always the scent emanating from the fresh green tea leaves. Very few people find this place because they are not familiar with the way.

Coming here, you will find yourself a comfortable space as well as romantic moments. Besides, this destination will give you a new and unique feeling of nature and sky. If you visit the tea hill, you can combine it here to make the travel easier.

Dalat railway tunnel

  • Address: National Road 20, Da Tho Village, Xuan Tho Commune, Xuan Truong, Dalat City

This is a destination known as an enchanting virtual living place for young people in Dalat. Located about 20km from the city center, this destination is very easy for young people to go to. The landscape here is fanciful, old and has a proud “history”. Built to hide in a forest.

Dalat railway tunnel

Dalat railway tunnel – Source: facebook

The main material to create this tunnel is the big stones. But the cliffs here have gone through many rainy and dry seasons so they covered with a layer of green moss. Perhaps because of the “old” features of time, visitors have come to enjoy it. Besides, there are overgrown bushes that will make you feel gloomy and mysterious.

This tunnel will be suitable for those who want to conquer new things. Just take the idea of ​​the movie “Be With You” here to make sure this place will give you a beautiful set of picture. To get here, you should move by motorbike to actively cross the zigzag roads. It is worth to aware when coming to this tunnel that you should pay attention while moving inside the tunnel. Because this place is pretty moisture and slippery, so becareful!

Dalat railway tunnel check-in

Dalat railway tunnel check-in – Source: facebook

Puppy farm

  • Address: Km 1, Cam Ly – Mang Lin street, ward 7, Dalat city

Located about 8km from the city center, it is very convenient for you to schedule a tour. This place is very suitable for those who love animals. Here you will have unlimited fun with many different types of dogs. At the farm you are not just see but also have fun with them.

Puppy farm Dalat

Puppy farm Dalat – Source: facebook

Most especially, the dogs are very friendly and have been fully vaccinated. If you have children, you can be completely assured. The best thing about coming here is to hold them in your arms and capture the moments with great photos. Besides the dog farm, you should also visit the farm that’s planting many special vegetables such as chocolate tomatoes, purple peppino melons, giant pumpkin garden, etc.

Puppy farm

Puppy farm – Source: facebook

The vegetables here are grown in greenhouses. The farm campus also has a high-tech strawberry garden to serve visitors for sightseeing and photography. Tourists come here, besides visiting, they can enjoy coffee and buy some agricultural products to enjoy or as gifts after the trip.

Maple forest – kokoro cafe

  • Address: 45 Dang Thai Than Street, Ward 3, Dalat City

Maple leaf tourist area in Dalat is very much appreciated by visitors. This place will bring visitors a lot of emotions because of its beauty. The most prominent in this resort is the Kokoro cafe. This is a cafe with a romantic landscape imbued with the cherry land. The miniatures at the restaurant will make you feel like you are in Japan.

Kokoro cafe

Kokoro cafe – Source: du lịch Đà Lạt

Kokoro attracts visitors thanks to many beautiful virtual shimmering angles. The shop is designed in an open space so it is very airy and easy to admire. The exterior of the shop from floor to tables and chairs are all designed in wood. The most special part of the restaurant is the colorful Koi pond with lots of trees. If you are wondering where is the white wall with the black rectangle on it? Come to Kokoro shop to get yourself a beautiful photo similar to everyone!

Fresh Garden Dalat

  • Address: 90 Van Thanh street, ward 5, Dalat city

Currently, Fresh Garden Dalat is very attractive to tourists visiting and watching flowers. For those who love flowers, you should not miss this place. People thought this place had only small flower beds or simple flower hills. But there are many works here showing the class of a tourist village leading the country.

Fresh garden

Fresh garden – Source: du-lich-da-lat

This destination will make you exclaim because of its beauty. The highlights in this tourist area will surprise visitors. Especially if you are a “virtual life” enthusiast, remember to give it a try! Come here in addition to watching flowers, you can also visit the coffee shop at the resort to enjoy. At the bar, guests can sip a cup of coffee while watching the whole beautiful view of Fresh Garden Dalat.

Fresh garden tourist area

Fresh garden tourist area – Source: du-lich-da-lat

This is a very large tourist area, so there are also agricultural products grown using modern techniques. You can visit the high-tech mulberry garden, demonstration model of hydroponic vegetables, giant pumpkins, baby cucumbers,etc. With a series of fascinating attractions, you will feel excited when coming here. Come and experience this place to make the trip to Dalat more complete !

Ixora Homestay & Coffee

  • Address: 360 Tu Phuoc street, ward 11, Dalat city

The landscape of Ixora Homestay & Coffee is designed in European style. This place owns for itself extremely unique and beautiful stone paths. The beautiful scenery here is making the wind rain thanks to the beautiful view from morning to night. From the first time you arrive, you will enjoy the beauty of the stairs that take you to the top of the rock mountain.

Ixora Homestay & Coffee

Ixora Homestay & Coffee – Source: dulichchat

Along with the slight fragrance of grass mingled in the wind will motivate you to conquer the highest place. Above the mountain there are many small and small scenes that will make you feel that this place is really valuable. Better yet, when you’ve conquered the mountain, you can reward yourself with distinctive style photos.

Ixora Dalat

Ixora Dalat – Source: reviewhomestay

After visiting you can sit down at the coffee shop in this location to enjoy and enjoy the fresh air. Affordable so this will be the ideal destination that you should not miss.

Lake on the cloud Dalat

  • Address: Group 2, village 6, Ta Nung commune, Dalat city

As a new place to operate, the lake on the cloud is being hunted by young in Dalat. However visitors will also be fascinated with its unique beauty. Almost recently, everyone came to this place to check-in. Located on the winding Ta Nung Pass, the lake on the cloud has attracted many visitors.

Lake on the cloud

Lake on the cloud – Source: facebook

At this point, you can glide through the water step by step as if you are looking at the scenery of a movie. The scenery here has charming water and blue skies so you will feel extremely romantic. If you want a good photo, come here to “unwrap” in cool water. Along with that you can enjoy the extremely delicious drinking menu. In addition, this place also has many other design spaces that make young people fascinated.

When standing at the highest point of the lake in the clouds, visitors can enjoy the full view of the Ta Nung Pass. Many visitors come here to enjoy the virtual living space they have left positive reviews about the beauty of the lake in the clouds. If you want to verify this, please come to visit and experience directly!

Dalat Fairytale Land

  • Address: 81D Hoang Van Thu street, ward 5, Dalat city

Located on a pine hill with beautiful views. This resort is known as a fairy garden with a gloomy atmosphere. Because of this strange thing, the tourist area has created visitors curiosity when looking to the nooks and crannies to visit. Built based on inspiration from the childhood stories of many people.

Fairytale land

Fairytale land – Source: du-lich-da-lat

The contours of the resort bear the hallmark of a fairy country. Here you will be able to transform into the characters of the fairy and save the moment with life photos. Dalat Fairytale Land will take visitors to lively landscapes with vibrant colors. It can be said that this place is an ideal place for people to relive their childhood dreams.

Here you will feel a simple and simple world that nowhere can match. After visiting the fairy garden, remember to visit the wine cellar. This place is stored more than 15 thousand bottles of Vinh Tien wine of all kinds. This wine cellar will prevent visitors from leaving by its luxurious and cozy space.

Dalat Windmill Bakery

  • Address: No. 1A Hoa Binh, ward 1, Dalat city

Most people think of a bakery has nothing but a good cake. However coming to Windmill you can both enjoy delicious cakes and can take photos to save beautiful moments. This place is located right in the city center, so it has become a place to check-in to attract young people.

Windmill Bakery Dalat

Windmill Bakery Dalat – Source: facebook

At this point, you can check-in thousands of photos with super scenery. The type of single, double or yearbook photos, people also come here. They took advantage of the outdoor background as a highlight for people to have more virtual living locations located in the central area. At first they just wanted to decorate the store more beautiful but did not think about it would be a virtual living mecca.

If you have the opportunity to visit Dalat, you should stop by to see how beautiful the golden picture. Besides, the bread at the restaurant is also delicious, so the visitors came also very popular. Windmill Bread in Dalat is guaranteed to make you satisfied about everything.

Hiep Khach Lau Dalat

  • Address: 1/26 Khoi Nghia Bac Son Street, Ward 10, Dalat City

Hiep Khach Lau owns a very ancient space. This place is really suitable for those who love swordplay movies. If you want to become the characters in the movie, you have to come here quickly. The campus is so wide that you will be surprised by the scenery in the movie now pop up ahead.

Hiep Khach Lau Dalat

Hiep Khach Lau Dalat – Source: facebook

The landscape here has a quiet green space and rich in nature. From bamboo forest to the decoration of things in the restaurant is also very beautiful. This is the ideal place for tourists from far away to stop after a long trip. If you have the opportunity to visit Dalat, you should stop by to enjoy tea, sauna and sit in a quiet space to admire the picturesque scenery of this place.

Besides Hiep Khach Lau also has an enthusiastic staff. They always meet the needs of visitors. Make sure to come here, everyone will feel satisfied with the beauty of the restaurant as well as its staff.

Dalat Biology Institute

Hearing the name, almost everyone thought that this place was for research only. But in addition to research, this place is also open to welcome tourists to visit. This place displays a variety of animals, plants, cosmic models, … Built from a long time ago, the architecture in this place is very ancient.

Dalat Biology Institute

Dalat Biology Institute – Source: facebook

If you are someone who wants to learn and gain more knowledge in life, this place is very suitable. There are rare animals and orchid culture technologies. In addition, this place also carefully researches on plant species in order to offer methods and techniques for people’s life.

Besides the highlight of the old walls here will give you a magical feeling when taking pictures. When you are a “virtual life” enthusiast, this place can also bring you satisfactory backgrounds. Just choose the right angle to make sure you will have the image as if you were in a church in Europe. Coming to Dalat, you come here to have beautiful photos and gain more knowledge about life!

Ankroet – lake of the golden stream

This place is also known as the great cup of the new version that Dalat youths are wandering in search of. This place is about 12km from the city center in the area near the Golden Stream. The scenery here is completely natural and has wild features from the old days. Said as wild but this place is equally poetic.

Ankroet Dalat

Ankroet Dalat – Source: du-lich-da-lat

The space here will make you feel like you are immersed in the sky. Because there is always a combination of the sound of the wind and the rushing sound of water rushing around all the time. The road to here is difficult, but you will find it extremely interesting. The beauty of Ankroet on the screen is nowhere near as beautiful.

Mountainous space, poetic waterfalls

Here you will see the green colors of the mountains and the emerald green of the lake is simply incredible. All are hidden at the bottom so the scenery of this place is very popular. If you want to come here, you should ask the local guide. Because of the difficult way to reach the place, the slope is also challenges you feet. Remember to walk very carefully so you do not slip because it is very dangerous.

Poetic scenery

Poetic scenery – Source: metrip

The infinity lake in Dalat

This is one of the most explored destinations by travelers. Also the most popular place to visit this summer. Therefore, we can not ignore this attractive and ideal tourist attraction. Many young people come here to check-in. The infinity lake is known as a virtual living paradise in Vietnam. This place is in the top 3 must visit places in summer 2019. This famous tourist attraction is located in the tourist of Dalat clay tunnel

The infinity lake Dalat

The infinity lake Dalat – Source: du-lich-da-lat

Dalat pink grass hill

It can be said that Dalat pink grass hill is one of the places that attract the most attention when they come to the flower city. If visitors come to Dalat in mid November or early December. Indeed, it is a lucky thing for you and your family. Because this is the time when the pink grass hill or snow grass hill in Dalat is most flourished. Coming here at this time, visitors can freely hunt for themselves the most sparkling pictures. Admire the natural scenery extremely eye-catching and lively.

Pink grass hillside Dalat

Pink grass hill Dalat – Source: news.zing

1. Dalat Market (Hades Market)

When coming to Dalat, we cannot help but mention Dalat Market. A very famous tourist attraction located in the heart of Dalat city. When travel to the market at night people often call it DaLat night market. Or Hades market.

Dalat market

Dalat market – Source: facebook

Dalat Market is one of the first floor markets in Vietnam. With the busiest shopping center of the flower city. This place gradually becomes a tourist attraction. Visiting and shopping local products. In addition to selling consumer goods, here also sells Dalat specialties. Snacks, souvenirs bearing typical characteristics of Dalat people. Visitors to this place will be able to enjoy the specialties. Like jam, tea, or Dalat wines …

2. Ho Xuan Huong Dalat

Ho Xuan Huong was dubbed the heart of Dalat city. It is named after the famous Queen of Nom poetry in 19th century. Hồ Xuân Hương is considered the most convenient and beautiful place to watch the sunrise.

Xuan Huong lake

Xuan Huong lake – Source: Flickr

Here visitors can also pedal a duck on the water, ride a horse. Or sip a cup of tea or a cup of coffee. With soulmate in the chilly atmosphere but equally romantic. Night time is also a bustling, crowded time by the lake. When everyone was walking around the lake snacking together. See the lake at night or join street duets …

3. Dalat Chicken Church

Chicken church, also known as the Cathedral of Dalat. Explain the name of the church because at the top of the bell tower is a picture of a big chicken. That is why the name of the chicken church is derived from here. The church is a Catholic church in Vietnam.

Cathedral of Dalat

Cathedral of Dalat – Source: agotourist

Chicken Church is also the largest church in Dalat. This place is one of the most typical and architectural buildings of the city. This chicken church was built by the French and left for Dalat. Located on Tran Phu street, Dalat city.

The church is about 800m from Dalat market. From Dalat market you can see the typical bell tower of the chicken church. The façade with the bell tower is high with the lines. The details on the façade are completely adapted to the original European models.

Chicken church Dalat

Chicken church Dalat – Source: news.zing

This is a historical witness of Dalat City. Coming here, tourists will learn about Dalat culture. Immerse yourself in a quiet, peaceful space. An unforgettable impression of Dalat city.

4. Lam Vien Square Dalat

Lam Vien Square is a new cultural place located in the heart of Dalat city. Overlooking Xuan Huong Lake and quite famous of Dalat city. First time visitors to the city. It is still easy to find Lam Vien square.

When visitors come to Dalat. You can easily find this forest campus with 2 symbols. By glass is the block of wild sunflower and artichoke flower block right there. The square at night is quite crowded and there are many interesting activities. Especially the New Year fireworks or Flowers Festival. Very attractive to tourists from all parts of the country.

The square at night

The square at night – Source: du-lich-da-lat

Tourists will enjoy with family and friends in a large open space. Airy with many beautiful angles of the architectural works of art. Giant glass creates an attraction that attracts big number of visitors to Lam Vien square Dalat.

5. The Dalat Children’s Cultural Site

This place is known as a virtual living paradise for visitors. Children’s Cultural Site or famous children’s home of Lam Dong province. As one of the works attracting tourists. With the white chair here, you can take “sodeep” pictures. Without losing any cost.

Dalat Children's Cultural Site

Dalat Children’s Cultural Site – Source: dalatcity

The children’s house is about 600 m from Dalat market, you can walk here. The city’s children’s cultural site is divided into 4 functional areas continuously. Including: Lam Dong Children’s House, theater area and performing arts. Exhibition area and camping, picnic, sports, outdoor playground.

6. Doi Cu Golf Course

Next to the provincial children’s home is Doi Cu golf course. Completed in 1935 and built in the heart of Dalat city. The place was called “Little Paris of Indochina” at that time. The course is built to be a 9-hole golf course.

The same airy, green view of the grass hill. Watch the green pines. Resonance from the side of Ho Xuan Huong. Making the chill here seem to be more special. This golf course is rated as a golf course which attracts a great deal enthusiasts from around the world.

Doi Cu golf course

Doi Cu golf course – Source: facebook

The holes here are designed with countless challenges. Causing many difficulties for golfers. Here golfers are not only tested with unique designed golf holes. Challenging but also admire the romantic scenery of Doi Cu Hill. If you travel to Dalat, stop by the golf course to enjoy the beautiful scenery. With entrance fee and try golf is 100,000 VND / person.

7. Dalat Pedagogical College

Dalat Pedagogical College is one of the famous constructions. Previously this school was called the Grand Lycée Yersin. This architecture is recognized by the World Association of Architects (UIA). It is one of 1,000 unique constructions of the world in the 20th century.

Dalat pedagogical college

Dalat pedagogical college – Source: du lịch Đà Lạt

The school was founded by the French in 1927. Designed and directed by the famous architect Moncet. Dalat Pedagogical College is famous for its outstanding works of ancient. Including an arc-shaped building, the bell tower is also an ideal photo location.

Currently the school is still operating normally. Sightseeing in office hours should be banned. It’s free to enter on Saturdays and Sundays. You should read the introduction of Dalat Pedagogical College. To know the appropriate time to visit.

8. Flower Park of Dalat City

When it comes to Dalat we will immediately think of the city. With thousands of different flowers in the world. And Dalat flower park is where the beautiful, unique and strange flowers converge.

Dalat city flower park

Dalat city flower park – Source: facebook

Flower park is about 1km from Dalat market. The city’s flower park has always been a tourist attraction. Domestic as well as foreign tourists coming to the mountain town.

9. Domain Church

Domain De Marie Dalat is also known as Mai Anh church. About 1 km from Dalat city. This is one of the famous religious architecture. Designed in the unique western architecture.

Mai Anh Church in Dalat also has another name is Notre Dame . It was built from 1940 until 1944. This church was donated by the governor-general of Indochina. In addition, Mai Anh Dalat Church also owns a very large statue of Blessed Lady. This statue is 3 meters high and weighs 1 ton, placed on the globe.

Domain De Marie Dalat

Domain De Marie Dalat – Source: tourdilichviet

This statue was inspired and carved in the image of Vietnamese women. This is the result of a French architect. This architect is called Jonchere. There are many beautiful flowers in the precinct of the church. The most special here is Hai Tien flower.

10. Linh Son Pagoda in Dalat

Linh Son Pagoda, the temple is not so famous on Dalat tourist map. But this is a peaceful place in the heart of the city. Linh Son Pagoda is a scenic spot of peach blossom land. Every year, the temple welcomes thousands of tourists and Buddhists to visit and worship. The pagoda is currently located in Lam Dong Buddhist Administration Committee.

Linh Son pagoda

Linh Son pagoda – Source: du-lich-da-lat

From the Tam Quan gate to the pagoda. Visitors follow the steps between the rows of pine, eucalyptus and soaring star trees. The Bodhisattva Quan The Am statue standing on a lotus flower is adorned in front of the temple grounds. On the right is an octagonal three-story stupa, with a roof, 4 meters high. On the left is a lake, fake painting clusters and beautiful bonsai. In the middle is the main hall, with a pair of dragons flanking the steps. Symbolizes the Buddha’s guardian deity.

11. Old Dalat Railway Station

Dalat is also known as the small Paris of France. So the climate of France and influence much according to French architecture. Prove that is the Dalat railway station. Dalat wooden house is one of the oldest buildings in Dalat city. This construction was built by the French.

With unique architecture and famous Dalat old railway station . Dalat tourist attractions has the most records. The station was built by the French from 1932 to 1938 when it was completed. This place is the oldest station in Vietnam. In 2001, the station was recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Information as a national architectural monument.

Dalat railway station

Dalat railway station – Source: ksdalat

The terminal has both graceful and unique architecture. A harmonious combination between Western architecture and the communal house architecture of the Central Highlands. Dalat Railway Station is no longer used for transportation but for tourism. With a 7 km route, the train will take visitors to explore the mountain town. Although the speed is very slow and the noisy locomotive. However, this is the attractive point of the station. Dalat Old Railway Station serves visitors sightseeing along the way .

12. Carzy House – Hang Nga Guesthouse

Dalat Hang Nga Guesthouse can be considered to be the freakiest architecture in our country. But this tourist attraction is very popular with visitors. By the originality and innovation of the place. This architecture is designed by Vietnamese architect Dang Viet Nga. The name of Hang Nga mansion starts here. But later this place was renamed Carzy House, also known as the strange house.

Hang Nga villa

Hang Nga Guesthouse – Source: facebook

Designed with an idea like no other. Crazy House will always be one of the best destinations for tourists. This ideal tourist destination is only about 2 km from the market. When coming here to visit, visitors will admire the following masterpieces. You can visit Wonderland here. See the outside space through the unique convex windows.

In addition, there are also extremely strange places. So what are you waiting for, just backpacking and go.

13. Bao Dai Villa III

Not far from the Hang Nga mansion is the tourist resort of Bao Dai Villa 3. This is one of the three villas of King Bao Dai. The family lived and worked while he was in Dalat. Currently, only Palace 1 and Palace 3 are put into operation. As a tourist attraction of Dalat city.

Bao Dai palace III

Bao Dai palace III – Source: facebook

Like Palace I and Palace II, Palace III is a monumentally unique structure. Built in 1933 including 25 very luxurious rooms. This venue is open from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm every weekday. With the façade of the palace is a large flower garden, 150m long entrance with 2 beautiful straight Melaleuca rows.

The villa has 2 floors, 1 large basement, the main door is very high and majestic. This villa was built, designed in proportion to the arch door, ledges, pillars.

14. Tran Le Xuan Palace

Tran Le Xuan Villa is located on Lam Son hill. This palace is about 3km from the center of Dalat city. It was started construction in 1958. The area of ​​Tran Le Xuan Villa is about 13,000 m². Tran Le Xuan Villa is the residence of Mrs. Tran Le Xuan and Mr. Ngo Dinh Nhu’s family.

So far, this palace has become the national storage center 4. The palace is the place to store the Nguyen Dynasty woodblocks. In the palace of Tran Le Palace, the palace is very beautiful. Especially, there is a Japanese-style flower garden.

Tran Le Xuan villa

Tran Le Xuan villa – Source: facebook

The most special thing in this villa area is, behind the garden is a fairly large lake. When this lake is filled with water. Then the bottom of the lake will show a map of Vietnam. The time when visitors visit the most beautiful palace is during the day. When visiting here, please come up from the platform. From this position visitors can admire the panoramic view of the dreamy pine forest.

See the surroundings of this palace is amazing. See winding roads winding around pine hills. If visitors come here to visit, so it is very great. You can enjoy the feeling of being a king. Sip hot cups of tea. See the scenery of the palace at night.

15. Dalat Valley of Love

Dalat Valley of Love is located about 4 km from the market. This is considered the most famous tourist attraction in Dalat city. Currently [August 2018] sells all-inclusive tickets including admission tickets. Including tram, boat or duck rides at the resort. So, what’s in Valley of Love for a ticket of 100,000 VND?

Then please join us to find out. This tourist attraction is deep in the hillsides with pine green forest all year round. Located in the heart of the valley is Da Thien Lake. It is a water dam that was built in French times in 1972.

The valley surrounded by rows of romantic green pine

The valley surrounded by rows of romantic green pine -Source: ttcworld

Valley of love also has beautiful scenes like the love maze. Especially here is the bridge of love, public gardens, streams of flowers … These are all famous landmarks in the valley of love. This is truly the ideal travel destination for you. This place is very suitable for couples who’s love sightseeing. If tourists can travel the typical wooden train of Dalat. That’s a really interesting tour. It will take you on a tour of the entire valley.

16. Dalat Mong Mo Hill

Dalat Mong Mo Hill is a quite famous tourist attraction in Dalat city. Located next to the Dalat Valley of Love tourist resort. Interesting things in the dreamy hills are the volunteer trees, the stone walls and the exotic animals rearing. The resort will open its doors from 7:00 pm to 5:00 pm all days of the week. It can be said that Dalat’s dreamland is not just a tourist attraction. There is also a resort and a luxury restaurant chain here.

Mong Mo hill Dalat

Mong Mo hill Dalat – Source: foody

Dalat Mong Mo Hill has been experienced over many times of embellishment and planning from Dragon Lake. This ideal tourist site was started construction in 1978. Up to now, Mong Mo Hill has become a closed tourist area. With a completely new look, bearing the national identity of the Central Highlands. In particular, in Dalat Mong Mo Hill resort. Visitors can enjoy K’Ho ethnic dance songs.

This tourist destination has the capacity up to 1000 people, including the stage of gongs. When you enter this place, the Mong Mo hill will bring you special performances. To praise the cultural identity of the Central Highlands people. The 90-minute show starts from 19:00 to 20:30 every day.

17. XQ Historical Village Dalat

Dalat Historical Village is a quite famous architecture in Dalat city with thousands of flowers. XQ history village: is a famous hand embroidery village in Dalat. Arriving here, visitors will admire the exquisite embroidery paintings created by skilled hands, feeling a little Japanese in Dalat. From 7:30 to 17:00 daily visitors can comfortably visit this place.

XQ Historical Village Dalat

XQ Historical Village Dalat – Source: vntrip

18. Dalat Flower Forest -Showroom flower forest

Dalat Flower Forest is also a tourist attraction in Dalat located next to the Valley of love. Dalat Flower Showroom is known as the famous dry flower production site in Dalat. With dried flowers can be stored for a long time. Visitors enter this place are free and can give themselves relaxing moments at the hill cafe, immersed in the feeling of being in harmony with nature.

Showroom flower forest

Showroom flower forest – Source: du-lich-da-lat

19. Van Hanh Monastery

It is a tourist attraction located in Ward 8, Dalat city, on the way to the Valley of Love. Visitors from afar can recognize the monastery thanks to the 27m high golden Buddha statue. The monastery belongs to the Dalat Buddhist church. Coming here, visitors will have moments of tranquility amidst the tranquil atmosphere.

Van Hanh Monastery

Van Hanh Monastery – Source: du-lich-da-lat

20. Minh Hoa Seminary

The seminary is located on Van Kiep street, featuring wooden architecture. It is open not for the purpose of visitors but people can stop here, save their elegant or memorable images in the solemn, quiet atmosphere. The most beautiful seminary in the cherry blossom season.

Minh Hoa seminary

Minh Hoa seminary – Source: facebook

21. Dalat University

Considered one of the most beautiful campuses in Vietnam with ancient French architecture. The school is located on Phu Dong Thien Vuong street, spacious and poetic. This school is also rated as the top quality school in the Central Highlands region.

Dalat University

Dalat University – Source: du lịch Đà Lạt

 22. Truc Lam Zen Monastery

Located on Phoenix Mountain, it is the largest monastery in Vietnam. The monastery is located on a high mountain, quiet, designed in two parts: internal monastery and external monastery. The most special feature in the monastery is the front garden with many rare flowers. Incubated and cared for by the hands of the monks here. If you want to find a spiritual tourist attraction, you should not miss the monastery.

Truc Lam Zen Monastery

Truc Lam Zen Monastery – Source: du lịch Đà Lạt

 23. Tuyen Lam Lake Dalat

From Truc Lam Zen Monastery, travelers if intending boating excursions, fishing. It is impossible not to follow the green stone steps down to Tuyen Lam Lake tourist area . The name of the lake has been used for a long time, probably originating from the charming scenery of this place. With an area of ​​360 hectares, comes from a lake from nature. Tuyen Lam Lake is really the ideal place to make wedding photos or save romantic images of visitors.

Tuyen Lam lake

Tuyen Lam lake – Source: du-lich-da-lat

24. Sculpture tunnel – Clay village

This site is located in the Tuyen Lam Lake tourist complex. The tunnel of sculpture and the clay village are the largest artificial tourism area in Dalat. Created by very elaborate and unique clay. Here visitors will admire the countless images shaped by clay and have extremely interesting discoveries for themselves.

Sculpture tunnel - Clay village

Sculpture tunnel – Clay village – Source: facebook

25. Secret Garden film studio in Dalat

Located next to Tuyen Lam Lake, the studio is considered a virtual living paradise that attracts the attention of young people and tourists. The romantic scenery combines lakes, pine forests, hills of weeds and wild flowers to create a romantic setting like a wonderland. Visitors to the studio will definitely record for themselves pictures like dreams.

Secret Garden film studio in Dalat

Secret Garden film studio in Dalat – Source: agotourist

26. Lavender Flower Hill – Lavender Garden

Located on a hillside beside Tuyen Lam lake, with an area of ​​1000 ha. This is the famous Lavender flower plant in Dalat. The flower beds are meticulously tended by growers. Promise to create a beautiful dreamy purple field of flowers. If visiting Tuyen Lam Lake, remember not to forget this unique place to immerse yourself in the fragrance of charming flowers from France.

Lavender garden

Lavender garden – Source: du-lich-da-lat

27. Dalat maple leaf forest

If you want to find a new feeling with autumn maple leaves, you can stop here. Besides admiring and taking photos with maple trees, visitors can also go boating and fishing.

Dalat maple leaf forest

Dalat maple leaf forest – Source: facebook

28. Dalat Cable Car – Robin Hill

This is the cable car connecting Truc Lam Zen Monastery with Robin Hill, 2300m long, 1600m high. Tourists can admire the magical beauty of Dalat when sitting on the cabins. Feel the cool, fresh air, to relax the soul. Instead of taking the car to the monastery, visitors can drag Robin Hill. Observe the telescope, take in the sights and then visit the monastery with this cable car.

Dalat cable car

Dalat cable car – Source: facebook

29. Datanla Waterfall in Dalat

If you want to explore the waterfalls in Dalat, Datanla is a place not to be missed. This is a waterfall with plentiful and stable water, the water is not too intense, associated with landmarks such as Fairy Spring or Death Valley. Alpine coaster game here attracts the favorite of many visitors, especially young people.

Datanla waterfall

Datanla waterfall – Source: dalattrongtoi

30. Datanla High Rope Course game area

Located beside Datanla waterfall, the thrilling game area. With these adventure games is currently a new destination to attract a large number of young people to checkin. This is the most ideal place that visitors cannot miss when coming to Dalat and when coming to Datanla Waterfall in Dalat.

Datanla High Rope Course game area

Datanla High Rope Course game area – Source: du-lich-da-lat

31. Prenn Dalat Waterfall

Located at the gateway of Dalat, bordering between the end of Lien Khuong – Dalat highway and Prenn pass. The waterfall here is not too majestic, nor divided as many other waterfalls in Lam Dong. But in return, when coming here visitors can participate in elephant rides, ostrich rides, experience many interesting things.

Prenn waterfall

Prenn waterfall – Source: facebook

32. Tran Le Gia Trang – Truc Lam Forest Park

This place is located in Hiep An commune, Duc Trong district. This is a recreation area with a highlight, especially the Japanese stone garden and the area of ​​embroidery art. Especially here, visitors can enjoy tea ceremony, enjoy the break and relaxing moments.

Tran Le Gia Trang

Tran Le Gia Trang – Source: mytour

33. Cam Ly Waterfall in Dalat

This place was once an attractive destination for tourists coming to Dalat. Cam ly waterfall has become the subject of many poetry works. However, Cam Ly waterfall is now heavily polluted, becoming wild, less attractive to tourists. So travelers should consider when visiting here and traveling.

Cam Ly waterfall

Cam Ly waterfall – Source: khachsanthuha

34. Dalat Green Symphony Villa

Symphony villas tourism area is a luxury resort villa. But because there are so many beautiful landscapes, the villa still attracts visitors who are passionate about beauty. Entrance fee to visit is 60,000 VND / person but the villa owner restrict visitors.

Dalat Green Symphony Villa

Dalat Green Symphony Villa – agotourist

35. Van Thanh Flower Village in Dalat

An old flower village in Dalat, located 6 km from Dalat market on the way to Cam Ly waterfall. The Van Thanh flower village of Dalat includes flower growing greenhouses with modern technology, gathering many kind of flowers. Coming here, tourists will be immersed in the fragrance of the typical flowers of Dalat sky. If you want to learn more about the Van Thanh flower village.

Van Thanh flower village

Van Thanh flower village – Source: dalatcity

  1. Wild Sunflower Street

Wild sunflowers are the typical flower of the Central Highlands. In October, November visitors can catch this flower everywhere but concentrate on the main roads. Such as: Dalat – Cam Ly Airport – Van Thanh flower village, Ta Nung town – Elephant waterfall – Langbiang mountain. Trai Mat – Cau Dat – Dran Town, Dalat – Lien Khuong – Nam Ban- Ta Nung- Dalat.

Wild sunflower Dalat

Wild sunflower Dalat – Source: du-lich-da-lat

37. Ta Nung pass

The Ta Nung Pass area in Dalat is a pass that connects Dalat city with Nam Ban town. This pass route with many winding passes, charming scenery. Attract tourists passionate about backpacking and taking photos with nature.

Ta Nung Pass

Ta Nung Pass – Source: facebook

38. Me Linh Garden Mink Cafe in Dalat

Located in front of Cam Ly lake dam, this is considered a café with immense view, wild and very popular with tourists. Coming here, tourists can enjoy pure coffee, watching the mountains and the flower fields.

Me Linh cafe

Me Linh cafe – Source: facebook

39. Thien Vuong Co Sat – Chinese Pagoda in Dalat

Located on Khe Sanh Street, there is a strange turntable. This Chinese pagoda in Dalat city is famous for its three Buddha statues made of frankincense from Hong Kong. This temple is one of the top 3 oldest temples in the flower city. In our opinion, visitors coming to Dalat can not miss this temple.

Thien Vuong Co Sat

Thien Vuong Co Sat – Source: du lịch Đà Lạt

40. Dinh Dai Palace – Palace 1 Dalat:

Especially known as King Place, it has been put into operation since 2015. The palace is characterized by Western architecture, in particular French style. The villa has lots of trees and flowers. This place is considered as the summer residence of King Bao Dai. Palace 1 Dalat is the most beautiful palace in the foggy city.

Bao Dai Villa

Bao Dai Villa – Source: du-lich-da-lat

41. Hon Bo peak

Located in ward 12, is a famous camping site in Dalat. If you are passionate about traveling, like to explore and close to nature, you can choose this place to have fun with family and friends. This is an ideal tourist attraction that visitors can not ignore when coming to the flower city. Every year this flower village provides a lot of flowers to the market. This is also the second-most supplied flower village in the city.

Hon Bo peak

Hon Bo peak – Source: facebook

42. Thai Phien flower village, Dalat

Thai Phien Dalat Flower Village is one of the top 3 largest flower villages in Dalat. Is a famous flowers and artichoke growing area in Dalat. Flower village is located in ward 12, on the way to Nha Trang. Here visitors will admire the immense flower garden, with many beautiful flowers.

Thai Phien flower village

Thai Phien flower village – Source: facebook

43. Trai Mat

Trai Mat is a beautiful suburb of Dalat with poetic scenery. With many beautiful view cafes. Especially, Linh Phuoc Pagoda, also known as Ve Chai Pagoda with unique architecture, is also located in this place. Cool camp is a tourist land that visitors cannot ignore when coming to Dalat city of flowers.

Trai Mat

Trai Mat – Source: vntrip

Cool camp is the place with the most Dalat tourist attractions today. If coming to Dalat and you have never been to this place, it is a huge loss for you.

44. Dalat hydrangea flower field

Located about 1 km from Linh Phuoc pagoda, the hydrangeas field is quite large and beautiful. Entrance and photography fees are 20,000 VND. In addition, there are many places in the city of Dalat with flower fields of hydrangeas.

Hydrangea Garden

Hydrangea Garden – Source: facebook

45. Cau Dat tea hill in Dalat

Located in Xuan Truong commune, Dalat. Entrance fee is 30,000 VND/ person. Coming here, visitors will enjoy the peaceful feeling among the green tea hills and save beautiful pictures of the nature. Cau Dat Tea Hill is the hottest tourist attraction in Dalat. If tourists come to Dalat city, but never come to tea hill. It’s a full of pity for them.

Cau Dat tea hill-Gift of the Creator

Cau Dat tea hill – Gift of the Creator – Source: dalattravel

Because Cau Dat hill tea hill is the hottest tourist destination in Dalat. Thousands of tourists must visit this place.

46. ​​Thien Phuc Duc Hill, Dalat

Located in ward 7 opposite Lang Biang. This is a very interesting camping site, able to enjoy the sunrise and night views in Dalat in the most perfect way. This place is the best picnic destination for you and your family. This place is a camping site for many young people to choose. By the romantic and poetic natural scenery. Create for people the most romantic feeling when coming here to visit.

Thien Phuc Duc Hill Dalat

Thien Phuc Duc Hill Dalat – Source: du-lich-da-lat

47. Mount LangBiang

Located in Lac Duong district, considered the roof of Dalat. This place consists of Mr. and Mrs. Mountain, related to the love of Lang and Biang. At the top of Lang Biang, visitors can capture the beautiful city of thousands of flowers. This place is known as the roof of Dalat city.

Langbiang Dalat

Langbiang Dalat – Source: facebook

When visiting Langbiang Mountain, Dalat . Visitors can see the whole city of flowers. When visitors come to Langbiang Mountain, you can join the entertainment activities here.

48. Dalat Golden Valley

Is a beautiful garden, associated with Tu Linh waterfall. The scenery here is very poetic with the path of traffic known as the most beautiful in Dalat. This place is 15 km from Dalat, the admission ticket is 50,000 / person. Dalat Golden Valley is the most beautiful picnic area in this city of flowers.

Golden Valley

Golden Valley – Source: agotourist

In the golden valley of Dalat, there are many recreational activities. Tourists can visit as they wish. You can choose some interesting rides in this resort.

49. Pongour Waterfall in Dalat

Pongour Waterfall is located in Ninh Gia commune, Duc Trong district, Lam Dong province. About 50km from Dalat market. Pongour Waterfall is known as the best Southern waterfall or seven-storey waterfall. Ticket price to Pongour waterfall in 2017 is 20,000 VND / person.

The special beauty of the waterfall is the system of flat stone steps. Arranged in class but not in any order. But it has made the water become hundreds of small streams, forming white, majestic white foam mats.

Pongour waterfall Dalat

Pongour waterfall Dalat – Source: agotourist

Below the waterfall is an immense and peaceful lake with lots of rocks undulating in the middle of the water. When coming to the waterfall, visitors will admire the beautiful scenery. Endowed with favor in this place, you can also dress up with clothes bearing ethnic identity.

New places to visit in Dalat follow your interests

Here are the new tourist destinations and according to the suggestions of many tourists love when they come to the city of flowers. Visitors can refer to the suggestions we call below. Hopefully these suggestions will be useful for the tourists.

1. Dalat sites for backpacking tourism, picnic or “Phuot”

If you are a fan of traveling or backpacking. Then once coming to Dalat, you cannot miss the following tourist attractions. Such as: Forest Ghost inn, Cu Lan village, Golden valley, Sculpture Tunnel of Dalat …

New check-in destinations Dalat

New check-in destinations Dalat – Source: facebook

2. Dalat tourist attractions in 2 days

Normally people will travel to Dalat for 3 days. In addition to the travel time, we will have 2 days to travel to Dalat. If you have 2 full days in Dalat, which tourist destinations would you choose ? Normally one day you will go to 6 to 8 Dalat tourist attractions. If you are coming to Dalat for the first time and you only stay for 2 days here, I recommend you to go to the following places:

Day 1: Visit the inner city attractions

The inner city as I said above are tourist attractions within 3 km around Dalat city. Such as: Mong Mo hill, Dalat train station, city flower garden, Bao Dai palace, Truc Lam Zen Monastery and Datanla waterfall …

These places are very suitable for tourists traveling to Dalat with little time. Visitors can choose from some of the locations we suggested above.

New tourist attractions Dalat

New tourist attractions Dalat – Source: facebook

Day 2: Visiting tourist sites outside of Dalat city

Day 2 you should go to the suburbs of Dalat. Such as Van Thanh flower village, LangBiang, Golden valley, Cu Lan village and Forest Ghost inn. Or continue to the inner city in the morning and afternoon to Cau Dat Tea Hill including Bao Dai Palace 1, tea hill, Linh Phuoc Pagoda. These are the most famous tourist destinations in Dalat in the city.

Dalat tourist attractions by motorbike

If you have chosen the means of sightseeing, traveling to Dalat by motorbike . Then you really are quite a personality, love freedom, like romantic things. Because of the above, Dalat tourist destinations by motorbike are close to nature. The roads are beautiful and also safe for the vast majority. Hoa Dalat Travel would like to call you some options. Such as Van Thanh flower village, Elephant waterfall, Me Linh ferret caffe and craft villages in Nam Ban.

New tourist attractions Dalat

New tourist attractions Dalat – Source: facebook

  1. Direction of Cau Dat tea hill: Cau Dat tea hill is really an attractive tourist destination by motorbike of Dalat. You will go through Trai Mat, pass and finally the immense green tea hill. The road is not too difficult to go, so you are assured.
  2. Direction of Golden Valley and Forest Ghost Inn: The Ghost Inn road is a bit challenging but it is not too difficult for motorbikes. Particularly in the Golden Valley, I voted the road to the Golden Valley is the most beautiful road in Dalat.
  3. Prenn Pass Direction: If you go this way you can go through: Datanla Falls, Truc Lam Zen Monastery, Tuyen Lam Lake and Clay Tunnel, this palace is also very beautiful and interesting.

Dalat tourist attractions at night

The temperature of Dalat city at night is quite low. So this place is not bustling and many attractions like other tourist cities. We are Hoa Dalat Travel would like to share the tourist destinations in Dalat the following night if you are interested in the night of the dream city Dalat.

Dalat the foggy city

Dalat the foggy city

1. Nightlife venues:

These nightlife places surely many people already know they would like to share. Dalat Night Market, Xuan Huong Lake are two places for nightlife and shopping. Lam Vien Square, the meeting place of many young people.

2. Dalat sightseeing spots at night:

Note, these scenic spots are ” ban “lonely souls. Actually, the night scene in Dalat was very sad, not to mention famous places to see Dalat at night. Such as Thai Phien flower village, Tuyen Lam lake, Robin hill, Dalat Nights cafe.

Impressive scenery at night

Impressive scenery at night – Source: du lịch Đà Lạt

3. Dalat cafe has a nice view:

This is probably the most popular choice. In the chill of the foggy city. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the city at night. Famous cafes to watch Dalat at night like DaLat Nights, Thanh Thuy, Thuy Ta …

4. Direction of Frenn Pass:

If you go this way you can go through Datanla waterfall, Truc Lam Zen Monastery. Tuyen Lam Lake and Clay Tunnel, this palace is also very beautiful and interesting. In this way, there are many ideal Dalat tourist attractions for tourists. You can choose this direction to travel.

A romantic city

A romantic city – Source: facebook

Nice photo locations and popular places:

Usually the beautiful shooting locations are new Dalat tourist attractions. Or nature attractions, mountain forests. Such as: Forest Ghost inn, Hydrangea flower hill, Cabbage garden, City flower garden, Secret Garden film studio, Provincial Children’s Cultural Palace and Lam Vien square,etc.

New tourist attractions Dalat

New tourist attractions Dalat – Source: facebook

Dalat tourist attractions captures the beautiful sunrise: Thien Phuc Duc Hill, Trai Mat vegetable garden. Hon Bo peak and Xuan Huong lake. There are also other new places to visit in Dalat, so you can refer and go more.

Tour Dalat tourist attractions

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